• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Chapter Two- First Contact

Chapter 2 – First Contact

Rainbow Dash, being the fastest pony, arrived first to the crash site. She took in her surroundings. The meteor, if that’s what it was, had cleared a path approximately 500 meters wide. Small bits of the surrounding forest were in flames. The disk like object had traveled over half a kilometer before coming to a stop.

“Ooohhhhh it’s like a giant Frisbee, except it’s made of metal.” Said Pinkie popping up from nowhere. Dash not surprised to see Pinkie at all, was more interested in the object.

“I didn’t know shooting stars were so disk like. I always assumed that they would be… ya know? Star shaped.” Said Rainbow Dash

“That’s because it’s not a shooting star Dashie, it’s a space ship, for the last time!” Pinkie Pie said frustrated.

“Well if it’s a space ship then it’ll have little green colts then won’t it? And if there are little green colts on it, then there would have to be a way to get in, right?” Said Dash.

As soon as she said this a hatch on the top of the space ship creaked opened. As if inviting Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie into the belly of the beast…


Inside the ship Dalek Zek was doing a damage check on himself and his ship.

“Check of all systems has indicates complete loss of function of all systems with the exceptions of some lighting and door mechanisms.” Said the main computer before it shorted out.

Repair is impossible with this type damage. Zek himself had received an unknown amount of damage, though many dents covered his black Dalek armor. He would not be able to do a full system analysis however until he could get upright. As it was, he was trapped on his sides underneath metal and wire debris that had fallen on him. He turned his mid section and tried to free himself using his plunger arm. No matter how much he struggled he could not get himself free. At last the Dalek gave up his struggle and was ready to except his fate of rotting in the bottom of his ship. When he suddenly heard the noise of the cargo door opening.


“Let’s go inside." Said Pinkie Pie.

“Let’s not” said Fluttershy who had just arrived out of breath with her mane all in a tangle. “There could be monsters in there.”

“Stop being such a scardy pony Fluttershy there could be some cool looking aliens in there.” Said Rainbow Dash.

“What if they aren’t friendly though? What if they want to eat us!” said Fluttershy.

“Don’t worry about that Fluttershy, I’ll be there to protect you. Besides somepony or someone might be hurt in there.” This shook Fluttershy out of her fear.

“Well… if somepony might be hurt I guess have to go.” Said Fluttershy "Don’t I?”

“That a girl. Let’s go in.” Dash said, climbing through the hatch. She was soon followed my Pinkie Pie and a hesitant Fluttershy.

Inside was a wrack it was a mess. With many different hallways lined with technology that none of them understood…
"Ohhhh look at this mega hyper drive neutron generator. Isn’t it just neat?" Said Pinkie Pie. …Err none of them understood at all. It was dark in the hallway with most of the lights that still work flicking.

“Wow this place is sure broken down. Did the crash do all this?” Said Dash. “Anyway we need to go look and see if anyone is alive in here. I’ll take to hall in the center Pinkie you take the on the right and Fluttershy you take the one on the left. Everypony got it?”

“Got it.” Said Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie in unison.

“Alright troops move out!” She took off in a blur of colors.

“Well I guess I better get at it too” said Pinkie Pie hopping down the corridor.

This left Fluttershy alone in the dark, creepy alien space ship.

She started down the corridor flying when there was too much rubble on the ground and walking when there was not too much rubble. Suddenly some of the wall to her right crumbled causing Fluttershy to give a little shriek.

“Oh just the crumbling wall of the creepy space ship Fluttershy nothing to be worried about.” She said trying to reassure herself. She was about to move on when she heard a robotic voice say,

“Help me.” She was startled and quickly hid behind some rubble. “Help me, please.” The robotic voice said again. Fluttershy poked her head out from the rubble and looked around the voice sounded like it was coming from beyond the wall that had just collapsed.

“Help somebody.” The robot voice pleaded

Fluttershy had never heard anypony talk that before. But being whoever it was needed help. “Don’t worry I’m coming.” said Fluttershy going through the hole in the wall. Inside the wall was what looked like the main bridge of the ship with cracked computer monitors and scanners and who knows what else. In the center of the room was a bunch of debris on top of a trashcan-looking thing.

Fluttershy looked around the room in hope of seeing the pony that called out for help. “Hello? Is anypony in here?” She said meekly. She couldn’t see anypony.

“Over here.” The voice said again drawing her attention to the center of the room where the pile of debris and the trashcan was. Fluttershy still couldn’t see anypony. Suddenly the trashcan was speaking to her the light bulbs on top of it’s head flashing as it spoke.

“Help me, I’m trapped under this rubble, please assist.”

Fluttershy was almost in too much shock to help this poor thing. On closer inspection it did not look like a trash can at all. It had bumps running down it’s sides and a stock on it’s top. What looked like a plunger and some kind of stick poked out from its mid section. “Assist me life form.” It repeated. “Assist.”

“O-o-of course.” Said Fluttershy. Who jumped to her hooves to help this strange alien, for that is what the creature must be. “How did this happen to you? Are there any more of you?” said Fluttershy pulling off the wreckage. The metallic creature did not respond. When the wreckage had been cleared Fluttershy stood the metal creature back up.

“Up you go. Um are you ok Mr. Robot? Are you hurt anywh-

“I will ask the questions inferior life form!” The creature yelled startling Fluttershy. “What planet is this?"

"Well, this is Equestria Mr. Robot now if you could-”

“What type of organism are you?” Demanded the Dalek with its harsh voice

“Well… I’m a pony if that’s what you’re asking.”

“You belong to the species known as ponies?” The machine said putting stress on every syllable.

“Yes and what about y-you.” Stammered Fluttershy.

“I am a Dalek I am the superior race. I have no further use for you. You will be EXTERMINATED.” The Dalek aimed its weapon towards Fluttershy…

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