• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Chapter 19: First Blood

(Sorry everypony there was some confusion going on. It turns out the Professor is the female name for the Doctor. When I (not knowing this) accidently thought of a random alias for the Doctor that he could call himself I thought Professor would be a good name. I apologize for the confusion. His name is now Mr. Time Turner Whooves. )

Chapter 19: First Blood

Twilight read the note.

Good job on finding Mr. “Whooves,” but sorry Mane Six. This pony is not the Doctor.
“Yes I’m not a fake pony after all!” Shouted Mr. Whooves.
Well not the one you're looking for anyway.

Mr. Whooves quieted down after that.
Well yes he is and no he’s not. Well for now, remember I’m the Doctor.
It’s complicated I can’t explain it now. Anyway I can’t help you right now. Why? Well that’s also complicated. Just know that, as I am now, I’m no match for Zek. I was before. In fact I was better then Zek, but Davros and the Dalek Emperor had a plan set up. And, well… I didn’t see it coming. Long story short. I can’t help you beat Zek. In fact my “help” would hinder you. Even if you figure out who I am don’t wake me up. It’s not time yet.

“Well there goes our only hope of beating Zek.”
Said Twilight.

“Wait there’s a second side.” Said Pinkie Pie flipping the letter.

Well don’t give up hope yet Twilight. I can still give you some advice you some advice on beating Zek. First: know that the Dalek’s weak spot is the eyestalk. It’s shields are the weakest there, and if you can impair it’s vision then the Dalek is blind.
Point two: Zek does care about you no matter how he tries to hide it or deny it. He will most likely order other Daleks to exterminate you, but will not do it himself. If you can confront him on his own you can get the best of him.
Point three: He hates being called “Nightmare Child” that probably won’t help you but it will be amusing to see him react. Point four…

“It ends there.” Said Twilight. “I wonder what the fouth point was.”

“Why don’t you check the third side.” Said Pinkie Pie.

“Pinkie this is a two sided piece of paper. There is no third side that would be impossible.” Pinkie Pie took the piece the paper from Twilight and flipped it over. Believe it or not there was a third side.
Nothing is impossible Twilight. Now point four… duck! A Dalek is about to shoot at you!
Twilight hit the floor as a beam narrowly flew over her head.

“EXTERMINATE.” Yelled the Dalek. There were two of them.

“Everypony run for it!”

“No way Twi.” Said Applejack. We’ve been runnin too long.”

“Yeah lets get em.” Said Rainbow. She pulled out some sort of knife from her new black suit. She clenched it in between her teeth. The knife crackled with the sound of electricity. She flew at one of the Daleks

“EXTERMINATE.” Yelled the two Daleks. They fired their death rays at her. Dash was agile though she dodged the rays, spinning and twirling though the air. She got to the first Dalek and thrust the knife into it it’s midsection. It passed though it’s shields and about a half a hoof into the Daleks armor. Sparks flew erupted from where the knife entered the Dalek.

“CRITICAL SYSTEM ERROR!” Yelled the Dalek as it died.

The other Dalek turned to fire when Applejack took the opportunity. She ran up to it and gave it her hardest apple bucking kick she could muster. The Dalek flew through the air and crashed through two walls, killing it.

“YEEEEHAAA! That’ll teach you to mess with Ponyville!” said Applejack.

“D-did I kill it.” said Rainbow Dash.

“You sure did partner, good job!” Said Applejack. Rainbow Dash looked over at the Dalek. She hadn’t meant to kill it. Rainbow had never killed anything before. Did she have the right to kill the Dalek even though it attacked her? She felt kinda sick.

“What’s wrong sugar cube?”

“It’s nothing just that I’ve never killed anything before. Have you?” Said Dash

“Well, no. Just vermin who try to eat our cattle. I don’t feel to good bout it, but ya gotta do what you gatta do.” Said Applejack.

“Ya, I guess so.” Said Dash.

In the years to come when employees at the factory would talk about their first kill…
This is the story she would tell.

While everyone was fighting focused on the Daleks. Fluttershy took another look at the paper. The final part.
Lastly Fluttershy. This is important. Ask princess Celestia to show you the Eye of Harmony. Don’t let anyone, or anypony know about this or else you’re all doomed.
-The Doctor

Fluttershy looked at the message. The Eye of Harmony. She had never heard of it before. She hid the message.

The remaining Dalek waited for his five comrades. They weren’t showing up. He had heard their distress signals and fearing the worst he went over to one of the slaves. “I ORDER YOU TO SEARCH FOR INTRUDERS AND EXTERMINATE THEM.” The white unicorn with the purple mane and a diamond cutie mark stopped what she was doing and began to look for intruders.

“You know what I just realized.” Said Twilight. “If the Doctor is hiding as a pony then he could be anyone of us.”

“No way Twilight.” Said Applejack. “I would tell you if I was, I wouldn’t lie to ya.”

“Yeah, but that’s the thing. We wouldn’t even know ourselves. It could be anyone of us and we wouldn’t even know.”
Every pony thought about it for a second. Considering the possibility. Trying to figure out who would be most likely to be an alien. Whose backstory had the least sense. Eyes shifted towards Pinkie Pie.

“What?” Said Pinkie Pie.

"You said you used to work on a rock farm right?"

"Yeah so what about it?" Said Pinkie Pie cheerfully.

Just then the door was broken down by a white unicorn wearing a helmet. It was Rarity.

“I have located the intruders.” she said into the microphone. “They will be exterminated.”

“Oh hi, Rarity,” Said Pinkie Pie “What are you doing? Talking to yourself? I do that sometimes too! Like right now right Pinkie? Yes Pinkie. See it’s fun.”
Objects around the room began to levitate and fly towards the six ponies.

“Hey watch it” Said Mr. Whooves.”

“It’s the mind control. She’s not herself.” A sewing needle stuck it’s self into Twilight.

“OW.” Said Twilight.
Rarity lowered her horn and charged at Twilight.

“Watch it!” Applejack gave Rarity a kick. Not too hard she didn’t want to hurt her.

“Rarity stop.” Said Applejack. This is your friend Applejack.” Rarities ears twitched, but she still tried to kick Applejack, which she dodged. She was in there somewhere though.

“We can’t just keep dodging her forever.” Said Applejack. “We have to get through to her.” She suddenly got an idea. Could it really be that simple?

“Hey Rarity that helmet clashes with your mane.”
Fluttershy picked up on the idea. “Oh yes and gray went out of fashion a long time ago.” Rarity was starting to shake.

“Oh and uh… it makes you look fat.” Said Twilight. Rarity began to shake uncontrollably and then collapsed to the ground. She stopped moving.

“I think you over did it Twi” said Applejack

“Now let’s see if we can get this off you.” said Twilight.

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