• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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Chapter 8- Sinking Ship Feeling

Chapter 8: A Sinking Ship Feeling

Zek heard the sound of hooves on clouds walking into the building. It sounded like Rainbow Dash was talking to someone. Zek glided down the staircase.

"...You should have seen it Fluttershy. The guy is super fast. He beat me. Even after I did a sonic rainboom he still beat me! Hey, there he is now! Hey Zek, I’d like you too meet my friend Fluttershy.”

Zek looked around. He didn't see any pony. Oh wait there she is. Under the table. A yellow pony with pink hair. She looked familiar. Had he met her before?

"Ah, Fluttershy,” moaned Dash “Why did you visit him everyday if you didn’t want to meet him? She’s the element of kindness by the way." Explained Dash to Zek. "Kind of a scaredy pony though."

“My name is Zek, state your name so we may become acquainted.” Demanded Zek. Zek saw the pony's lips move but heard no sound. Was his audio receptor malfunctioning?

“Repeat,” Said the Dalek.

“I'm... I'm... Fluttershy.” She quietly.

Zek's sensors indicated that this pony was adorable... I mean sensors indicated that this pony was weak and defenseless.

“I... Came to get you” said Fluttershy nervously. "Twilight told me you were looking for the elements so I...”

"Hey Zek," Said Dash excited. "Pinkie Pie said you’re squishy inside your armor. Can I see?” Zek felt a shiver in his armor. Some one named Pinkie Pie knew what he was. She would have to be eliminated.

"Please may I see?" Pleaded Rainbow. Zek thought about it for a moment and then opened his armor, revealing his slimy radiated form, his one eye and his several tentacles.

"Wow, that's so gross yet so cool.” Said Rainbow Dash.

Fluttershy stared wide eyed at the tentacles. Zek closed his shell.

“You have come to bring me to the next element correct?” Stated Zek. Fluttershy mumbled something too quietly for Zek to hear.

"I will take that as a yes. Lead me there." Zek said. The yellow pony nodded her head yes and took off. Zek followed.

Fluttershy flew at a painfully low pace. This was fine, Zek wanted to question her on the Element of kindness. Twilight had explained it earlier, but Zek was still confused about the concept of kindness.

"You will explain your element." Zek demanded in his intimating Dalek voice.

Fluttershy made whimpering noises. Zek was fed up with her.

"YOU WILL AWNSER THE QUESTION OR BE EXTERMINATED!” Zek demands. The yellow Pegasus wings locked up and she dropped from the sky. Plummeting toward the Everfree Forest.


T-thank you again for catching me Mr. Zek. Fluttershy repeated for a fourth time.

"You are still needed, therefor your life was spared." Said the Dalek coldly. Fluttershy felt a tingle go down her spine. She never met anypony so seemingly cold and heartless. He scared Fluttershy more then anypony she had ever met. Yet she kind of liked being scared by him. It made her heart beat faster when Zek showed his true form especially when she saw his tentacles. Although Fluttershy normally felt shy around other ponies she felt even shyer around Zek.

The two were walking through the Everfree forest, much to Zek's displeasure, they were making worse time then before.

Zek tried asking about “kindness” again. "Explain kindness... Please.... Fluttershy." He seemed to struggle with the last two words. Fluttershy liked it when he used her name.

“I'll... I'll try.” Said Fluttershy nervously determined dispute her racing pulse. She wanted Zek to think she was smart.

“Basically kindness is helping people who can't help themselves. It's helping those who are weaker then yourself."

"That is illogical why would a superior being help a lesser being?"

"Because the lesser being might not make it without help. I once adopted a bunny that was injured. If I didn't take care of him he would have died.” Said Fluttershy.

"Then let it die. It serves no purpose. You are superior to it. It should be destroyed." Said Zek

"No, no." said Fluttershy trying to explain better. "If you 'superior' you have a responsible for those who are below you."

"That is not the Dalek way. All inferior creatures should be exterminated." Said Zek stressing the last word.

Fluttershy had never seen anypony so heartless. It should have made her hate him, but instead it gave her butterflies in her stomach. The two walked together in silence. The forest got darker and darker as they walked. Any other day, Fluttershy would be scared but today she was with Zek. And even though she feared him, so did the Timber Wolfs.

Blushing, Fluttershy moved closer to Zek, she wanted to touch him. But was too shy.

"Well, you already broke your own rule.” She said trying to break the silence. "You saved me."

"It was for my own gain.” Said Zek "I needed to know about were to find the element."

"Didn’t you feel any sort of compassion at all?" asked Fluttershy.

"No. Daleks must only feel hate."

The two exited the forest and arrived at Fluttershy's cottage.

“Well we’re here Mr. Zek. The element is inside the chicken shed, but you can't get to it unless you've done something kind recently. And according to you haven’t done anything kind ever."
Zek had lost interest in Fluttershy and was heading for the chicken coop. "What brought you to Equestria in the first place Mr. Zek?" Said Fluttershy trying desperately to get his attention back. Zek stared at her with his cold eyestalk. The Dalek was silent for a second. And then replied to her question simply stating.

"Kindness." He said and then walked through the kindness force field without trouble.

Fluttershy's heart was racing like a Wonderbolt. There was no denying it now. Fluttershy the kindest, most loving pony was in love with a Dalek.

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