• Published 10th Jun 2012
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The Dalek Invasion - the ghost

The Daleks have arrived in Ponyville. Can the mane six handle this new threat?

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The Red Angel of Judgment: Xuchilbara

The Red Angel of Judgment: Xuchilbara

In the hallways of Silent Hill the doctor confronts the pyramid head.

“So this is were all the broken doors in Silent Hill lead to,” Said the Doctor looking around the dark corridor with doors every few feet, “This must be how you monsters get around so fast, all you have to do is walk in a door and poof your in another part of Silent Hill. Brilliant"

Pyramid Dash’s swollen eyes locked onto the ancient eyes of the newest incarnation of The Doctor. The two of them studied each other.

“Welcome back.” Said Pyramid Dash. “Although it looks like you changed again.” She dropped Pyramid Pie, whom had been pin to the wall underneath Pyramid Dash’s grip. Her flank hit the ground with a thud. She gasped to recover her breath.

“Well, that happens from time to time. You leave someone alone long enough they become a completely new man.” Said The Doctor. “Tell me, why did you bring Zek here?”

“It wasn’t us. It think it was that tall pony with the blank face. Why he would do that is beyond me, but I’m not complaining.” Said Pyramid Pie.

“Doctor, what are they?” Said Amy.

“Well that’s what I came to find out. So what exactly are you Miss. Pyramid Head?” Asked the Doctor. Unfortunately Pyramid Pie and Pyramid Dash had gotten into yet another argument ignoring the Doctor.

“I’m telling you we should kill him.” Said Rainbow Dash “Valtiel didn’t invite him into fog world, so we shouldn’t have to dance around the issue. Let’s just kill him outright.”

“No no no, just because he wasn’t invited to the party doesn’t mean he can’t stay awhile.” Said Pyramid Pie.

“Girls would you mind listening to me for just a second.” Said the Doctor starting to become “ticked off” that he was being ignored.

“You and your parties. You’re completely useless you know that?”


“Well at least I’m not a grumpy pants whose helmet is a little to tight.” Said Pyramid Pie. She stuck her tongue out at her.

“For the last time answer the question who are you?” Said the Doctor getting very impatient. The two pyramid ponies ignored him.

“It looks like you’re getting a taste of your own medicine Doctor.” Said Amy trying not to laugh.

“Yeah Doctor is it just me or do those… things, look like Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash from my Little Pony Friendship is Magic?” Asked Rory showing his inner Brony.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Rory.” Said the Doctor. “And you can stop pretending to be Rory and Amy, you’re not fooling anyone.”

This time Amy really did laugh a little. “Oh come on Doctor we can’t pretend to be anyone else. It’s not like we’re figments of your imagination conjured up by the town because you feel guilty about losing us. Right?”

“Don’t make this more painful.” Said The Doctor.

Meanwhile Pyramid Pie and Rainbow Dash were still arguing.

“Just because you’re the second strongest among us doesn’t mean you get to boss the rest of us around.” Said Pyramid Pie.

“Mother told me to make sure that we follow all of the rules and I will make sure that we do.”


Pyramid Pie, Pyramid Dash, Rory and Amy eyes turned red and focused on the Doctor. The eyes of one.

“How dare you disrespect the mother!” Said all three of them in union. The same grating voice came through each of their bodies. There was the sound of a siren going off though the hallway, the doors of the hallway opened up filling it with sand and blood. The air itself dried out. The four of them breathed heavily staring at the Doctor. “…Shit I broke character.” Said all four bodies in unison.

“Well now that’s interesting, at least I have your attention.” Said the Doctor pulling his legs out of the sand. “Who are you and how are you doing that?” All four of them Pyramid Pie, Pyramid Dash, Rory and Amy, all gave the Doctor a simultaneous head tilt at an angle that shouldn’t be possible for either a pony or human. The voice came from all three of them again. it was almost like a dreary song.

“I am the first

a shadow at the end
of the hallway

I spin the carousel

The laughter recedes away

My finger on your lips

I stole something precious

My name is Xuchilbara

Red Angle of Judgment

and these are my bodies."

The four of them pointed at each other.

“Ah I see, you must be the one who’s causing this town to behave strangely.” Said the Doctor “You have no body of your own so you make your own. But why would you base them off of other’s memories? And what species are you anyway?

“I… don’t know… it’s been too long…” Xuchilbara thought about it for a second. All four of his bodies walked around the Doctor in perfect synchronization even the arm swinging. It was very unsetting to watch. Finally Xuchilbara thought how explain it. “Tell me Doctor have you ever heard of… changelings?”

“Oh yeah they’re shape shifters that live in Equestria. They’re insects like creatures that live off love and other positive emotions, but your not one of them are you?”

“No… but we share one thing in common.” Rasped the voice. “My sister and I live off negative emotion. But in order to bring it to the surface. We must make our prey face their demons. Our mother to feed our hunger created this town. She left us then and never returned.”

“Ok, now I know what you are now, you’re a Travesty. They were worshiped by the Osirians. I’ve only met one other Travesty during the Time War. She turned the worlds that The Time War was fought on into a living hell. Can you imagine? A creature that lives off the trauma of other’s feasting off of a war like the Time War? It must have seemed like a feast to her. That explains explains this town, your mother must have left you here temporally and got trapped in the time lock. Leaving you here all alone the last Travesty in the universe.”

“Just because you give us a name does not mean you know what I am Doctor. And I am not the last of my kind. I still have my sister Lobsel Vith the Yellow Angle of kindness.”

“Oh really?” Said the Doctor skeptically “Where is Lobsel Vith now?”

A sad look appeared on Xuchilbara’s faces.

“My dear littler sister… she was a soft soul. She couldn’t not bear to watch the weak humans suffer so she confined herself to one body and moved far far away. I told mother I would take care of her no matter what. How can I call myself a big sister if can’t even find my little sister. I would… give anything to see her again.”

“Ah, I see.” Said the Doctor. “Well Xuchilbara I don’t think you’re evil… well you scare the Dalek about people by showing them their inner self, but you’re a kid after all and that’s it. All you do is show people the darkness that already lives in their heart. It actually helps a lot of people that are stressed out. That’s why Silent Hill is such a popular tourist destination. So here is what I’m going to do. I’m going to help you find your little sister sister. Provided that you help me.”

The four of the bodies started to look exited.

“What do you want me to do.” Said Xuchilbara.

Firstly I don’t want you to show Zek his biggest secret. It would cause a paradox that I’m not ready to deal with yet.”

Xuchibara look disappointed.

“Ok what else?”

“There is a pony with a Rainbow colored mane in Silent Hill right now correct?”

“Ah, yes Rainbow Dash I based this body off of Zek’s memories of her.”

Xuchibara three other bodies pointed to the Pyramid Dash body.

“I assume she’s a friend of yours? I bet you want me to let her go through Silent Hill without anymore problems right? Just say the word in and it shall be so.”

“She is my friend, but that’s not what I want you to do.”

The Doctor tone of voice is ice cold as he said this.

“What I want you to do is the opposite. I want you try to drive Rainbow Dash completely insane. Completely off her rocker.”

“Why? Aren’t you her friend? Why would you want to drive her insane?” Asked Xuchilbara.

“Trust me, I don’t want to, but it’s the only way. Do you think you can do it?” Asked the Doctor solemnly.

Xuchilbara combed through Rainbow Dash’s mind.

“She does have one tragic memory from her past that she is suppressing, causing her trauma, but I don’t think it will send her over the edge. She’s much to loyal to her friends for that to happen.”

The Doctor was Silent for a few seconds. Something rare indeed.

“How about her future? I have seen her future in a few timelines. If we show her my memories will that break her?”

All four of Xuchilbara’s bodies raised an eyebrow.

"It depends on how traumatic they are. But it will take me a while to search though a mind as old as yours. Unless can you give me a few keywords to search for?”

The Doctor had a blank expression on his face.

“Ok, here are the keywords words: Shed.mov, Slender Mane, Researcher Twilight, Lynching, Rainbow Factory and Cupcakes.

Xuchilbara examined the Doctors memories. The smile on his faces grew and grew until it was to big to fit on even to even Pyramid Pie’s face, never mind Rory’s and Amy’s.

“Oh my, those are some wonderfully traumatic memory. They might be enough to set her over the edge.”

“It better be. It’s the only way to save them all.” Said the Doctor.

“I’ll get started right now. Let me get back into character.” Said Xuchilbara. The four bodies shivered as if someone poured cold water over them. They jerked about in all directions and then returned to normal.

Rory was the first to say something.

“Doctor what just happened? I feel like I missed something.”

“Yeah same here.” Said Amy.

The doctor ignored them.

“Whoh, that must have been what heck of a party. I can’t even remember what I was doing... Let’s do it again!” Said Pyramid Pie returning to normal.”

“Hm, you can do what ever you want to too.” Said Pyramid Dash she was looking a lot stronger than she was before. I’m going to visit this “Rainbow Dash” and see if she’s as tough as they think she is.” Pyramid Dash took off in the direction of the hospital where rainbow dash currently was.

“I’m sorry, so sorry Rainbow,” said the Doctor “But this is the way it has to be…”

“Well I’m sure she will forgive you.” Said Pyramid Pie. she went back to munching on Zek’s leg.

The Doctor took the leg from Pyramid Pie.

“I’ll be taking this. You never know when a severed limb will come in handy.” He said remembering the Medusa Cascade.

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