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Comments ( 75 )

What do you do when the world ends around you?
Whats that supposed to mean?

wow Excellent poem, very powerful.

A very moving, powerful poem indeed - just beautiful.

Just how the hell did you come up with this?
It's... beautiful.
Tragic yes, yet simply beautiful in it's way of depcting a big sister taking care of her younger brother.

Damnit, I need a hug...

this hitts extreemly close to home as I am currently reading this from a hospus bed cot. You did an exelent job with this.

Well done........ VERY well done.

*slow clap*

A manly tear was shed. This showed the end of Equestria not in a bombastic, long winded and overall boring way but in a simple, personal and very touching way. It was simply beautiful, nothing much else to say. SPOILERS AHEAD! I was tearing up when the pony started to sing the lullaby, and a manly tear flowed down my face at those last words of Twilight. :raritycry:

I wish more people would do poems like this, they're simply beautiful and to me they are much more touching than a multi-chapter fic with many characters.

My hoof of approval for this one. :eeyup:

A tip of the hat to you sir.
On another note; you bucking asshole. I don't enjoy being depressed.

Engulfed by sadness. Thinks of a way to fix sadness. Returns to working on happy story. (Double ending in this fact :pinkiehappy:)

Found a song that kinda fits this: Linkin Park - Iridescent (Linked to YouTube)

Wow, just... Wow. :pinkiesad2:

un poema tragico me hace recordar el ultimo hombre en la tierra, ademas que esta relacionada con un temor real, sabemos que nuetsro mundo algun dia acabara y no prodremos hacer nada al respecto.

en fin twi se quedo con el ser que mas queria (entiendase madre e hijo, o hermanos), auqnue ubiese sido dramatico leer que al final abrasa a spike como un ultimo adiós.

a tragic poem reminds me of the last man on earth, plus it is related to a real fear, we know that someday the world nuetsro winding and prodremos not do anything about it. twi finally stayed with that but wanted to be (any mother and child, or sibling); although ubiese been dramatic reading in the end burns to spike as a last goodbye.

Oh dear sweet Celestia the feels are about to kill me. A truly amazing poem. I really hope that you try to make more like this.

The writing was beautiful. But, i cannot stand free-verse poetry. To me, it's not a poem. It is just a paragraph with its sentences broken into lines. There is no rhyme, there is no rhythm. Just a bunch of fragmented sentences placed together.

Now watch as i transform the before thought into a free-verse poem:

The writing was beautiful.
But, i cannot stand free-verse poetry.
To me, it's not a poem.
It is just a paragraph with its sentences broken into lines.
There is no rhyme,
There is no rhythm.
Just a bunch of fragments placed together.


I am not hating on you. I am hating on free-verse in general. Perhaps i am just bias towards the classic styles of poetry, but i digress.

That was actually good, and very weird coincidence I was listening to Fluttershy - Hush Now, Quiet Now (SimGretina Remix) while reading this o.O

Many manly tears have been shed :fluttercry::fluttercry:

The fact I couldn't quite grasp the course of events ruined it for me. Was Spike supposed to be the brother in the story? Or was it a pre-existing story and Twilight is more representative of the brother and Spike the sister?

Woo! A pleasant surprise to getting home from school!:pinkiehappy: Now, to reply to everyone's comments.

Exactly what it sounds like. What would you do if the world ended around you? Some would do things, and some would do other things. I just wrote Twilight's poem as a way for her to deal with her inevitable doom.

Thank you all. This just reflected a rather gloomy day for me and I decided to put it in words. Fun Fact: This was done in one day and with no idea what I was going to write. I guess I did well.:twilightsheepish:
Anyway, you can expect more of this. And I thank you for your kind words again.

That right there means a lot to me. If I can affect someone so powerfully, I don't even care if it gets one comment, that just makes me so happy.
Thank you.

That does fit well. And you go get some happiness.

Things like that are just cool, eh? Sometimes it is very powerful to listen to a song like that after a poem like this.

No, it's fine. But free-verse captures more emotions, easier. Most rhyming poems can only capture (to me) a silly/funny poem. And to me if I put in rhymes, it wouldn't feel right. But the reason it's a poem is because it is more powerful and certain lines can catch the eye easier. But if you don't like, that's your opinion. I just felt it would fit my story, and because rhyming everything is hard.:rainbowwild:

i gotta comment again, THIS POEM IS SO BEAUTIFUL, saddening for sure, after reading it multiple times i still tear up. feel sad for those friends. it's just so powerful. It's amazing that you did this in like only one day.

Like I stated above, that means a lot to me. To make someone feel that strongly... it's a wonderful feeling. Thank you for reading, friend.:pinkiesmile:
And yes, I'm not as good with longer fics. So I made this.

Well... I guess I'm good?
And that means a lot. Thanks for the watch.
I hope I can impress you again.:pinkiesmile:

Welp, there was a sad tag.:derpytongue2:
And thanks for commenting/reading.

*slow clap*
Thanks for reading.:rainbowkiss:

Twilight is just telling the story to help tell Spike that she will be there for him and care for him, even if she herself is depressed/angry/insane. No matter what, through thick in thin, she'll be there.
And because death is scary, to most people. They had no idea what was going to happen.


i'm sure you will. you've inspired me to write something.

And bro... I have no idea what you just said.

This is a bit scary yet nice :unsuresweetie:... But personally I think story of the blanks and cupcakes are scarier.

But still really good.:yay:

but seriosly do NOT read the 2 storys I mentioned.

Who HASN'T, in the fanfic community, read Cupcakes?!
Oh, and, it's not supposed to be scary. It's supposed to be sad.

>get wellsoon
the sadest thing I keep hearimg all day. Alow me to explain the defanition of hosise: an aria of a hospital desighned to alow pationts to die in comfort
while im sure your heart is in the right place, the varry reasion that I am litery watching life fall away from myself is why I loved this pome.

This... This is absolutely brilliant. Normally I'd rather not read a fic like this, seeming as how it's a different kind of writing style than normal, but you used it very well. The destruction of the world in this makes me wonder though... Is it about the sun destroying Equestria? I couldn't even really tell. The story written for Spike was too touching, in my opinion. I couldn't stop from giving it just a little bit of misty eyes.

Bravo, my good sir. Bravo.

I guess i can understand that. Free-verse, as you said, offers allot more freedom when it comes to writing.

Also wanted to clarify that i did not dislike the story, I think by itself (not as a poem) that it was good, short and simple story.

I just have a prejudice against Free-verse.

No it's fine, really. I saw that you liked it. And I can understand I guess.

Holy crap. That's depressing.
So... you're going to die?! That's... that's awful...
You know what?
I shall write a poem.

Glad you liked it. :)

yah, varry depressing. Honestly i didnt want to bring it up at all but something about this pom rubed me. also it feels even more depressing when someone says 'get well soon'
:/ sory

Well I'm writing a poem related to you.
So uh... yeah. I guess you can look forward to it.

4-8 days, man. <insertforcedsmilehere>

It'll be done by then.:fluttershysad:


I will take you by word.
I've read this one again (two times) over the day and it was captable of inflict a few emotions in me. From rage to sadness. Very well done Sir. :moustache:

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