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The world we live in is what I've grown accustomed to. The ponies, the places, all blurring past me in the fast track I ride. The story I have is not heroic, adventurous, or even romantic. It's just the tale of an unfortunate filly, who's more than just down on her luck, and I, a lowly prank shop owner, making do with what we have.

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A simple word, with a harmless premise. At least, that’s what most people would think.
I live in a world of fanfiction, where everypony is little more then a slave to the literation of the Authors; People just like you, who think your little fanfictions are harmless.
You say jump, we jump. You say die, well... it’s not like were given a choice.
At least, not most of us. But for some of us, things are different. We are the Background Ponies, the meaningless and nameless little bits of living scenery, and we are fighting back.
Cover art by caninelove on deviantart.

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Discord, being the magnificent creature he is, is lonely in his stone prison. Celestia has a... rather creative way to help his boredom; a maze! And if he can succeed, she will even let him rule! But not all is as it seems, and Celestia has more than just a trick up her metaphorical sleeve...

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When you lose the one who was closest to your heart, the one who made you laugh and cry, sometimes it feels like words fail to describe it...

But that doesn't stop us from trying to remember those who are gone.

Two poems told in two different perspectives.

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"Walk a mile in somepony else's horseshoes."

Some ponies take that a little too far sometimes. Like Vinyl and Octavia. After a strange coincidental meeting, and a magical mishap, the hyperactive DJ and sophisticated, classy, musician switch bodies... which normally wouldn't be a problem, if they both didn't have a potentially life-changing event coming up on the same day a week from now.

Hopefully they can get their act together.

But they probably won't.

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What would happen if all the Humans of Equestria came together for a game of poker? What would happen if they all went to the mall?
(This is heavily dialogue based, so be warned. It will be clear who is talking, though. If you don't really know these characters, then you probably will not get the references I make. I asked all the authors' permission for use of their character.)
Special thanks to Glassed for his pre-reading abilities!
Cast includes:
My Second Life's Coal!
Another Chance at Life's Kyle!
Le Retour and How Did I Get Here's Kyle Bucy! (He will be referred to this with this name.)
Equestria's First Human's Connor!
Trip Of A Lifetime's Josh!
Human's Second!
MPPT3000's Author!
Into A New World's Fiery!
With special guests:
Through The Eyes Of Another Pony's Firewall! (In The Shopping.)
Not the Afterlife I Signed Up For's Isaac! (In The Shopping.)

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