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Rewriting "It's Time For Bed, Winona" · 3:21pm May 8th, 2012

So I submitted the fanfic to Equestria Daily and the lovely pre reader there gave a long, and very good response on what I can do to make the fanfic even better. So I've decided to rewrite the whole thing. I'll keep the current one up, but I'm gonna take it down nearing the time when the rewrite comes out.

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12082 Thanks mate! I've done the formatting the other people (righly so) said the fic needed and now the story is fine.
You should expect the finished story around the end of this week, I'm having a break today but tommorow I'm gonna start on chapter 7.

You write Like A Boss. Looking forward to seeing what happens in 'I'll See You In The Sky". Great Work. Keep It Up. :moustache:

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