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Radiant Eclipse

Just wanting to give you guys awesome stories faithful to the original show! : 3


Takes place before the season 3 finale.

1000 years before Celestia and Luna defeated Discord, they and their 5 friends had to defeat the most maleficent creature of all. A pony the legends call Pariah. By using the Elements of Harmony, they were able to seal him and the darkness inside him away into eternal crystal.
In the present, Twilight Sparkle fears that Pariah may return, because of a lost page of the historical tradition she found. Because the princesses’ won´t listen, she and her friends steal a sacred artifact, which is used to start the festival of the eclipse, a festival ponykind celebrates every 25 years since the defeat of Pariah. With the artifact, Twilight believes she can reveal a power that is able stop Pariah.
But everything takes a bad turn and Pariah is free again and the fight for Equestria seems to be doomed.
Will Twilight Sparkle and her friends be able to stop the threat for existence itself and vanquish the darkness inside Pariah, or will Pariah use the contrary powers of the Elements of Harmony and excites his craving for vengeance and eclipses the world with him?

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 43 )

Well, gonna read it later, sounds interesting, I'm just wondering, though, why the princesses dont listen to Twi. Whatever, I'll read it and find it out

I feel snarky saying this, but...


I know this may sound harsh, but your prologue is filled with cliche. I would seriously suggest taking it out entirely.

Depending on other replies, I will. Thanks!

So, read it! It's nice so far. I like it, fav, thumb up. Keep writing!

Thank you. I will. And when Chapter 4 is on, the action really goes on, so be on line.

It continues YEAH
Nice, I thought it was down or you left or somehting. Man, it's really a relief that you're uploading this^^ Hell yeah. so happy right now :D :heart:

I am very sorry, ok. I was so freaking bussy in creating vector arts and school and the forum RPG and so on. I kinda lost the spirit.
But a pegasister of mine, a dear freind who is a very author and reads very much fanfictions told me that my Fanfiction is amazing and has incredible potential.
I promise Chapters will come. From now on, nothing will stop me. I will do as fast as possible and I hope you enjoy the recent chapter! I won't stop my deviantArt.... art... but I will also continue. 1000 Words of the next Chapter are already written and I hope I can make this story a very epic story.

Update *Squee* :D :heart:
Unfortunately I have to do school all day .... FUUUUUUU, whatever, will read tomorrow :D

Allirght then. ^.^ I hope you will enjoy it.
(I said that I will continue the fanfic and so I will...... though it seems to fall into the abyss of desinterest. (Concerning how many thumps ups and comments I see on stories that are about 1000 words long :ajbemused:

F*UCK YEAH, new chapter :D luvit

I'm gonna read it as soon as I've managed to get my head out of the ceiling^^

>>Galicorn Hehe. Thank you. Enjoy ^.^

And here you role again :D I literally gorged my way through this story^^

WUUUHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, finally I got around to read this :3
Nice chapter. Can't wait for the next ^^

2058742 Thank you very much. It will come this weekend and will be relativley short

2111975 Hehe. Glad you like it. Sorry for taking me longer than expected.

foreshadowing and god damn cliffhanger

edit: first ?

2474302 Hehe. Yes, cliffhanger ^.^

And first? I don't think so.

1633979 where you'd get that pic. anyway another great chapter

BS it's impossible how ..... if there dead you'd best be running for the hills :pinkiecrazy:

2496847 What the hay are you talking about?

2698100 Hihihihi :3 Thank you so much :3

I'm still thinking Discord is cooler :P

3095112 Hihihi. Thank you. You can advertise if you wish :3

3095172 The most recent chapter isn't technically a cliffhanger. It discribes the events that lead to the incapitated Discord.

Wow. I have the feeling that this is going to be one awesome fanfic!!

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