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Rainbow Dash was on top of her world, but one friends mistake changes all that. Can Twilight help her? Or will she let despair win?

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Hmm, perhaps a beta is a good idea. I certainly do need help with my fic. Good read, will definitely look for follow up chapters. :ajsmug:

Yes this is relative to my interests. Very nice start here, please continue.

tracking. yay for twidash fics!

663645 Thanks, ya a beta is always helpful.
664078 :) I certainly will, I'm glad you like it.
664971 :P Sweet, ya TwiDash fics are always fun.

the story i like it
but im going to be honest the goddess thing is cheesy as :coolphoto:

667228 :) you know you love it.

667270-the story ya but for some reason the goddess thing makes me think twilight's in a cult (if she is though my distaste will be gone evil twi for the win)

667283 rolls eyes, no ...shes...not..in a.....To the idea mobile!

A couple missing periods, some sentences could use some commas, a 'your' instead of 'you're', and a few odd flowing phrases~:twilightsheepish:
Solid chapter though! Rarely have I read a story which starts with a break up.
Tracking to see where it goes:twilightsmile:

668230 Thank you, ya periods and commas aren't really my forte but I tried my best to get them all in. I hope you enjoyed it I will try to get the next chapter out as soon as I can but finals are coming up.

Would seriously suggest a pre-reader to help you smooth out the kinks and bumps, but I like where this is going.

*reads first chapter, gets up and comes back with popcorn* Please continue I'm enjoying this. If you want a pre-reader I'd be happy to offer.

695064 Thanks but I already have one. Glad your enjoying it, :( unfortunately I won't be typing much for awhile with finals this and next week.

I pretty much read anything TwiDash since TwiDash is best pony. I will keep an eye on this :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

it seems promising :pinkiehappy: but you need a proof reader/ beta reader:moustache:...

kirara5, you need to write more chapters before i go insane from waiting:raritycry:

790675 eh hehehe *Rubs back of head* ummmm, ya sorry about that I've actually been annoyingly busy. But I plan on getting some editing done today, I already have the chapter finished just got to edit it.

799640 Unless a week passes were I am unable to edit anything. Hehe yaa, so story got delayed a week on the account I am now an uncle. But I am back and ready to...wait, oh no one wants to hear this buuuuuuuut...*Dramatic pause* Re-edit. Yes I am going to be redoing chapter 2. I have chapter 2,3, and 4 rough drafts done but I don't like chapter 2 anymore. I might also completely change 3 and 4 so the story is going to be delayed even further. Hopefully though after the next story update it doesn't take months for me to post and update (Fingers crossed :twilightblush:). Just thought I would post the update here for anyone to read, and I hate it when people post update chapters, plus I kind of lied to you; though not on purpose.

More I want more!

897752 Writers block + Dawnguard + trying to 100% LOZ:Wind Waker + Building my base in Minecraft = major distractions. :twilightblush:
I might possibly be playing Wind Waker as I write this, and was playing it until four in the morning yesterday....:facehoof: I have a problem. :fluttershysad: On a brighter note, I'm doing fantastic on my 100% run :scootangel:.

this is very good the first part was sad not to mention i was listening "here comes goodbye " by rascal flatts that didnt help the mood:ajsleepy: + :rainbowderp: = :twilightangry2:

902245 Thanks, glad you like it. :twilightsmile:

your very welcome...did you continue it?:pinkiehappy:

907848 If your asking if there will be more the answer is yes. I just need to get past this one part that has been giving me trouble for the past 3 weeks. :twilightblush:

hey, is this ever going to be continued?

Rainbow dash sure forgot about Applejack quickly. lol and why would Twi be mad at Applejack? Things don't always work out..... besides Applejack gave Twilight an opportunity to get with Dash..... All she needs to do is open her eyes! Ha, Anyway its a good start. /)

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