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This story is a sequel to Apple Bloom's Day Off

Scootaloo spends her days with the CMC's going to school, practicing her flying, and trying to get her cutie mark.... and trying to hang out with her idol as much as possible. But of course, when an idea to get her quazi-sister Rainbow Dash to "officially" be her instructor, what's a filly to do? Everything in her power to one-up and trick her, of course... how else does a silly filly earn a victory?

Big thanks to TwiDashforever for the editing and proof/preread (and creative help when I hit a wall, but he's got his own awesome stories for you to read so check that out after this)!

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Great story, this site needs more happy scoot fics


I'm glad you think so! :scootangel: I usually tend to see nothing but Scootabuse. I like finding ones that are a bit more... uplifting lol.

I can't wait to read the next chapter!


Any chance you could message me and expand on how things become "unwieldly?" Any other tips would be great! I'm always trying to improve and I'll definitely try and take all of this into account for the next chapter! Unfortunately it won't go into clarifying too much (or at least that's not the intent). It's mainly just another point of view for the race. Whereas Scoot's planning was the focus of this chapter, since she was in front for most of the race we didn't get to see the plans in action. Ch2 is basically going to be that.

Woo! Best honorary sister. Nothing like the Dash showing her true colors.

I have to say I loved this more than the first chapter. I was laughing so hard every time Dash had to stop. The part with Twi was hilarious too. I love how Rainbow knew something was up but she kept playing like a true sport. Great story. :)

Hahah that was pretty adorable...

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