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A cartoonist in trainning dreamed to make a show of my own based on my inspirations.


The story tells about Pinkie Pie's long distant cousin name Pizzaniac Peach Pie (Pizza Pie). A mare who lived outside of Equestria on a place called Mitaly. She moved to Ponyville to live with her cousin like she promised.

But her experience didn't reach her expectations. She made a terrible move that exposed her deep secret. Humiliated, she ran away from her cousin and her new friends. The princess of the Night came to her and offered her a chance to change herself, a change unlike any other.

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Funny, who knew Pinkie has a cousin named "Pizza Pie".

Might use that idea for one of my own works one day.

6375218 I'm glad you liked her. she was my very first O.C ever since I join in the fandom :pinkiesmile:. I did made a first story of her before but it wasn't as good as I expected :pinkiesad2:; I deleted it because I want to start back fresh and adding up some crazy ideas to it as well. Then I made this sick story :rainbowdetermined2:; I recreate the old one to make it a little interesting to read.

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This comment graveyard isn't looking promising

7811306 I guess it's my fault. I kinda deleted it by accident though that I could undo it but the site doesn't have that feature. :fluttershyouch:


Just a pro tip. Even if you don't like the comments, keep them up or people will assume you deleted a bunch of comments you didn't like for the sake you didn't like them.

For all I know those comments could range from being a troll to actual criticism that you deleted because you don't like criticism. I have no context as to it and most people assume the latter opposed to the former.

7815054 I already know and I kept that in mind. If only I could undo it the deletion then it wouldn't bother me or the rest.


Well. There's always the classic "Forest Gump" line.

Shit happens

7815071 I guess next time I shouldn't compare facebook's comment feature to Fimfiction's. :twilightsheepish:.

If Pizza Pie was voiced, what would she sound like?


Actually I got a few Ideas of how she sounds like.

My first thought was since Pinkie pie has that cartoonist bubble's voice, I wanted Pizza pie to sound little bit like her pink cousin. So I image her voice to be like Frida suarez from El-tigre with an Italian accent.


But then since I can't really make Pizza pie to be a 100% percent like Pinkie pie (after I decided to make her a unicorn), I was thinking of making her sound pretty serious at the same time keeping that frida-ish personality. So I got the idea of changing her out look, making her more relatable. And no character fits more than Kushieda Minori (english dubbed by: Christine Marie Cabanos).


With Frida's fun personality, Pizza pie can be with any friend she makes and can adjust with anyone just like Pinkie pie.

And with Kushieda's insecurity, she doubts from time to time, whether it's meeting new ponies or facing her troubles.

If you watch Toradora, you'll notice what kushieda's is like. I recommend you to watch the series, it's pretty good.

So.... many...... mistakes...... if i could fix them, i would do so, but i have neither the ability, nor the time to do so

I feel like using the "ignoring fluttershy" cliche, twice in a short period of time, doesn't work well
Also, please fix the quotation marks... sorry if this comes off as rude

How did you make that picture of Pizza Pie? Do you do art requests?


I know my mistakes and not that I don't or can't fix them it's just that my brain can't picture out the scene or expression I wanted to describe each paragraph. :applejackconfused: I really wanted a second editor one I could share the spotlight with. Because I'm just a one guy writer/publisher.:ajbemused:


It's cool, it's cool. I needed some criticism on my story better then just views or ignore. :twilightblush: Speaking of Ignore this is what I meant that I can't literally express the characters reaction or action on words, that's one of my weaknesses. :fluttercry:


Well I can't say I do but all I did is get a base picture and just fill it in some pieces. I've been doing this ever since I learn edits through the fandom.

7903599 Do you think that you could teach me how to do that?

7990378 Well, I just use Adobe Fireworks to make most of my covers.

Here's how I work with it. It's like piecing vectors together and much easier compare to Photoshop.


Also it works when you group together a bunch of vector that may fit to a scene, just like this one.


1. You need to make a frame enough to fit your vectors. The frame be your base of the cover (you can add the background first and crop it to fit)
2. Then, open the vector of you choose, select it and copy then paste on the frame. (add as much vectors as you like, it's all on you)
3. Just resize the vector you paste to fit nicely on the base.
4.then just save it to png.

The way this Fanfiction was written is just so... Cringey.

This Fanfiction feels too cringey for my tastes due to the way it was written


I guess that's what happens when you try to go with a light novel format on writing it.

Right from the get go I can understand that the problem seems to be grammar. It's significant.

Three-four things I want you to do before any actual editing begins.

1)All non dialogue descriptions will turn into past tense.

2)You literally use quotations the opposite way. For example it's "That's not true!" said Rarity. Not... That's not true! "Said Rarity".

3)You will look up videos on the idea of showing and don't tell.

4)Transfer all chapters to Google docs in Google drive and give permission to edit to my email dionysiosbbbb@gmail.com

Why are there so many deleted comments? Who deleted them.

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