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Where'd you go? - sonaria

After tons of consideration, Rarity decides that she's going to let her favorite farm girl know how she feels.

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Understanding Yet?

"Yo," A rainbow haired athlete greeted her friends as she stopped at the Wondercolt statue, "where's AJ?"

"She's not here yet," her hyperactive, pink haired friend answered and gestured to the parking lot, "which is weird, because Applebloom and Big Mac are already here."

Rainbow Dash and the rest of the girls looked over at Applejack's siblings as she pulled out her phone, "is she coming?"

"It's not like Apple Jack to miss school," a timid girl added.

"It's really not," Sunset agreed as she sent AJ a text asking if she was coming or not, "I wonder what's going on."

"I don't know," Rainbow Dash said as she sent the same text and glancing at the time at the top of her screen, "if she doesn't hurry she'll be late."

Each girl added her input on Apple Jack and the situation. Except Rarity. She figured it had something to do with her, and even though she loved gossip, she didn't want to know if that was the truth. She thought about it. She thought that maybe AJ was just avoiding her and waiting somewhere else, but that wasn't right since the girls would be curious as to why. She thought that maybe she just took a day off, but Grannysmith isn't lenient about skipping school.

She was pulled from her thoughts when Sunset's phone sounded a text tone. She pulled out her phone and read the one worded text, "Apple Jack says she's coming."

"Then where is she?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Do you think she walked?" Rarity asked with concern.

"Ah, AJ's tough, a little cold wouldn't stop her," RD said as she checked the time again, "the bell is going to ring any minute now."

"I'm going to go on in," Fluttershy said as she stood, "I would just hate to be late to Miss Harshwinny's class again."

"Ohmigosh, I had detention once because I was late to her class. It wasn't even my fault, I started talking to Mr. Donkey, the janitor, and totally lost track of time," Pinkie Pie said.

"But Pinkie Pie, wouldn't that mean it was your fault?" Fluttershy asked after she hugged her friends bye.

"Oops," Pinkie Pie snorted and laughed, "I guess it does." She walked along side Fluttershy and talked about other various topics.

"Yeah, I'm gonna head in too," Rainbow said, "what about you two?"

"I think I'll stay out here a little longer," Rarity answered, "I'll see you at lunch."

"Not me, it's way too cold out here," Sunset said stepping forward and pulling her jacking to wrap around her.

The two walked into the building together, leaving Rarity alone at the statue. She sat down at the base of it and watched the other students. They laughed and talked and some went into the school. She wondered if Applejack would ever be comfortable around her again, so that they could go back to talking and laughing normally. Speaking of Applejack, the indigo haired teen wondered if she should even be outside waiting for her. They needed to talk, but how could they if Applejack kept cutting her off?

The sound of quick footsteps stole Rarity's attention causing her to turn to look in the direction they came. The steps stopped as soon as Rarity looked at who they came from. It was none other than Apple Jack, of course. The blonde's mouth moved as if she spoke, but if she did, the fashionista was unable to hear it.

The younger girl stood and gave one last look to her surrounding, everyone had already gone inside. Her eyes fell back to Applejack and she walked towards her. She observed her friend, her nose and cheeks were tinted pink from the cold. Her eyes were open lazily, she must be incredibly tired.

Rarity stopped at least a foot away from her exhausted friend and spoke softly, "I was waiting for you."

Neither of them spoke, Applejack continued looking at her, maybe waiting for her to continue. Rarity, actually was waiting for AJ to say something, and in their silence of waiting, the bell rang.

The fashionista continued, "to tell you that we are going to talk."

The blonde crinkled her eyebrows in confusion, and what seemed to be annoyance, hopefully from her exhausted state. She looked around the school yard as if she was trying to tell Rarity that they needed to be in class because no one else was outside.

"Right now?" she asked in a way that let Rarity know she wasn't up for it.

"No, obviously not right now," Rarity replied with the same irritated tone, "whenever you decide to take a nap and can lose your attitude."

Applejack took in a breath through her nose and exhaled quickly through her mouth sending a cloud of her breath visibly through the cold air.

"All right, Rarity," the farmer spoke in her adorable country accent said, "we'll talk later today."

"Oh," Rarity said with surprise and wide eyes. She didn't expect it to be so simple. She thought she would be interrupted again with a blunt "no". And for once, Applejack wasn't avoiding Rarity's stare, she kept eye contact with her indigo haired friend. Was she just so tired that she didn't care anymore? Why was she being so cooperative this time? Rarity wasn't complaining, she was just confused.

"Is that all?" the taller blonde asked uninterested but generally nicer than any other time.

The fashionista's mouth opened but closed. She nodded.

They stood in another silence, and Applejack moved her eyes to the sky, "Ah guess we should get movin'."

Rarity had completely forgotten about school and the time. She was so focused on Apple Jack and her situation that she was lost in her own world.

"I guess we should," she agreed.

"Well," the green eyed farmer started as she brought her gaze back to her blue eyed friend, "see ya at lunch." The taller girl walked off towards the building's main doors. A wave of relief washed over Rarity as she watched. Finally, hopefully, she would be able to get everything straightened out.

She'd be able to get her best friend back.

Luckily that day, the girls hadn't made plans for anything after school. Which meant that Rarity and Applejack would be able to do their own thing with no questions asked. And that was good for the both of them.

As the final bell rang, Rarity filed out with the rest of the class and went to her locker. Her stomach buzzed with anxiety and worry. She had been lost in thoughts of what she could say to Applejack and what Applejack could say to her. Her worry ran deeper than that though. Applejack seemed to be in a weird mood, considering she was so tired. Would she still be cranky? And react so harshly?

Rarity closed her locker, and clicked her lock in place before heading down the hallway. Her heart skipped as she passed Applejack that glanced at her but walked right passed her. Her heart steadied again only with slight disappointment, until the footsteps behind her stopped.

"Uh, hey, Rarity?" The familiar voice with a southern accent called out, causing butterflies to flow right through Rarity. The fashionista turned and waited for AJ to continue. The blond gestured for Rarity to go with her, to which she did.

The two walked to Applejack's locker and Rarity stood quietly waiting for her to finish or speak or both. The farmer switched out books and closed her locker, then walked towards the stairs with out saying a word. Rarity followed behind her, leaving some distance.

"Ah figured we could walk together," Applejack said without looking back, "Ah don't know where we're goin', but Ah guess we could figure it out on the way. If we're still gonna talk anyway."

Another pleasant but confusing surprise.

"Oh," Rarity replied, "We are still going to talk. I just assumed it would be later."

"Ah just wanna go ahead and get it over with."

That sort of stung. It didn't give her any reassurance that this is going to go better than the last few times either. But she pushed it aside, none the less, and didn't respond. Instead, she continued to follow her friend in silence.

They walked out of the school and down the sidewalk. Usually they met with the group after school, but there were days they all did their own thing. Today, Rainbow Dash had soccer practice, Fluttershy was volunteering at the shelter, Pinkie Pie was helping the Cakes, and Sunset was doing something somewhere. Rarity would bet, if anything, she was with Adagio. Even if she swears there's nothing happening there.

They walked down the side walk in silence.

Sunset always was drawn to the Dazzlings. And it just made sense if she was dating her. It was sort of cute how flushed Sunset's face got and how flustered she'd be when they mentioned it. If anything, everyone would be accepting for the most part, maybe not Rainbow but-

"Oh, um," Applejack interrupted Rarity's thoughts, "Ah wanna say sorry," she said giving a glance back to Rarity who trailed behind her. Rarity's full attention was on AJ now, "for bein' so harsh before."

What was with her today?

The blonde stopped walking and turned to face Rarity, "Ah just wasn't expectin' it, and it scared me." Her feelings weren't being returned, but this was just as good. It meant Applejack still wanted to be friends, and that things would be okay. She stayed quiet, waiting to see if AJ had more to say, "Ah didn't mean to hurt you so badly, sugar cube, Ah just panicked."

Rarity stared into Applejack's eyes. Words failed her. She had no idea how to respond. Luckily she didn't need to, the farmer continued, "Ah've been wantin' to talk to ya about all of it, and straighten things out, but each time Ah tried, somethin' happened, and I would just panic all over again."

Rarity let it sink in. It explained a lot of things. It was understandable too. Learning that one of your best friends, one that happened to be the same gender as you, is in love with you is a lot to take in. Even more so if you aren't entirely for it.

"It's not just your fault," the fashionista said, "I should have considered your feelings more before I said anything."

"No," Applejack said, only this time it didn't stay there, "Ah'm glad ya did."

Rarity's heart started beating faster.

"If ya hadn't, then we wouldn't be where we are now."

And faster.

"If anything, it's for the best that ya told me-"

Her stomach was flipping, and she leaned forward slightly in anticipation.

"Because it just means our friendship is strong enough that you can trust somethin' like that with me."

Whatever little hope she had then was gone, and disappointment filled its place.

"Ah think our friendship will be stronger than ever now," Apple Jack said in conclusion. Rarity gave a false smile and nod in agreement, and hoped it looked true enough.

"Of course, darling."

Another silence fell on them. Rarity wasn't sure how to feel. Of course, she was relieved that she and Apple Jack were still friends, and she was glad everything was okay between them. She just wished they had something more than the friendship. Apple Jack laughed softly, causing Rarity to look up at her.

"Ah guess we didn't have to find anywhere to go."

That was true. Originally, they were going to go somewhere. Rarity had pictured them going to a diner or cafe, and she would have settled everything. She had planned on explaining how she didn't mean to mess things up or make AJ uncomfortable. It was funny how things don't go how you expect them to, but they still turn out okay.

Rarity gave a soft laugh with her, "I guess so."

"All right, now that everything's all okay, Ah'm gonna head home," the farmer said, "and probably take a nap."

The purple haired girl gave a sympathetic smile, "go get some rest, dear."

The blonde nodded and waved before she walked in the opposite direction towards her home. Rarity looked up at the sky. Everything she was worried about didn't happen. She got exactly what she convinced herself she wanted: Applejack's acceptance and friendship. Which was great, but it would never be enough.

Author's Note:

Soooo... I had this chapter written out and then accidentally deleted it. :flutterrage: :raritydespair:
Having to rewrite it actually made it come out better, I think. It came out a lot faster too. Aaand I'm trying to be a lot less sloppy with this.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to tell me what you think. :twilightsmile:

Comments ( 12 )

That is NOT okay. Horribly not okay.

Edit: Oh thank christ it isn't done yet.

I really do like it. It's different from the other stories. I hardly read stories where Rarity is the one admitting her feelings, and it isn't all flowers and sunshine. I also think that the weather you chose really set the mood. I could feel Rarity's sadness and Applejack's feelings and confusion throughout the story. It's sorta like a bitter feeling that flows throughout the chapters, and I kinda like it. :raritywink:

For this chapter, the only thing that bothered me was that you left space between Applejack's name. It's just one word. You don't need to change it, but it does look a little weird.

6552780 I ended up fixing it anyways :twilightsheepish: I knew it was one word, I've been writing it as one word. I have no idea what happened, haha I guess I got confused with the addition of Rainbow Dash's name. Thanks for pointing it out :twilightsmile:

Ok I'm fine with this. Actually I'm not, I'm suffering right now :raritycry: But seriously, nice chapter. I like fluffly and happy stories as anybody, but sad ones are great too! :twilightsmile:

"Ohmigosh, I had detention once because I was late to her class. It wasn't even my fault, I started talking to Mr. Donkey, the janitor, and totally lost track of time," Pinkie Pie said.

Is that Cranky? Wasn't he stablished as a teacher? Ok, I'm nitpicking over stupid details, this fic overall is pretty good.

6719282 Yeah, that's Cranky. He is a teacher, but I wrote that before I noticed he was a teacher.

I WANT MORE OMFG. :pinkiehappy: This honestly could be an ok ending if we didn't have Applejack's feelings to consider. She obviously feels something for Rarity and it's KILLING ME that her reasoning not to is only, 'girls don't like girls'. FUUUUUUUCK THAT. You like her. Get over it. :ajsmug:
I know it's been a year, but you should finish this or give us some closure.

Other than that, this is a wonderfully written story!! The descriptions are beautiful and I love the small little conversation add ins between characters, like AJ and her sister in the morning. It's what fills in the character and makes them real. Also, personal note, I LOVE THAT SUNSET WAS THE FIRST TO ASK AND NOTICE LIKE YES. :twilightsmile: She is so observant, she would SO be the one to know something was up.
At first when it was only in Rarity's pov, I was very much pissed off at AJ, wanting nothing more than for Rarity to tell her off for being such a shit friend. (Glad Rainbow told her at least). But then when you added in Applejack's pov I FREAKED!!! I was SO glad to be able to see what she was thinking during everything. It made me hate her a lot less and want her to figure things out. (Which still needs to happen :raritywink:)

I would love more!! ...you know, if that would be ok.... :fluttershyouch:

So, I don't suppose it's going to be ever finished, huh? I mean, it's been quite some time with no updates...

Okay guys, I'm back. I'm out of my slump and ready to continue. Be on the look out! :pinkiehappy:

I hope this gets finished....

Aaaawwwwwweeee, but I needs moooaaaaarreeee!!:raritydespair:

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