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Where'd you go? - sonaria

After tons of consideration, Rarity decides that she's going to let her favorite farm girl know how she feels.

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It's Impossible to Guess How Someone Else Feels

Lunch was as uncomfortable as could be. The girls had started to ask Rarity questions, and she just ran out. That was the dumbest thing Rarity could have done. Now the girls would just ask her more and more questions. Which would lead to Applejack getting asked questions, surely, and then the whole truth would come out about their uncomfortable situation.

It wasn't like Applejack didn't trust her friends with it, she just didn't want them to think she was cold hearted or terrible.

I might have overreacted a tad bit, AJ thought to herself. But girls just ain't meant to be with girls.. It just ain't natural. Now, why'd she have to go and do that?

Do what? Fall in love with you?

Ah don't mean it like that. she argued with herself. Of course, she couldn't be angry with Rarity for liking her, and she shouldn't have been so angry with her Saturday it's not like falling in love is something a person can control. She didn't know why she was upset over it really, maybe she wished Rarity didn't tell her, maybe the thought of herself being involved in something she thought of as taboo just scared her, or maybe she was terrified the feelings could be mutual. Since Saturday, Rarity was the only thing on her mind most of the time, and it scared her something fierce.

Aj found it as hard to concentrate on her work as Rarity did. Finding out one of your best friends was in love with you was a lot to take in, even more so if the friend is the same sex as you. Hurting her wasn't what she wanted to do, she loved Rarity, and she wasn't going to let this come between their friendship, no matter how galling it was. Saturday was just a panicked overreaction, and she was going to make sure her infatuated friend understood that. And that they could/would be friends and only friends.

As hard as she tried she just couldn't seem to keep her mind off of how Rarity was beautiful even when she cried what happened over the weekend and in lunch. Lucky enough, it was one of those days where the teacher just gave them busy work, so she really didn't need to pay attention to anything important.

The overreaction she had when Rarity confessed her feelings bothered her more than anything.

Why did ya react like that? How do you even react to that? she continued to herself, Surely anyone woulda reacted the same... Maybe not as bad, but.. Ah was just taken off guard is all.. Yeah.

She looked up at the clock, there was only about 30 minutes of last period left, then she'd be off to Sugarcube Corner with everyone. The freckled blonde looked out the window, she wasn't exactly up for hanging out with the girls today, but she couldn't blow them off.

They were already concerned, and they would just ask questions if she didn't go.

And Rares will be there.

With a sigh, she looked back down at her worksheet to give another attempt at completing it. With no avail, she gave up and ended up doodling on the margins and waited for the class to come to an end.

As the final bell rang, everyone packed their things and filed out of the classrooms. The blonde made her way through the crowded halls and upstairs to her locker to grab what was needed or put away what wasn't. With a slam of her locker and a click to ensure the lock was locked, she turned to head back to the stairwell, then she froze. Standing a little ways down the now emptying hall near the stairs was Rarity, who had stopped and looked back towards AJ.

She might have been a good distance away, but Applejack could still see a familiar pain in her eyes.

Maybe I should go talk to her, try an clear this all up.. Aj thought while holding her friend's gaze and taking a step forward, causing Rarity to tense ever so slightly.

Just talk it out and clear it up.. She'll understand.

Just clear it up, she thought over and over to herself as she walked towards Rarity, who still stood in her spot, not moving, simply waiting to see what her friend was doing. She still had her lady like confidence and composure-something Applejack really admired-but she seemed a little unsure about talking to AJ. She'll understand.

Each step filled Applejack with uncertainty and caused her to reconsider her decision. Maybe talking about it right now ain't the best.. We need to meet tha girls anyway. Can't keep 'em waitin'.

With a switch of her gaze from Rarity to the stairs behind and beside her, Applejack made a split decision and walked right passed the fashionista and down the stairs. She didn't hear any movement from the girl up the stairs, which let her know that she was as hurt and confused as she was Saturday.

I'll clear it up later. She'll understand.. The blonde thought to herself as she walked through the now emptied hall and out the front doors.

Her friends had already grouped and waited for her and Rarity at the statue. They lounged around it, talked and lazily laid on it. Pinkie Pie lied on her stomach holding her head in her hands, propped on her elbows. Fluttershy sat at the base with Sunset, chatting with Pinkie while they waited.

"Where's Rarity?" Rainbow Dash asked as she stopped bouncing a soccer ball on her knee and held it between her hip and arm.

"Uh.. Ah passed her on my way out here, I'm guessin' she's still at her locker," the blonde answered not meeting her friends' eyes, Not technically a lie.

Pinkie jumped down from the statue and pointed towards the entrance of the school as Fluttershy and Sunset stood up.

"There she is!" she exclaimed and started to wave at her frantically.

This caused the girls, including AJ, to look back up at the school's front doors to see her walking over to them. Her lowered mood didn't go unnoticed to them, save for a certain athlete.

"Finally! What took you so long?" Rainbow asked irritably before anyone could ask how she was.

Applejack had stopped listening to her friends and looked around the school's campus. There was a noticeable area around the entrance of the school from Fall Formal. Fall Formal. That was a night to remember. There was a huge reason to remember that night, but her mind didn't trail off to the raging she-demon, nor their transformations. No, what she remembered was the way Rarity clung to her arm right after Twilight stood up to Sunset. At the time she really didn't pay any mind to it, it was something that the girls did. But now she wasn't so sure what it meant.

How long had Rarity liked her anyways? Was it recent? Or did it stretch to before Fall Formal? Thinkin' back to it though, it was sorta nice.. Her hands were warm and soft, and she looked amazin' after all. That dress made her look even better than usual, too. Wait. No. She shook her head as if trying to rid herself of those thoughts, and seemed to catch just the ending of the argument.

"She's here now, that's all that matters, let's get going," their flame haired friend said in a stern, motherly tone, ending the argument.

As dusk began to fall over Canterlot, the girls decided it was time to start heading home. They finished their hot chocolates and cakes and walked out of the shop and into the cold winter air. Pinkie Pie skipped a long beside Fluttershy as the group of friends made their way down the street, talking to her about various things. The quieter girl would smile and add a few comments. Applejack was talking to Rainbow Dash and Sunset about a game that was going to be released soon. She still paid attention to Rarity though, sending her quick subtle glances, making sure she was okay. The freckled girl noted how quiet Rarity was, she didn't seem to be paying attention to her friend's conversations either. Her beautiful eyes wandered around the blonde would bet her mind did the same and she hugged herself trying to keep warm.

They stopped at a street that they usually said their byes and split up at.

We could talk once tha girls leave. Just ask'er to stay for a bit, she thought as she waved Pinkie and Fluttershy bye as they walked the same direction.

Sunset told the girls bye, then started walking back towards Sugarcube Corner, if she walks off Ah can just catch up to her, then Rainbow dash said her byes and ran off in a direction towards the school.

AJ moved her attention to the last of her friends, who stood quietly looking back at her. The farm girl noticed how flattering the evening light was on her friend. Her eyes were perfectly blue, highlighted with just enough make up to make them stand out further. Her skin was light , flawless of freckles or blemishes. It looked so soft, too. The blonde fought the urge to reach out and caress it. She continued admiring the her friend's features for a short time.

She looked around uncomfortably trying to dismiss the thoughts she had of her indigo haired friend. Applejack didn't like girls in that way. She couldn't, it wasn't natural. Men and women were put on this world to reproduce right? That's what she always heard, and that's what she knew.

All of the stress is just gettin' to ya, she thought to herself, all right AJ, just clear everything up, let'er know you just ain't interested in girls.

She looked back up, meeting blue eyes once more, just as her friend began to speak.

"Look, Applejack.. About what I said Saturday.."

"No," she said immediately. It left her mouth before her brain could process it. The blonde found herself doing the exact same thing she did Saturday, unintentionally interrupting Rarity before she could even start.

The pale girl's gaze fell to the ground, and she didn't say anything else this time. She really didn't mean to hurt her again, but it was relieving for Applejack to see that Rarity wasn't crying this time. She assumed she panicked again and that her immediate reaction was just to stop the conversation from continuing, and became frustrated with herself and brought a hand to her face and let out an irritated groan.

The wind blew around them, pulling a shiver from the older girl. She hadn't realized how cold it was until they had been stuck in another uncomfortable silence. If Applejack was cold, she knew Rarity had to be cold. Looking back up to her friend, who was still looking down, she noticed her arms were wrapped around herself, possibly trying to keep herself warm. Part of her wanted to offer her the jacket she was wearing. But one part of her wanted to hug her and keep her warm herself.

Ignoring that unsettling part of herself, she knew that she needed to clear everything up now.

"Rarity," she started but stopped once the fashionista looked up at her expectantly hopefully.

Rarity really is beautiful.

The older girl lost her original thoughts as their eyes locked, and a small wave of butterflies flew through her. Her face grew a little warmer while she stared into her eyes, noting how they sparkled in dim light of the day. She didn't understand where these thoughts were coming from, but she desperately wanted them to stop.

There was nothing to say. Anything she had planned to say had abandoned and left her. The new thoughts Applejack had towards Rarity left her uncomfortable, she didn't want to leave her, but she knew she didn't want to be near her. Not if she was going to think like that.

"Ah.. I'll see you later."

Rarity's face dropped slightly again, but she nodded with out saying anything. She turned and walked away, going in the same direction as Sunset had.

Applejack brought a hand to her forehead with a soft 'smack' and quietly scolded and mumbled to herself before walking in the direction of her own home.

Author's Note:

This was actually written before chapter 3. It was originally going to be chapter 3 but I decided to go with Rarity's POV again to add more to the mystery of why AJ is acting so terribly. There ya go though! Finally!

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