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I write a My Little Pony original character series called Cursed Eclipse. I generally enjoy yuri ships and stories but can gravitate to other genres depending on the content and concept.


After boarding the wrong train, Eclipse finds herself on the other side of Equestria with no clearway to return to Manehatten. New friends and emerging enemies enter the picture as she works to return to the two mares who took her in.

Third story of Cursed Eclipse

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Big fan of your work...and her hopes and pervy dreams are crushed

631718 Thank you. And yes. The crushing of her dreams have already begun. :pinkiecrazy: Just wait until the next morning.

631721well...I now have something to look forward to

Man this is cool and nice. If you can may you make the chapters come faster?

660606 Unfortunately, one a week is all I can muster right now. Sorry about the delay In just want to make sure I get the story told right and not risk losing important details. There will be a short extra chapter released by Wednesday. Thank you for enjoying it!

Color Copy imitating the GaP Trixie? That will end well.

Great chapter as always. You have a knack for making me shake with all those mixed emotions.

696586 Squeee! Thanks and... That obvious at the end? :rainbowlaugh: I'm looking forward to writing the next chapter, in truth. Been waiting for it to come up to bring Color Copy back :scootangel:

696620 You'd find it rather hard for me to forget about something like that. So... a little bit, yes. :twilightsmile:

So... Spiral doesn't want Copy to speak to Eclipse... she wants it sooooo badly she's willing to leave Eclipse alone with Trixie for it?!

728059 She's not the brightest pony.

new chapter yay cant wait for the next :twilightsheepish:


I mean, if you want to that is...:fluttershyouch:


735644 Don't worry. There will be more.. MOAR!! :flutterrage:

736190 YEAAAAAAH! :flutterrage:

THAT IS MOST AGREEABLE! Ahem. We wouldst like to thank thee for thine consideration and the manners that hast been shown to us...:fluttershyouch:



yay new chapter cant wait for the next :twilightsmile:

interestin...798733 we can all agree to that

that was a good chapter....i guess we know Eclipse's back story:moustache:

good chapter cant wait for the next

NOOOOO! ECLIPSEEEEEEEE!!!!!:fluttercry::raritycry::twilightangry2::ajsleepy:

Annnyway, need moar story!


Hi everyone! Sorry for the late chapter. The good news is that a new chapter is up as you can see. The bad news is there will be some more lateness with future chapters. Work has been running me ragged so I offer my apologies to the tens of my fans (heh) reading the most popular OC pony story on the net! :rainbowlaugh: Hey, I'm allowed to have fantasies! Thanks for reading as always. One question I present, the next chapter will finish the 'Lost History' arc. Which of the three story threads should I open the next chapter with? Prim/Eclipse, Copy/Spiral, or the past?

good chapter cant wait for the next :twilightsmile: open with Prime/Eclipse

The past and maybe have a new CO pony come in. hint hint

In order to get a bit speedier on releases, I'm going to put out shorter chapters. Lost History Part 3 will be broken into three parts its self. Funny huh? I'm stumped on one of the three scenes right now so I'll give what i have thus far. Enjoy!

man thats sad Eclipse sacrificed herself :fluttercry: good chapter cant wait for the next:pinkiehappy:

982728 Broken hearts can lead to sad things :fluttercry:

Manly tears, many manly tears...


983878 That's it cry! Cry! :pinkiecrazy: Your tears give me sustenance! :pinkiehappy:

985086 *Jorofrarie watches worriedly as Almost becomes the size of Jabba the Hutt*

My reaction: :pinkiegasp:


I feel bad for Copy cause Spiral acted like a total douche but revenge was sweet :trollestia: cant wait for the next :twilightsmile:

1023482 Had that scene in mind for a while. Hey! Every special talent has its advantages.

hahaha a bidet weirdest thing ever good chapter cant wait for the next

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