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I write a My Little Pony original character series called Cursed Eclipse. I generally enjoy yuri ships and stories but can gravitate to other genres depending on the content and concept.


A wealthy unicorn family, expecting a new addition to their family, is gifted with a most unusual Alicorn. Fearing an ill omen, the foal is shut away and kept from the world.Her birth is a sign of something greater descending on Equestria.

This is the first story in a series.

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when is the next chapter?

503158 I will be posting the next story within the next 2-3 days once I finish the 5th chapter of 6. Thanks for the comment fav. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, I'm disappointed... that I haven't seen this story before! :trollestia:

I absolutely loved it, it's different and unique. MOAR!

Great work and good luck!


532842 Thanks for your kind words. The story is planned to be a bit of a long one with short stories thrown in.

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