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I write a My Little Pony original character series called Cursed Eclipse. I generally enjoy yuri ships and stories but can gravitate to other genres depending on the content and concept.


Lack of Updates · 2:36pm Oct 3rd, 2012

First let me apologize for how long it is between chapters. I did not plan for them to take so long to be released. Lately I've hit a bit of a slump, again, and many personal issues are dragging me down. I will continue to update, fear not no hiatus for the stories but it maybe in a much slower fashion. Again, I apologize for this. Also, I got my first fan art a few weeks ago. Yay me!

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Update: Status of stories · 10:57pm Sep 4th, 2012

To those who read my work. As some have noticed I began a new OC focused story, Spry and the Falsicorn. This will be the pilot story before I start the main series which will just be a series of events. Like watching a TV show! >.> For the Spry stories I am having pictures commissioned by the artist who did the cover for the story. For some reason, I really like this character. I'm trying to make the story easy to follow. No major drama for sometime.

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Weird... · 5:39pm Aug 15th, 2012

Are there any superstitions or anything related to dragon flies? Is it bad to find two dead in your garage within ten feet of each other? Looks like natural causes. The bodies are still in great condition. Maybe use as a warning to other insects?

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Is anyone out there! · 5:17pm Jul 22nd, 2012

I dunno how these blog things are always supposed to work. Do I update regularly to update on story status? Life? What I'm eating? Bah! (fav word) My life's boring. So here's the story stuff.

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I'm sorry · 7:41pm Jun 17th, 2012

The next chapter of Cursed Eclipse - Across Equestria wont post until next Sunday. I've found myself in a bit of a bind and can't find my self able to get what I want to put out, out. So I am going to take a short break and work some details of the story in my head and hopefully get this next chapter out with what I want to do. Thank you for understanding and for the wait. Again, I apologize for those looking forward to a new chapter today or tomorrow.

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Changes and rewrites · 7:25pm Jun 11th, 2012

Over the course of new chapters I am re-reading my older chapters and will be adding additional bits of information or looking for errors. One instance of a change takes place in Gold's Ambition. Vinyl refers to Eclipse as her name instead of Nightlight. I am going back to change these and give more reasoning for certain events.

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Season 2 finale · 10:10pm Jun 6th, 2012

This maybe a bit late on bringing up the two part ending for Season 2, but I wanted to finally throw my two cents in. There was much I did enjoy about the episodes. The songs of course, new characters, and a new enemy that can actually be reoccurring. No, I think my problem with the episode was the simple fact I feel Twilight was well... Trampled on. Her friends turned on her, her brother turned on her, Celestia turned on her, and even Spike, who through the show appeared much more empathetic

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Not a fan of the heat. I want my winter back! · 9:50pm May 16th, 2012

The Manehatten story is not behind us, as with Captive Light, it will be marked complete once the editing is done. For those who maybe wondering, Octavia and Vinyl are not leaving the story as I move forward. The next story will have a bit more comedy in it, at least I hope it'll turn out funny. Two new OCs will be introduced along with a great and powerful return of a character.

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Cursed Eclipse - Manehatten · 9:44pm May 7th, 2012

I had planned for Learning to Live to be the last chapter for Manehatten but I found my self with a problem. I had too much I wanted to put into one chapter and didn't want to cut any of it. So, a seventh chapter will be added to Manehatten before I continue on with the story. Enjoy chapter 6 - Learning to live!

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Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes · 5:56am May 5th, 2012

Captive Light is currently being edited and once finish, the first story will be officially completed!

The next chapter for Manehatten maybe a bit later than I had planned to release it. Going through some physical irks that is making it hard to concentrate but it is being worked on! This will be the last chapter for Manehatten before moving onto the next story of the series. Thank you for your patience!

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