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I write a My Little Pony original character series called Cursed Eclipse. I generally enjoy yuri ships and stories but can gravitate to other genres depending on the content and concept.


Spry had a traveler's heart. It didn't matter the destination so long as she had road ahead of her. Everywhere she went, her dragon brother, Deacon, and fairy companion, Minea, sought out new avenues. No mountain was too high, no castle too dank, and no cave sounding too much like some evil creature is sleeping within.

When a fairy's greed forces them into the awkward position, Spry and her faithful companions are forced into finding kidnapped ponies. Can Spry solve the case? Or will she take the fall of a friend's inclination for the shinier things in life?

[Picture done on commission by dead-kittens3 http://dead-kittens3.deviantart.com/ Some pictures are NSFW]

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Well, it's interesting enough so far. In just two chapters you've managed to capture Spry in a respectable variety of emotional states, so I get the impression she's a well planned out character. At the moment she doesn't seem Mary Sue, so I'm plenty to happy with the way that this looks like it's shaping up.
OC pony stories tend to get a bad reputation, (I tend to not mind them so much after I finished reading the major Fallout Equestria stories) but this so far seems to be in defiance of that.
I'll give it a favorite for now just to see where this goes.

This sounds interesting, can't say I've ready any fics that involved faieries before. (At least not klepto-prone ones any way.:rainbowhuh:)

1246394 I'm working my best to make sure any Mary Sue doesn't come out. I understand the sentiment on OCs and take in the common complaints to mind when I write. I try to at least. Don't want to give anything away but aside from her pickup lines there's plenty she wont be able to do.

1246517 And she only gets worse. Mwahhaha

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