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A single guy who loves to play video games, reads and writes stories about colorful ponies. I have returned with new ideas.



Quiet Fire has many problems in her life. A friend she hasn't seen in years comes back. A relationship that has gone south. A drinking problem when stressed. Thinks hot cakes are the universal cure for hunger. And on top of it all is the falling out with her family. Secluding herself to a quiet life in Ponyville, Quiet Fire takes up a day job of being a courier pony. At night, however, she is an underground martial arts fighter and enjoys the thrill of winning bits through broken bones.

Yes, many problems plague her mind. But there is one particular problem she couldn't avoid. A problem that has caught the attention of the princesses and those above them. The stars had aligned. The seven have chosen their vessels. And a wyvern calling himself Ouroboros states that if the seven hosts do not meet the prophecied fate, the whole universe could be in danger.

The idea inspired by the sub plot in my FO:E Lineage that is its' own story.

Special thanks to NixWorld for the amazing cover art! You should definitely check out his other work and deviantart for more stuff!

Rated Teen for: Suggestive Themes, Violence, Language, Blood, Alcohol and Drug use.

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Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

The idea inspired by the sub plot in my FO:E Lineage that is its' own story.

Where can I read that story? You should link to it in the synopsis.

Dark tag is for character interactions, situations and violence. This deals with universal law and order so their is going to be a lot of gods talk and possible clashes. How bad does it get? I will try to not make it as bad as my mature rated stories. Thoughts of suicide or murder attempts might play a role, but I haven't even gotten to that point yet.

Woo-hoo! Nice to see you and your high-quality fics back!

Really? I don’t ever recall getting a response from you. Oh well. Thanks for responding to me anyway. Will I need to read FO:E Lineage in order to understand this story? Or did I already ask this question?

You've already asked that before. But no. You don't really need to read Lineage to understand this story as it is not Fallout related. It is it's own story with a familiar protag, different name and attitude and similar characters (pertaining to the seven that are mentioned. Different hosts, same beings.)

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