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After Snow Crystal awakens she tries her very best to get to the surface for fresh air. Along the way, she meets a pony name Stain Lash as he helps Snow Crystal along the way. As Snow Crystal found a hidden treasure within herself she became a Princess Alicorn and rules Canterlot and saves the ghost ponies to bring them back to life knowing that their story hasn't ended just yet. As Jane Shang the bounty hunter tries to stop them and their plans along the way. How will it end for Snow Crystal?

North American Grammar

Editor Star Break (Fan Fiction user) CH1- CH18

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Awesome CH 4 may come out soon for FIM fiction

Not sure if you're serious, trolling or joking around.

Well it seems like a good story everyone in fan fiction love it so I came here to post on here to see what kind of comments or views.
A story is post to be unleash your imagination. For starters i am almost in 700 views total. In the fan fiction i have at least 299 views. In FIM fiction i have 385 views so yea... Double the Fun in that.

Aw. bad reviews.
I'm adding a like, just to lighten this up, it's a lot better than some material on this site.

Comment posted by Rye Snoot deleted Apr 6th, 2015

Fixed a tiny bit on all of them.

So far i have 53 pages

CH 1 is Fixed. I think.
CH 2 is Fixed. I think.
CH 3 is Fixed. I think.
CH 4 is Fixed. I think.
CH 5 is Fixed. I think.
CH 6 is Fixed. I think.
CH 7 is Fixed. I think.
Thank u The Derpy Doctor for giving this book a chance.

Is the grammar fixed? I made a lot of passive voice grammar error so I fixed it. >.>

"Oh and Yes I'm making a sequel to the reborn of the unknown pony." Then I'll make 5 Pre-Sequels to the reborn of the unknown pony or make 2 more books + Finish story

Oh yes One of my friends told me what the problem of this book. It has 1st person, 2nd person, and 3rd person. Well a lot of writers write a signal style rather first person all the way or second person all the way or third person all the way instead i am doing all 3 of them. Which makes no copy of anyone's So Let me be the first to do the impossible!!!! Your looking at a master piece of all 3 styles.,. Hold down to your seats because this will keep your seats at the edge...<<<

Gaming reference Using Mirror edge (first person), Skyrim (Third Person), Final Fantasy (Story Back through time changing future (ff 13 - 2 ), Silent Hill series ( camera views and puzzles, lighting)
Tomb Raider ( Adventure ), Mass effect trilogy ( Story details). Mario ( second person ),

Anime reference using Lucky Star (comedy) , Battle Girls: Time Paradox (Action story), Rozen Maiden ( Story )

Cartoons base off ( MLP G1, G3, and G4 )

Movies reference using Holy Grail (comedy action), Matrix (action),

Musics (Own by me personally as Rye Snoot).

I will put this in the "read later" bin. *Puts it there*

Sorry guys I am going to have to fix this book one last time with new improvements... for all chapters.... sorry to put this on hold I will start fixing this later today as I take a break.

Starting the fix for chapter 6 and 7 later as i take a break.

Ok chapter 1 is re-fixed with improvements.
Ok Chapter 2 is re-fixed with improvements.
Ok Chapter 3 is re-fixed with improvements. ( took forever )
Ok Chapter 4 is re-fixed with improvements.
Ok Chapter 5 is re-fixed with improvements.
Ok Chapter 6 is re-fixed with improvements.
Ok Chapter 7 is re-fixed with improvements.

Sorry for late results chapter 8 is still unfinished which means I am still working on it. It should be finished at the end of this week or so.

Don't forget to put a like or thumbs down.

I finished chapter 8 although i an't publishing it yet so....

Is it good or is it bad? >.< Am I doing fine???

LOL chapter 9 for this book is going to take a while. >.> but so far when i read it i'm pretty sure your all going to be shocked and you might hate it >.>

The release date for CH 9 is next Monday or soon. it's close to being finished i got like 1k words in it but I want to write the thing in there so it might take some time

I hope everyone likes this chapter >.>

This book is now in the 66 Pages with 9 chapters

>.< fixing missing character.

Ok I fixed the the book with TAB and a few other fixes along the way.

edit on the long description and short description. I didn't know what to write or how to explain this book >.> sorry i think this might be my last edit on the book description.

:facehoof: no matter how many times i wanted to do this very badly >.> i change the description again sorry >.> I'm sure this is where i want to leave it i checked and know it is the final i hope :ajsleepy: please don't get angry it's hard to make from the start >.> and finish it with the things description >.>

Sorry for making it a short chapter >.>

all chapters should be all good now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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