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When the main seven and Derpy Hooves goes to the future of not knowing what lies ahead. They meet aliens from other universes. As twilight saw the corruption of the further into the future. As they perform the elements of harmony routine in the future the elements didn't work. Then Twilight knew she needed to make a time machine to get back where their time began. It won't be easy getting the parts as they need to ask aliens for their advanced tech by traveling to their worlds. The more time they stay the more things get worse. Will they succeed to make it back through time to fix the future with out the elements of harmony or will they be stuck and be trapped to the future as it changes to a toxic waste and let the business take over the earth?

North American Grammar

Design xX _FireWing_Xx (LoE)

Graphic Artist, Editor Star Break (Fan Fiction user) CH1 - CH4

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Chapter 2 is going to take a while.
Oops I fixed the slight error in Chapter 1

Chapter 2 is almost done. Got to do some stuff such as grammar and edit a bit

Chapter 2 is out for testing.

Ok I edit some stuff.

It's not finished yet but if you want to read where i'm at for this chapter please do so.

Chapter 3 continue edit

Didn't realize I did not favorite this before... Oops.:rainbowderp:

Chapter 3 is finished dear gosh it took a while.

And you critique me on my stories! :trixieshiftright:

You might wanna work on your grammar. A lot. And then actually get an editor. And then maybe make the narration make more sense. I mean seriously? I don't understand any of this! :rainbowdetermined2:

7385457 shes not here at the moment i don't write these ones shes on a trip in Eroupe. But I did Write Education. If you see a Star Break on one of them then it would be mine. The only reason why I can't make another account is because your only post to have one account per IP address. Also the two fictions are on hiatus and there not mine.

7385457 At least I'm not a jerk and say your terrible like that one guy did.

7385457 sorry that my books are terrible at the moment i think my cousin has edit them for me yes i have return and i see lots of followers.

Oh dear GOD your grammar.
This is a brilliant premise, but I hold my collected works to a very high standard of English proficiency and this might actually be the worst grammar I've seen. Get an editor and get a spellcheck and you'll do great.

I just got back to writing.

Hey, look, I would rather read the writings of a drunk whale than my own dialogue. We all start at the bottom.

yeap time to start at the bottom and work my way up again T_T

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