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This takes place in 1995 on April 3rd. A life with Star Tech and ponies that go through Elementary school, middle school and high school. A slight change of their life as they go through their requirements for their special talents in the crystal empire and doing their special talents in the bright of their future.

North American Grammar

Writer By Star Break (fan fiction user) (Approved) & second writer By Rye Snoot

Cover Art was done by Pilkie

I also like to thank Pilkie for making it for me.

Chapters (6)
Comments ( 6 )

Is this a crossover with Starcraft? It's just that Star Tech reminds of it. I don't know how, it just does.

i like it. i like the sci fi afect it has and all that jazz

this is a fiction that I can finally say this is the only good fiction I wrote T_T... Thank you ponies.... thank you T_T....

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