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What? Moi? Me Jealous? Never! - misskoifishpony

Based on a rumor by John De Lancie about Season 5: What happens when Fluttershy invites a stallion to her tea party with Discord? How will Discord react? Why are the CMC involved? Who is this mysterious stallion?

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The Lamp

Author's Note:

Disclaimer: MissKoi does not own MLP or any non MLP references made in this fanfic. They belong respectively to Hasbro and whoever own the rights to the references.

But just like those memorable hugs before, the kiss on the cheek was short and brief. Yet it felt like an eternity to Discord. An agonizing yet blissful eternity to him. He was thankful that Sweetie Belle's burst from the bushes and yelling an excited "NO WAY!" This brought him out this insane trace and allowed him untwist his body and uncoil his tail.

Sweetie Belle kept smiling, from ear to ear, at Fluttershy and Discord. It was like she was seeing a scene from a fairy tale or a scene from a romantic movie. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Stellar Eclipse popped their heads out of the bushes.

Apple Bloom said to Sweetie "You really need to work on not doing that anymore."

Scootaloo added "Seriously."

Sweetie Belle cried "Aww c'mon, you guys were thinking the same thing too!"

Apple Bloom then whispered "I know we were but you don't want what happened to Big Mac and Cheerilee happened to Discord and Fluttershy, do you?"

Sweetie Belle widen her eyes and remembered what they did last Hearts and Hooves day, "No. No, no, and no."

Sweetie Belle awkwardly smiled at Discord and the blushing Fluttershy. Then she let out a small nervous laugh while dragging her two friends with her away from the scene. Thus leaving the three adults alone. Stellar Eclipse couldn't resist chuckling at the CMC's little scurry from the situation.

Fluttershy and Discord climbed down from the tree, and Stellar said to them with a mischievous smile on his face "It was their idea. I swear."

This made Fluttershy blush even harder, all that she could do was look down and play with the rock near her front hoof.

Discord laughed "Haha sure it was. I must say, I'm always impressed with their espionage skills. Maybe they should get their cutie marks in that? Those sneaky little devils." Stellar Eclipse laughed with Discord and nodded his head in agreement.

Stellar Eclipse then nervously said "Um…Mr. Discord? I'm so sorry for intruding on your guys' special picnic and also for being so…awkward around you. It's just that I've waited so long to meet you and…"

Discord replied "What do you mean by 'waited'?"

Stellar Eclipse then stuck his hoof in his black saddlebag and pulled out what appeared to be a tall bedpost lamp. But not just any lamp. It was Discord posing in an epic manner and holding high in the air what appeared to be a ball of purple chaotic energy. The light bulb was the purple ball in his paw and a small see through lamp shape went over it.

Eclipse explained "I like to create. I like to make all sorts of things. Whether it's something with wheels or something with bolts, anything electrical is my game. I also like being creative and artistic with my creations, trying to make each one special and unique from each other. I always try to create something that no pony has ever seen before. This is my goal. This something I push myself to do every day and strive for improvement no matter what. Then, one day I heard about you being reformed by one of the Elements of Harmony in Ponyville. I couldn't believe it when I heard about it. I always knew about you for years in school as a colt, but I couldn't imagine a creature who used to be evil wanted to use his chaotic powers for good. I was curious about why you wanted to do it that I decided to research about you. Whether it was from textbooks, or newspapers, or even just the word of mouth of other ponies, the more I found out about you the more I admired you. Every pony may have saw a suspicious and untrustworthy monster, but…I saw a pony trying to make Equestria a better place in his own way."

Stellar took a deep breath before continuing "You see Discord, I have been different…all my life. It's true that I never been bullied for it, but I could always tell that ponies still saw me differently. I could always tell that ponies treated me a little differently than they would with 'normal' ponies. However, when I created one of my artistic creations, ponies for a one moment forget my appearance. They forget the chair and they see me. The real me. Not only that, I made something that can make ponies smile and brighten up their lives somehow. When I heard about your great magical powers, I kept imagining how much positive changes you could make. You can kept making Equestria a better place lifetime after lifetime, for all eons to come. Despite looking different Discord, you can a difference in this world. That's why…you're my hero."

Then Stellar handed the lamp to Discord. Discord couldn't believe this stallion. All day, he kept assuming such horrible things about him. Discord kept judging him before he really got to know him…just like most ponies did with him. Discord has never had any pony create something for him with their own two hooves. He was amazed how Stellar created an object that looked just like him. It was like looking through a mirror. But most of all, Discord was touched that Stellar made such a beautiful gift for him despite Discord being so cruel to him. This colt truly understood…just like Fluttershy.

Stellar looked down at hooves, waiting for some response from Discord. He kept muttering to himself "Please like it. Please like it. Please."

Then he felt a soft claw gently patting the top of his head, he looked up and saw Discord smirking at him.

Discord remarked "I actually prefer the term anti-hero rather than hero."

Stellar Eclipse gave Discord a bright and wide grin, showing gratitude for Discord's kind gesture.

Discord then said "As much I as like having a fan, I think I much prefer to have a friend instead."

Discord took his eagle claw off of Eclipse's head and offered his claw to him. Waiting for Stellar Eclipse to shake it as a sign of their new friendship. Stellar gasped at Discord's offering, but he quickly got over this hesitation, and gladly shook Discord's claw.

Fluttershy looked at her two friends with such gleaming joy in her eyes, the happiness was leaking from her sweet smile, and she could feel a deep comforting warmth surrounding her heart. Fluttershy then glanced at Discord smiling at his new friend, she couldn't be prouder of him.

Baast was wrong about you Discord. You can have friends. Fluttershy mentally noted to herself.

After the two friends shook each other's hoof and claw, Discord proclaimed "Why don't we put this fabulous lamp somewhere nice?! Hmm…how about…the animatronic room?!"

Stellar Eclipse added "Whoa, you have an animatronic room?!"

Discord replied "Of course I do, why wouldn't I?"

Discord offered his eagle claw towards Fluttershy while giving her a small but sweet smile. He whispered "Care to join me?"

Fluttershy fluttered up to Discord's eagle claw arm, and wrapped her arm around his. She answered "I wouldn't miss it."

The End….

(For now;))

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Haha congrats on being first:) But what did you mean by "OF COURSE!" ?

Oh, I just meant of course the CMC! :applecry::unsuresweetie::scootangel:
This is a really neat story but it needs editing.

Don't worry, you're not stupid. It's just very subtle Fluttercord romance. I can see why you were confused when reading that chapter. Anyway, thank you so much for reading & reviewing & liking my story♥

OMG you commented on and read my story:pinkiegasp: Wow, thank you so much!:heart: I'm a huge fan of your art for Bride of Discord:raritystarry: Sorry for the repetitiveness, this was my first fanfic and I was getting the hang of writing. I hoped that you enjoyed my story regardless.


Um excuse me, would u mind censoring out the f word in your comment?

NICE!!!!!!! It was very well written and I liked the pacing. Everyone was very much in-character and I really enjoyed it! THE FANGIRL DEMANDS A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for wonderful and hilarious reviews:twilightsmile::heart: I deeply appreciate it:pinkiehappy: There is a sequel and it's called "The Count's Traveling Haunted House". And there is a sequel after that and it's called "The Green Eyed Gryphon".

Now that the actual episode came out, I still think of this story very fondly. <3

aww, that was adorable. i loved it. 10/10 good read




10/10 moustache my friend!


You can always delete comments you don't like. Just a hint.:raritywink:

6238620 Indeed, this one is just as good, if not even better than the Smooze story, plus is delivers its own episode-worthy lesson.:twilightsmile:

Baast was wrong about you Discord. You can have friends. Fluttershy mentally noted to herself.

Who's Baast?

I don't know if you got an answer, but Baast was a character in the comics. She was a cat Fluttershy, Discord, and the CMCs meet when they go back in time. She apparently knew Discord very well. There was a hint of him once being her "love interest". She hissed at Fluttershy.

For now?......MORE CHAPTERS!!!

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