• Published 26th Feb 2015
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What? Moi? Me Jealous? Never! - misskoifishpony

Based on a rumor by John De Lancie about Season 5: What happens when Fluttershy invites a stallion to her tea party with Discord? How will Discord react? Why are the CMC involved? Who is this mysterious stallion?

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Guess Which Pony is Coming to Lunch with Us

Author's Note:

Inspired by a rumor created by John De Lancie about his recording for a Season 5 episode. I don't care if it's a rumor, I believe it! And I want it to happen! Seriously, we need a solo Fluttercord episode in MLP, especially after what happened in the Season 4 finale. Anyway, this story takes place after the Season 4 finale and it also takes place after the MLP comic 24, the recent issue with Fluttershy and Discord and the CMC. For the purpose of this story, the comic will be taking place after Season 4. Before I begin, I want to thank Disneyfanatic2364 and her "Bride of Discord" & her "Daughter of Discord" to inspiring me to finally join Fanfiction and write my own fluttercord story. Because this is my first story, I encourage constructive and helpful criticism so that I can improve for future stories.

Disclaimer: MissKoi does not own MLP or it's comics or any non MLP references made in this fanfic. MLP and it's comics belong respectively to Hasbro and their creators. And the references belong respectively to their owners and creators.

Your Friend for Always,

Once Fluttershy finished her letter, she folded it nicely three times and stuffed it into her light cream envelope. She sealed the back of the envelope with a puffy butterfly sticker, with the butterfly looking a lot like the butterflies on her cutie mark. She figured that Discord would appreciate a little decoration. Fluttershy was very grateful that Pinkie gave her this set of puffy stickers two months ago. Two months…oh my time was certainly has flown by…especially after that whole Tirek incident. Just the thought of that big brute…stomping on top of the forests near Ponyville…yelling at every living thing in sight with his demonic and booming voice…it sent shivers down Fluttershy's spine. However, lightly petting the smooth and bubble like texture of the sticker brought Fluttershy into more happy and delighted thoughts.

I can't wait for Discord to read my letter Fluttershy thought to herself as she held it close to her chest like a baby bunny.

Fluttershy skipped merrily to her mailbox as she gently clenched the envelope with her teeth. As she gets closer to the mailbox, Fluttershy couldn't help but wonder I hope Discord gets this letter in time. It would be so wonderful to see him again and visit him at his house. Especially with the new renovations. He sounded so proud of handy work in his last letter. And I'm sure it's lovely, in its own chaotic way as Discord would put it.

Fluttershy couldn't help but smile thinking about him. He really is such a delight to be around isn't he?

Fluttershy was ecstatic about this picnic he was planning for them during the next visit. Her picnics with Discord are always so joyous and full of surprises. Well, the pleasant and little kind of surprises anyway. She starts thinking about the cucumber sandwiches, the rose tea, the chocolate ants dancing everywhere, the magical floating picnic blanket, and the sunny weather soon to come. What more could Fluttershy ask for?

She also thought to herself I can't wait to tell Discord the good news.

Once the envelope was inside, Fluttershy closed the mailbox and lifted the red mailbox flag. She peacefully turned away from the mailbox, about to head back to her cottage, but then she heard a small Squeak! She quickly turned her attention back to the mailbox. Her red mailbox flag was still up but the mailbox door was wide open.

Strange. I thought…I…closed that. Fluttershy pondered to herself.

Out of curiosity, she slowly went to the mailbox to look inside. She crouched underneath the box at first. Then, she carefully lifted her head to investigate. Her giant teal eyes saw one envelope inside.

She pulled the envelope out just to double check it was her letter. But it wasn't. It was a bright white envelope with no stamps or addresses. All that was written on it was "Open Me". Like any sensible pony, Fluttershy had a tiny little voice inside her. Except her tiny voice was a very loud tiny little voice. It kept telling her "Don't open it! Please in the name of Celestia! Don't open it!" As much as Fluttershy wanted to listen to her inner timid desires, Fluttershy was working on being less timid. She wanted to at least try to balance when to be cautious and when to be brave.

She grabbed the top right hand corner of envelope and whispered "Please don't hurt me."

She ripped the top part of the envelope in one swift motion. This activated a super bright white light, along with a massive, invisible, and swirling tornado. The white light was confusing Fluttershy's eyes and all of her other senses as well. While being thrown off guard, Fluttershy was rapidly stuck into the tornado. Down she went into eye of the storm! Down she went into the heart of light! Down she went into the envelope! Her high pitched screaming was the last thing to be heard before the envelope resealed itself. It reverted back to being a boring envelope, laying on the ground next to the mailbox.

Even though the tornado was harsh with Fluttershy at the beginning, the rest of the stormy trip wasn't so bad. It just made her really dizzy. The tornado was very gentle when placing her back on the ground at the final destination. It disappeared as quickly as it came. Fluttershy was wobbling around, trying to regain her senses once more. After she shook her head a couple of times, she began to recognize her surroundings. She was in front of Discord's house. Or rather tower. A very colorful, mismatched, and patchy looking tower. Fluttershy sees that Discord added some more floors to it, the tower looks like it can reach past Cloudsdale. The extra floors made the tower lean even more towards the left. She even notices how the tower bends and sways with the wind itself. But the detail that surprised her the most was the location. It was in the Everfree Forest! Discord's home was also on a floating island connected to a shaky and aging bridge.

Wait a minute Fluttershy wondered this is where…where the Castle of the Royal Sisters was!

"SURPRISE!" exclaimed Discord as he appeared in front Fluttershy in an explosion of colorful confetti.

This startled Fluttershy at first due to the fact that being in the Everfree Forest has always made her uneasy. But once she saw Discord, she giggled and gave him a bright smile. She said "Oh Discord, I should have known it was you that sent me that envelope."

Discord responded "Yes. You should have. And yet, so sorry to startle you my dear, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't do it that way."

Fluttershy responded with sweetness in her voice "No, no you wouldn't".

Discord gave her a giant grin to her response. He lifted her up and began twirling her around. This caused a series of light hearted laughs and giggles from Fluttershy. Oh I just love that sound! Discord thought to himself. His twirling eventually slowed down and he brought Fluttershy into a tight hug.

Discord whispered into her ear "I really have missed you my dear."

Fluttershy whispered back "Me too."

Discord points out "Oh it seems like it has been eons since we have last seen each other last."

Fluttershy giggled "Discord, we saw each other a week ago. For that big cutie mark crusaders time traveling trip."

Discord chuckled while rubbing the back of his long neck "Oh yes…well…"

Then he dramatically dropped down to one knee, placed his hand on his forehead, and grab one of Fluttershy's front hooves. He snapped his fingers and magically dressed himself and Fluttershy into Shakespearian attire. Discord was wearing a puffy sleeved blue and gold tunic with blue tights and an extravagant blue hat to match. While Fluttershy was wearing a burgundy and gold dress with tall princess hat to compliment it.

Discord proclaimed "but these are the side effects of being departed from you milady!"

This made Fluttershy laugh even harder. She decided to play along with her silly friend "Oh my Lord, you just too sweet to me."

The two friends couldn't help but burst out laughing at their own antics. After the two finally caught their breaths, Discord poofed away the Shakespearian attire.

Discord asked "So how do you like the new destination my dear?"

Fluttershy responded "Oh it's so wonderful. I can't believe the princesses allowed you to live so close to Ponyville."

Discord smirked "Well it wasn't too hard to convince old Tia to give in to my offer, I can be quite persuasive when I want to be." Fluttershy chuckled and rolled her eyes at him.

Discord exclaimed "But enough about that! The thought of getting to visit you as much as I want, whenever I want, is so thrilling to me! Oh! That is…if it's okay by you first of course. No more letters to confirm monthly picnics…oh! Not that I don't enjoy our letters my dearest. I just mean…"

Fluttershy giggled and assured Discord with that warm gaze in her eyes "It's alright Discord, I know what you mean because I feel the same."

Discord smiled at his dear friend's words. She always had a way saying the right thing in such few amount of words. This thought deeply calmed Discord and almost put him in a daze as he stared at Fluttershy's face.

Discord was taken out of this daze when Fluttershy said "Besides Discord, you are always welcome at my cottage with and without invitation."

Discord responded with "I guess I will surprise you with actually asking your permission to visit you my dear." Fluttershy chuckled at his witty remark.

While Discord leads Fluttershy closer to the giant tower before them, he told her "Let's not waste this day with banter and wit. After all, our picnic await us!"

Then Fluttershy remembered "Oh which reminds me Discord…um…is it alright if we have it tomorrow perhaps?"

Discord was deeply confused by this "Whatever for my dear Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy answered in a cheerful but nervous tone "Well…I invited a very special guest to join us for this picnic. I told our special guest we would have it during my next visit to your house."

Discord's ears perked up and his grin returned "Oh who's the special guest?! Is it Mr. Bearington the bear? He can bring enough honey for the tea and some to spare!" Then Discord transformed himself into a grey and discord version of a small little bear, wearing a red t-shirt and holding a jar of honey.

Fluttershy said with a smile "Nope, not ."

Discord poofed back to his true form. Slightly disappointed, he said "Oh."

Then he contemplated about it for a moment, then he slightly cheered "Is it the Princess of Friendship herself? Is she finally going to give me a throne in her Council of Friendship?" Discord snapped his fingers and a crystal white throne appeared behind him. He even poofed himself a golden armor suit to show his knightly status.

Fluttershy shook her head "No, it's actually some pony you don't know."

Discord made the throne and armor rapidly vanish away and gawked "What?"

Fluttershy said with a grin "His name is Stellar Eclipse."

Discord shouted with terror "HIS?!"

Fluttershy continued "Rainbow and I meet him at the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange. I think I wrote to you about that one. It was the time where Rainbow gave that lovely bird whistle as a gift."

Discord huffed "Why in the world did you invite him?"

Fluttershy was taken aback by this dramatic shift in his behavior. She quietly said "Stellar Eclipse was really nice to us during the trip and I thought you would like meeting him. And then maybe…like having a stallion friend?"

Discord curiously asked "What's a stallion friend?"

Fluttershy sighed in relief, thankful that he might be giving Stellar Eclipse a chance. She explained "A stallion friend is a special kind of friend that you get to talk to him about all the things that you can't talk about with mares sometimes."

Discord questioned "I don't get it. I talked to you about everything. What are these things that I can't discuss with you but can freely blab about with a stallion?"

Fluttershy said uncertainly "Oh um…sports, comic books, video games, and perhaps how silly mares can be. At least, that's what Spike said."

Discord lifted his nose in the air and pouted like a child "Well I don't like talking about those things!"

Fluttershy responded "You don't have to talk about those things. You and Stellar can talk about whatever you guys want to talk about."

Discord crossed his arms, looked down at his feet, and didn't say a word to Fluttershy. Oh dear, I hope…I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. Fluttershy pondered to herself. What was it about Stellar that made him so upset? Maybe he's afraid that Stellar would be…scared of him?

Fluttershy flew up to Discord and gently lifted his head to meet her eyes. With a sincere tone, she explained "Stellar Eclipse is very excited to meet you Discord. You don't need to worry about him accepting you. He's very understanding and he has a very open heart. In fact, this was his idea in the first place. He was the one who asked me if he could join us."

Discord said with a slight surprised tone in his voice "He did?"

Fluttershy said with a smile "Yes he did. So…will you…give him a chance…for me?"

Discord hated it when Fluttershy fluttered those big pony eyes at her. It made them sparkle in the sunlight, and it emphasized those cute long eyelashes on her cute little face. She truly was the master of manipulation. Discord sighed "Ugh very well then. He can come."

Fluttershy cheered with delight "Aww thank you! Thank you so much Discord!"

Discord's body went into complete shock mode as Fluttershy's arms wrapped around Discord's neck. It was one thing to hug him around the waist or around his shoulders like they usually do, but this hug was so close to his face. It took him months to just get used to this hugging thing.

This hug reminded him of his first hug with Fluttershy. It was the time when he made all of her little animal friends talked and decided to throw her a secret surprise party. The hug was so…unexpected. It was so short…and yet time passed by slowly in this embrace. He was so surprised by how warm and comforting it was, and the warmth still lingered in his paws after the hug was done. His arms didn't know what to do during and after the hug. It was also very soft…it was like being embraced by a dream itself. How could a creature so small like Fluttershy have such a huge effect on him? The hug stiffened his spine and tail, it made him clenched his teeth and hold his breath.

He vowed that no hug after that one would seize him again. But of course that vow was broken when this hug on the neck occurred. Not only was it twice as comforting and soft as the first hug, but it was especially warmer than any other embrace they have ever had. It was so warm that the heat traveled all the way to his face. He felt like the heat was escaping through his ears, and building pressure in his cheeks. What was it about this hug being so close to his face that made him feel this way?!

Fluttershy cuddled into Discord's neck and said "Oh this is going to be so much fun!"

Discord's wonderful and long hug was with Fluttershy ruined with the thought that he, the Lord of Chaos, had to share his picnic and share Fluttershy, with this Stella Ecplisey guy.

Discord groaned in his mind Who does this guy think he is? Barging in on our picnic?! Ugh what am I going to do? If I try to get rid him before, Fluttershy would know it was me who do it. I certainly can't do it during the picnic, Fluttershy has a way of spotting my magic. No, I can't look like the bad guy in this scenario. The only way for him to be out of the picture is if he's the bad guy. Oh I do like the sound of that. And yet, I need reinforcements. Ponies on the outside that can do the dirty work for me. Twilight and the others would never agree to this. They would say something ridiculous like "Expand your horizons Discord" or "Try new things Discord". No, I need ponies who won't lecture. Ponies with a more flexible moral compass. Ponies who care for Fluttershy like I do, easy to convince, and are just as chaotic as I am.

Hmmm…I need…, then literally a bright light bulb appeared above his head, the cutie mark crusaders!