• Published 26th Feb 2015
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What? Moi? Me Jealous? Never! - misskoifishpony

Based on a rumor by John De Lancie about Season 5: What happens when Fluttershy invites a stallion to her tea party with Discord? How will Discord react? Why are the CMC involved? Who is this mysterious stallion?

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A Kiss From A Butterfly

After five minutes of tossing and squirming under the weight pressuring his back side, he finally gained enough strength to push his front legs up. This miraculously released him from the mysterious force. During this push, Stellar heard a ripping sound coming from behind him. He turned his head around and found an orange pegasus with a torn red cape caught on one of the bolts of his chair. Then, he saw two other fillies coming up to the orange pegasus to help her. Stellar Eclipse used his teeth to pick the piece of the cape off the chair.

He smiled and said to her "There you are. Home-free."

The orange pegasus and the other fillies gawked at Stellar with big eyes, almost afraid on what to do next. Eclipse sense their discomfort and cooed "Don't be scared, I…I'm a friend. See." Then he gave them a big smile.

Their conversation was interrupted with a shout of concern coming from Fluttershy "Girls!"

The fillies beamed at Fluttershy and cheered her name as they went up to hug her. Fluttershy gladly accepted this hug but then asked them "What's going on here? Why are you girls here in Discord's garden?" Stellar then notice Discord quickly joining Fluttershy from behind.

He noticed how Discord was expressing fear and guilt in his eyes at Fluttershy and the fillies. What did Discord have to fear? Stellar thought.

The fillies avoided Fluttershy's eyes, their beaming smiles were gone and they were silent. Fluttershy cooed softly "Please girls…tell me what's wrong and why you're here."

But no response from the CMC. Discord couldn't take the silence for much longer and yelled "It's me! There! Happy?!" Then he turned his back on Fluttershy in a quick angry huff.

Fluttershy released the girls from the hug and questioned "What…what you do mean Discord?"

Discord continued "I brought the girls here! I manipulated them to help me get rid of Mr. Goody Wheels over there! I convinced them that he was a bully and a brute! In other words, I am as always…the inconsiderate jerk! The bad guy! And the…traitor." After uttering that last word, he immediately disappeared and transported himself far away from Fluttershy.

Fluttershy exclaimed while reaching out for Discord "Discord! Wait!"

When he was gone, Fluttershy felt a deep sinking but empty feeling in her heart. She clench her chest to get rid of the pain, but it didn't help. Oh Discord…how could I…been so blind? Fluttershy pondered to herself, No! This is not the time for wallowing in sorrow, I have to find Discord!

Fluttershy turned around and said to the fillies and Stellar Eclipse "I'm going to find Discord. While I'm gone, Stellar will watch over you. So be good for him, okay?"

The cutie mark crusaders said with innocent smiles on their faces "Don't worry, we will." She gave them an affirming nod before flying out into the garden to search for her friend.

The CMC followed their gaze at Fluttershy as she disappeared into the trail. They wanted to follow her and help her find Discord, but they couldn't just disobey their favorite foal-sitter's order. Stellar saw the worried stress building up on their faces. Even though he had just meet these fillies, he couldn't help feel concerned seeing such young kids stress over their friends. Now that he thought about it, it seems like Discord and Fluttershy acted more like their adopted aunt and uncle in this situation.

He mentally discussed Oh what should I do? C'mon Stellar! Think, think, think, think…wait a minute! Fluttershy never said that they have to stay here by the fountain.

Stellar went up to the red mane filly and lightly pointed her shoulder. This made all of the fillies face Stellar Eclipse's hopeful yet mischievous smile "Fluttershy never said that I had to wait here specifically in order to keep an eye on you three."

Then he gestured his head towards the bushes behind the CMC. They follow his gaze, all the while, understanding his ultimate master plan. They smirked mischievously with him.

Meanwhile, Discord was slouching sadly on his stomach on the branch of his purple Dr. Seuss-like thinking tree. The tree was located on the other side of the garden and near the cliff of his giant floating isle. He took in a deep sigh before pushing air through his lips to emphasize his pathetic state. Then he pulled one of the purple leaves in front of him.

While twirling it in between his claws, he thought I can't believe my plan failed. So easily. In a matter of seconds. Well, shows me right for underestimating Fluttershy. I should have known better, especially after what we have been through together. I guess this is the final straw…she will finally…hate me. She'll leave me and never come back. I don't blame her after what I put her through.

He sadly dropped the leaf and watched it slowly float down into the foggy abyss below him. He closed his eyes, and tried to forget everything that just happened. Hopefully through this, he can slowly forget Fluttershy and accept his fate. Discord…Discord…Discord's ears perked at this strange sound. Was it the wind? It was soft like a breeze. And yet it sounded familiar.

"Discord!" shouted a voice coming from behind the tree. He rapidly turned his head and saw Fluttershy desperately flying towards as fast as her wings could. He uttered "Fluttershy?"

Once she got closer to the tree, she spotted Discord laying on one of the top branches. She cheered "Discord!"

The sight of her friend gave Fluttershy enough energy to flutter quickly to his side. When she got there, she was panting "Thank…goodness. I…found you. Are you alright?"

Discord a little surprised that Fluttershy still cared enough for him to search him.

He responded hesitantly "Uh yes…I am. Fluttershy, why are you here?"

Fluttershy replied "Discord…why wouldn't I be here? I'm your friend. You're my friend. I don't understand."

Discord lowered his head back on the branch and didn't say a word to Fluttershy. She lowered her head to his level and whispered "Please Discord. Talk to me. Please."

Discord tried to advert his eyes away from her sweet gaze.

She took a deep breath before explaining "Discord, you should always feel comfortable in telling me everything. Friends tell each other the good, the bad, and everything in between. We help each other express feelings we keep bottled up. You can't keep things bottled up Discord…I remember when I became a model for Photo Finish. Even though Rarity was being a good friend and encouraging me to enjoy this new experience, deep down Rarity was jealous of all the success and attention I was getting as a model. No pony was paying attention to her clothes. Especially Photo Finish. I still don't understand why Photo Finish didn't like any of her lovely clothes. Anyway, Rarity wasn't the only one keeping things to herself. I didn't tell her that I didn't want to be a model. I wanted to get out of it so bad, but I thought it made her happy, so I kept doing it for her. And yet, before I took the modeling job, I felt that there was something wrong with Rarity. I could tell that something was bugging her. Instead of asking her about it, I ignored it. And again…I ignored you when you needed me the most."

Discord asked "Again?"

Fluttershy uttered sadly "I ignored you today and…,"then tears started to stream down from her eyes "I ignored you when you were confronting Tirek!"

Fluttershy couldn't hold back her tears, she cried in her hooves.

Discord, by instinct, took Fluttershy into his arms and embrace her tenderly. This immediately comforted Fluttershy out of her tears.

Discord exclaimed "You didn't ignored me today. You especially didn't ignore me back then! Oh Fluttershy, it was my fault! It could never be your fault!" Then he faced Fluttershy straight in the eye with some tears in his eyes "Do you hear me?"

Fluttershy nodded her head slowly, amazed that Discord was crying with her. It was the first time…she has ever seen him cried.

Fluttershy said "I promise not to blame myself anymore if you do the same."

Discord widen his teary eyes and uttered "Deal." He lowered his head and said "Sorry about what happened today. I guess I didn't like the fact that some pony got to join our special get-togethers. I always felt like it belong to us…I felt like it especially belonged to me. I guess I didn't like the fact that I had to share you. Our tea parties and visits have been the only things that I've kept me 'sane' ever since…Tirek."

Fluttershy replied "They mean that much to you?"

Discord smiled "They do because…you mean so much to me."

Fluttershy blushed and whispered "I…I do?"

Discord chuckled "Yes you do my silly little pony. Just…don't tell the others I said that."

Fluttershy giggled "Deal." She then gave Discord a warm yet beaming smile while wiping away the tears from her eyes.

Discord smiled and used his lion paw to help Fluttershy lightly brush the tears away from her teal eyes. Fluttershy closed her eyes and leaned into his touch.

She grabbed his lion paw arm with both hooves and said "Discord, I'm still sorry about what happened. I just want you to know that no pony could never replace you. Especially in my heart. Even though jealousy can be a very ugly thing, I still think it was kinda of sweet that you were jealous because of me."

Discord froze his paw in middle of stroking Fluttershy's face. He blushed and rapidly remarked "Don't be ridiculous Fluttershy! I…I wasn't jealous!"

Fluttershy smirked "C'mon Discord, I know when you're lying."

Discord replied "N-O that means no! How could I, the god of all things chaotic, be jealous?"

Fluttershy giggled then she started to lean up towards Discord's cheek. Discord's eyes followed her nervously, feeling some sweat dripping down from his head. She let her lips linger in the air for a moment before pressing them on Discord's cheek. Discord's mind and body went into malfunction mode. What's going on?! His entire body went into a pretzel twist, his tail curled into the shape of the heart, steam was whistling loudly through his ears, his face was at the temperature of lava, his mind was doing repeated back flips over and over again, his arms were glued to his sides, his feet were twitching like crazy, and all he could see through his eyes were hearts! Hearts! Hearts!

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Disclaimer: MissKoi does not own MLP or any non MLP references made in this fanfic. They belong respectively to Hasbro and whoever own the rights to the references.