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Rainbow Is Magic: A Hearth's Warming Play - aceotaku

Rainbow Dash and her friends are asked by a Princess to help perform in a play for Hearth's Warming Eve! terrible Short Description is terrible.

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Act 3

Three armies of three very different races of pony marched out into the cold winter, the only thought on their minds to avenge themselves on an enemy. Clover the clever marched her out from the palace, taking lead as Princess Platinum’s student. Smart Cookie likewise lead her ragtag group of earth ponies out into the frozen wastes, heading towards the palace.

Commander Hurricane stood on a large cloud overlooking the field, smirking to himself as he oversaw the battle that was sure to occur at any moment. Turning to the pegasi assembled behind him, he spread his wings and began to speak.

“My brothers and sisters of the skies! The enemy lies before us, squabbling amongst themselves like the weaklings they are! While they fight we shall swoop in and annihilate them all! We do this for my daughter! We do this for the good of ALL pegasi!”

“Wait...” one Pegasus said lamely from the back. “But...isn’t this the opposite of Miss Pansy’s wishes...?”

Hurricane blinked in annoyance before recovering. “of course! My daughter wanted to BEFRIEND the other ponies, and look where that got her! Dead at the hands of these foul monsters! It may pain her, but this is the only way forward! The only way any of us is getting out of this alive is with the deaths of our enemies! We are mighty and proud pegasi! None shall stand in the way of our vengeance!” as the pegasi called out in affirmation, falling back into the blidn rage being directed by their leader, the Commander’s wing twitched as some wind grazed along it. “Now, head off to battle! I must split off from you and ensure there’s no cowardly surprises left in the wings out of sight! Do not wait for me, my brothers and sisters! Go!”

As the other pegasi flew over towards the battlefield, Commander Hurricane flapped his wings and pulled six long, sharp spears towards him using his mastery over the wind. His lip curled into a cold sneer as he flew towards the mountain overlooking everything, following the wind through his special talent. He could see through the wind as if it was an extension of himself, and it showed him exactly what he needed to see: his loyal, useless Private walking alongside the leaders of the enemy ponies. A thrill ran through his heart as he looked forward to personally dealing with his most hated foes once and for all, and right near where the crux of his plan would be held, too.

The winds were truly favouring him today. As if there was no doubt.


Princess Platinum shivered in the cold as she and her two companions walked with her up the smooth pathway that lead upwards towards the summit of the great, frightening mountain. Her legs shook, unused to the long travelling in the harsh elements, and so soon after a battle at that.

“I can help you, princess.” Chancellor Puddinhead offered dully, trotting to the unicorn’s side. “You are not alone here.”

The royal smiled. “It’s quite fine, I can keep up. Don’t worry about me.” As she said this her legs buckled and she tripped, only to be caught onto the back of Private Pansy who had flown under her quickly before hovering a few inches over the snow covered ground.

“Walking in this heavy, cold blizzard is no laughing matter princess.” Pansy said, gazing at the pony over her shoulder with concern. “I-I mean y-you’re a-a unicorn after all a-and y-you’re not b-built for this...a-a-and I h-hope I’m not being offensive s-saying that...”

“It’s quite alright, I should’ve prepared myself better, I underestimated how difficult this would be on me...” She smiled at the Pegasus warmly. “I do envy you pegasi with your strong bodies, and being able to fly on top of it all! And being strong enough to fly while carrying me, why I am positively taken aback! Miss Pansy, you’re just incredible!”

Pansy blushed deeply, looking away. “N-not at all...I-I’m not that strong...I-I j-just do what everypony tells me...I-I don’t have the confidence y-you have princess...y-you’re so smart and strong willed, i-i’ve seen it every time you hold meetings with my Fa...with the Commander...y-you’re the one I’m envious of...i-i wish I had the same strength y-you had...”

Platinum blinked, her own face blushing from the praise before giving a reassuring smile. “oh Pansy, you’re wonderful, truly...there’s no need to sell yourself short.”

Pansy froze in place as she turned to look at the Princess, averting her eyes nervously. “N-no princess don’t..I...I’m just a c-coward...I-I just do what my Commander tells me to...I-I’m only here because I-I was ordered to v-visit you...

“I assume that’s why bumped into you at the palace, because your father wanted you to spy on me.” Platinum sighed and gazed deep into the pegasus’ eyes. “Be that as it may, no one made you come with me, and you certainly no coward when you faced those brutish monsters with us. You sell yourself far too short, Pansy. You don’t mind if I just call you Pansy, right? It’s a beautiful name after all...”

Pansy’s cheeks flushed deeper as she stammered for several minutes, gazing at the Princess wide eyed. “I-I...I...that is...I...o...okay...th-that is..i-if you’re okay with b-b-being so informal w-with an enemy...”

“Whyever would we be enemies dear?” The royal giggled. “we’re both ponies, regardless of whether I have a horn or you have wings or if we both lacked them like the Chancellor here! We’re here to save everyone, regardless of anything else!”

“Forced pun about Hurricane that is meant to be obliviously humorous.” Puddinghead said before dodging a large spear flung past his head, his hat flying in the air for a few seconds before landing perfectly on top of his head as the spear impacted the snow behind him.

Pansy and Platinum gasped as they looked up at the sight of the armoured commander floating a few feet before them, the spear he had thrown being pulled back to float among the many others surrounding him threateningly.

“Good work so far, Private.” The Commander grinned. “We have our enemies right where we want them. And while I am not pleased to find you here without my ordering, rather than taking the Princess to me as ordered, you have followed your orders extremely well regardless.”

Pansy cowered, lowering her head as she bit her lip, while Platinum merely looked puzzled.

“And what exactly did you order her to do?”

“Oh nothing too taxing, she IS an incompetent after all.” Hurricane shrugged. “I merely ordered her to follow close and make sure you didn’t do any rash movements and to take you to me so I could see you in private...and to leave a little bit of hay from the earth pony township somewhere easy to spot.”

Platinum raised a brow. “Whyever would you make such an order like that?”

Hurricane grinned wickedly. “Why, unbeknownst to you, while you were gone, your most LOYAL student searched for you in the palace with nary a hint of your presence...and what should she find but some hay from the earth pony farm in the middle of the courtyard. It doesn’t take much to convince you supposedly ‘intelligent’ unicorns that the beloved Princess Platinum has been kidnapped by those rougish, brutish earth pony barbarians.” He chuckled as he spoke in a mocking tone. “So naturally, the unicorns are willing to wage war to ‘rescue’ their Princess from their most ancient adversaries!”

Platinum’s eyes widened and Pansy covered her mouth with her hoof as she paled. “N-no...th-that’s...” The Pegasus whimpered. “Th-that’s why...?”

“Yes, that’s why I gave you the hay and told you to drop you moment you saw Platinum.” Hurricane chuckled. “Such a good soldier.”

“B-But surely once the earth ponies explain that they never saw me since the meeting...” Platinum began.

“Oh, assuming the unicorns would even listen, there’s no way the Earth Ponies are willing to discuss things civilly.” Commander Hurricane continued. “ Which they won’t, not after their food stores were completely destroyed by their unicorn nemeses.”

“W-we would never do such a thing!” Princess Platinum cried out in disbelief.

Hurricane frowned, glaring balefully. “Indeed. You cowards wouldn’t even dare even after all these years when it’d be the most simplest method of dealing with the dolts. No, I had to step in and fan the flames of war between the earth ponies and the unicorns. Even now, the two races march to war with each other.”

“F-father no!” Pansy cried out desperately. “W-we have to stop-”

The mare yelped mid sentenced as her father casually slashed the sharpened tip of a spear along her cheek, leaving a lengthy scratch and knocking her helmet off her head.

“You. WILL. Address me. As COMMANDER, soldier.” Hurricane stated coldly. “This is the only way to keep things in order. We don’t NEED those other races muddying things up with their cowardice, foolishness and FILTH. Just do as you’re told and help me KILL these two so the enemy forces cannot marshall themselves, I cannot leave anything to chance with them still alive.”

Pansy looked at Platinum fearfully as Platinum merely smiled and gave Hurricane a stern look.

“We don’t have time for this foolishness, Hurricane.” The Princess calmly stated. “We are here because we need to end this blizzard. This is not mere winter, it’s some sort of magical THING that will kill us all if we don’t work together hoof in hoof. We still have time to stop this. I implore you to undo what you’ve claimed to have done and help us save ALL our peoples before it’s too late!”

Hurricane tilted his head, eyes wide in confusion before his gaze hardened once more. “You think me a fool? Of COURSE I’ve noticed that this is no ordinary winter. We Pegasi CONTROL the weather, WE’RE the ones who dictate when it snows and when blizzards form! This winter was NOT created by us, but will suit my purposes just fine! War is not all there is to my plan! While everyone is distracted with their squabbling, I will take command of this strange magic and I will use it to destroy ALL undesirables! The weak, cowardly unicorns! The foolish, filthy Earth Ponies! ANY Pegasus who fails to meet the standards of our great, noble heritage! ALL shall be purged through this consuming cold, leaving behind only those worthy of remaining! And It is by MY hooves, by MY will that it shall be so!”

“That’s madness!” Platinum exclaimed.

“No! That’s cleaning house!” Hurricane argued. “MADNESS is having three different types of pony when only ONE is needed! Now, Private, stand at my side and do as I order you and DESTROY the enemy!”

Pansy looked at Platinum and Puddinghead...and found not one once of betrayal or anger in them. Neither pony hated her or blamed her, to her utter astonishment. They understood perfectly that she was on their side, or more likely they merely wanted to believe in her.

But that thought alone was enough to reassure her and, even slightly, strengthen her resolve.

“No, Commander.” Pansy uttered as she gently pushed Platinum off her back and stepped forward. “I will not help you murder innocent ponies. I-I won’t follow your orders, not this time!”

“So you are a disappointment to the last.” Hurricane growled, but shortly thereafter gave a shrug. “No matter. The pegasi are still acting on my behalf and joining the battle, or did you think I just forgot about my own army? Even know you are a martyr to them, a symbol of our need to destroy the enemy at all costs. It’s just now I’ll have to ensure your martyrdom MYSELF.”

Platinum stared up at the stallion. “Y-you’re not saying...she’s your own DAUGHTER, for the sun’s sake!”

“I am her COMMANDER, and any soldier who fails to follow their Commander’s orders are traitors and shall be dealt with as such.”Hurricane tilted his head towards Platinum, sending three spears twirling towards the unicorn, Platinum blasting one of the weapons away with her magic, only for Pansy to bodily charge over and slap the spears aside with her armoured hooves.

“Ch-chancellor!” Pansy called out to the earth pony, keeping her eyes on her father nervously. “H-Help the Princess u-up the mountain! Sh-she needs to stop this winter, a-and the Commander c-can’t distract her f-from that!”

“Pansy wait, what are you-” Platinum yelped as Puddinghead ran past her and dragged her along with him as she continued to run along the mountain path.

Commander Hurricane glared and sent several spears towards the pair, only for Pansy to dive in and knock a few away, but managed to earn a few bruises and cuts from the ones that managed to strike legs and sides.

“Why do you side with your inferiors?” Hurricane snarled hatefully.

“I...I always admired the Princess...sh-she was always so kind and confidant a-and beautiful...” Pansy blushed, shaking her head as she gazed at the pony she once called Father. “But that’s not why. Th-they’re good ponies, I-I’ve always thought so....none of them deserve to die!”

Hurricane didn’t even bother with a response as he charged forward and decked the mare hard in the chest, knocking the wind out of her lungs and her body into the hard, rocky, snow covered trail beneath her. Hurricane flapped a wing and slashed a spear at the other Pegasus, Pansy barely managing to dodge as another spear flew just below her wing. She ducked and weaved past several more projectiles as she flew to the stallion and punched him hard in his face, catching him by surprised and shattering a portion of his helmet from the force of the attack.

Hurricane grunted, spitting out a tooth as she snarled at the mare before him before summoning a gust of wind to push her back, moving rapidly before her as he created a large black cloud in the air. Once it was as large as a bus, he kicked at the cloud with his back hooves, launching a bolt of lightning towards Pansy. Pansy yelped as she flew to the side to dodge the attack...only to cry out in pain as one of her father’s spears launched itself and stabbed into wing and pinning her to the mountain’s side. She squirmed and screamed in pain as she tried to pull the weapon out as her father moved closer, several spears hanging threateningly in the air.

“Pathetic. A real soldier would fight through the pain. Look at you, even in defiance you’re WEAK. It is the same as it ever was. You will NEVER defeat me in combat, be it a sparring match or a real life or death struggle. You will NEVER be a true Pegasus.”

Pansy gritted her teeth, gazing up at Hurricane with tears in her eyes. “I...I always respected you...I-I always did what you asked of me...but if being a real Pegasus means being a cold-hearted monster...I-I will GLADLY renounce any claim to that title!” she let go of the spear pinning her...flapping her other wing to send a gust of wind to her father...forming a tornado that forced his weapons to spin around him.

“W-what!?” Hurrican gasped in surprise, flapping his wings to control the wind...only for his daughter to match him with just her one wing, the tornado spinning faster as his spears were one by one launched into the forest below. “HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS!? I AM THE MASTER OF WIND! I AM THE PINNACLE OF PEGASI SUPREMACY! HOW IS A WEAKLING LIKE YOU OVERPOWERING ME!?”

“i...I don’t really know...” Pansy admitted. “I...I just know I HAVE to stop you...t-to protect the mare I love!”

“WHAT ARE YOU BLATEHRING ABOUT!?” Commander Hurricane shouted angrily, only to fall to the ground as the tornado’s winds took all the warmth from him, leaving him shivering and cold as frost formed on his body, his wings too stiff and almost-frozen to hold him in the air anymore. “N-no! This can’t be! G-grounded...at the hooves of an embarrassment! An ingrate! A-a false Pegasus!”

With a loud sscream Pansy lurched forward, unable to pull the unwielding spear from the rock behind her she did the only thing she could think...and allowed the weapon to tear her wing off and letting her fall to the ground. She panted and blinked the tears from her eyes as she got up to her hooves and gazed at her father. “We’re not invincible, F-father...W-we ALL have our limits. W-with no one to rely on, those limits hit us sooner or later...I...I’m sorry, Father.”

“Y-Y-You will call me Commander...” Hurricane snapped, shivering as he crawled towards her. “I...I am...I am Commander Hurricane the Indomitable..I...I shall not falter...not here...not now...! I will...have what I desire!” His eyes flared with hatred towards his daughter...as ice soon enveloped him.

Pansy gazed down at the form of her father in pity, then shook her head as she turned to head up the path to catch up with Platinum and Puddinghead.

Commander Hurricane’s frozen body was left behind where it stood....as cracked started forming in the ice around him, his body shaking as the ice collapsed off of him.


Three armies marched towards a single point. Pegasi, Unicorns and Earth Ponies, each united only by a song of hatred that sang true in their hearts.

“This’ll be the day...Let’s go men!” Clover the Clever sang as she lead the unicorns.

“Noone will be mourning...” The pegasi soldiers intoned darkly.

“Now we leave them dying in the dust...” Smart Cookie growled lowly.

“Now we make them pay!” soon the three forces began to sing in unison.

“At least not without a warning.”

“We will leave them blood and bone and rust!”

“It’s them!” Smart Cookie shouted.

“Or us!” Clover

“They just a bunch of filthy, stinking...”

The three armies froze as they converged, spotting each other...and each pony snarling in hatred at the sight of their enemies, all individuality lost in the cacophony of hate.






The three armies charged forward, weapons and magic at the ready for battle, Clover the Clever and Smart Cookie leading their respective sides as the pegasi flew in to attack both.



“What are we waiting for!?”

“Destroy their evil race!” Twilight sang out, snarling as she charged her horn while glaring at Smart Cookie.

“Until there’s not a trace left!” Smart Cookie ordered,raising a rake to attack Clover.

“Now we sound the drums of war!” A called Pegasus warrior dived down towards the pair of leaders.

“Savages! Savages!”

“Now we sound the drums of war!”

“This is what becomes!
of trying to be chums!
Of course the answer is
The drums of--”

As the battle reached fever pitch and Smart Cookie, Clover and a random, nameless Pegasus came close to dealing each other a potentially harmful if not fatal blow....every single pony froze solid, encased in solid ice, their expressions locked in fury as their hearts full of hatred were imprisoned.

And in so doing, snow and ice began to cover the land and spread outwards.


Platinum struggled against Puddinghead. “Let me go! I can walk by myself just fine now!”

“Humurous reference to something a handful of ponies even care about.” Puddinghead replied as hoofsteads sounded from behind them. The poor looked back to see Pansy rejoin them for the long climb upwards.

Platinum gasped as she looked at the other mare, leaping off of Pudddinghead to look Pansy over. “Y-your wing! You’re hurt!” Her horn glowed as she used magic to tear a portion of her regal royal cape off to wrap around the remains of Pansy’s wing. “That brute...what happened to the Commander? What did you do to your father...?”

“He...The Commander was frozen, just like those monsters earlier.” Pansy sighed. “I...I’m sorry...I didn’t realise what he was using me for...s-so many ponies are going to get hurt because of me...”

“Hush, it’s alright Pansy, we’ll fix everything, I’m sure our ponies will listen...” Platinum smiled reassuringly as she trotted with Pansy back to stand alongside Puddinghead. “But first, we need to stop this winter. No use stopping a war if everyone’s just going to be frozen solid in a few minutes anyway...”

Pansy nodded, but still looked guilty and ashamed, the trio soon coming upon a large cave at the end of the path.

“This...this is it.” Platinum said, wide-eyed. “Our destination.”

“W-what’s inside?” Pansy asked.

“I have no idea. This is the first time anypony has ventured up here...I didn’t even know what we were walking TO.” Platinum replied, looking downward, blinking as Pansy’s uninjured wing draped over her body.

“I trust you, a-and I’m sure Puddinghead does to.”

At that Puddinghead tossed the unicorn a chocolate truffle, making Platinum giggle and smile as she walked with her newfound friends into the dark cave.

As the trio entered the cave, the first thing to catch their attention was a figure in the centre of the small cavern, kneeling over something with arms cradled around the object. Closer inspection revealed he was standing protectively over a small, softly glowing crystal shaped vaguely like a tiny tree. The figure woul’ve been almost nine to ten feet tall in height were he not positioning himself low; as it stood his face was above a few inches above the ponies’ own.

Pansy yelped and stood protectively in front of Platinum and Puddinghead. “O-oh no! A-another monster!”

“Wait.” Platinum said gently as she stepped forward. “I think...we trust this creature. I don’t know why but looking at him makes me feel...safe. He seems...familiar somehow.”

The figure gazed at the trio, his form dark and shadow-like with only bright white light forming large, round eyes, the top of his head shaped vaguely like a crown. “You’ve followed the visions I’ve sent you well it seems.”

The unicorn blinked. “YOU...sent me the visions? Truly...?”

“Wh-who...or...WHAT are you...?” Pansy asked nervously.

The figure chuckled tiredly, his voice deep and old sounding. “Just an Old King, nothing more, nothing less. I have been watching you for a long, long time. It...saddened me deeply to see your peoples devolve into squabbling and hatred but you three...you three represent my fondest hope, that you can rise above and stand together.” He shivered from the cold.

Platinum gasped softly. “you’re cold! I’ll give you something to warm up...”

“Do not trouble yourself, Princess Platinum. You have far more to worry about than an old man feeling cold.” The Old King said. “You have brought the stones, I trust?”

Platinum nodded and removed the bag at her side, gently placing the six large, round stones before the Old King. “So...why these stones in particular?”

“These stones are, unlike the gems that have become commonplace in the earth, filled with a weak magic. MY magic.” The Old King gazed into the Princess’ eyes, his expression unreadable. “I could feel them, but I could not reach them, not until the unicorns found them. By bringing them here, I can complete them, fill them with a power this world, and ALL who live in it, shall need in order to face the threat that looms ahead.”

“W-what is that...crystal you’re protecting...?” Pansy asked.

The Old King glanced at the crystal tree he was protecting. “Such a small thing is it not? But once the right bonds are cultivated, it shall grow and allow me to extend beyond this small, cramped mountain. This Crystal Tree is a part of me, and I part of it; through it, harmony shall spread throughout these lands and keep everyone safe.” He sighed sadly, his gaze growing more despondent. “I hope, at least...”

“So, with these stones and your tree, we shall end this winter...?”

“This is MORE than mere winter.” The Old King said gravely. “What do you think I am protecting the tree FROM? This winter is but a SYMPTOM of something far greater, far more terrible than what you could imagine, and the more your peoples fight amongst themselves the STRONGER it shall become. Only through a bond of harmony, bonds strengthened by honesty, loyalty, kindness, generosity and laughter in the face of despair can it be stopped!”

“W-what do we need to do...?” Pansy asked, she and Puddinghead standing at Platinum’s sides.

Before the Old King could speak further, his eyes widened in horror as he saw something beyond what the three ponies could. He looked at the three in panic. “It’s too late! Run, my little ponies, run so you won’t get swallowed up...!”

With a thunderous roar, the stone around them shattered as the Princess formed a magical shield around everyone, pony and King alike, to block the stone tumbling around them. After a while the stone around them had falling down the mountain side, and the top of the mountain had been completely destroyed, leaving a completely flat surface on the mountaintop.

“W-what happened!?” Pansy cried out fearfully.

“They are trying to get to me!” The Old King shouted. “Run my ponies! There is still hope as long as you three remain, forget about me!”

Pansy stared up at the being before her and shook her head. “W...we won’t leave you here! W-we can’t just leave someone here to die in the cold! No matter how strange they may seem!”

“She’s right!” Platinumed agreed with a stern nod. “We will stand here with you, Mister Old King, and face whatever is doing this head on!”

As wind howled around the group, the magical shield around them dissipated like mist and was swallowed by the cold storm swirling above them. Mixed in the wind, faint but oddly completely clear and audible, was cold, cruel laughter. The group looked above them and saw, trotting in circles in the eye of the storm, were three spirits that resembled ponies but were...off. They looked more angular, stronger...and more frightening.

“W-what are these things!?” Puddinghead exclaimed, for even he could not ignore the frightful sight.

‘May call us’

The ponies blinked and gazed up upon hearing the soft, whispering voices, as if spoken by the howling, strong winds blowing around them. Platinum gazed up at the three pony-esque creatures above, eyes wide.

“Was...was that you three who spoke just now....?”

The Old King glared up at the creatures. “Call yourselves whatever you want! You are just mere fragments! Just the cold breath that monster used to fan the flames of hatred in hearts of others!”

‘We are’

‘But once’
‘we have our’
‘fill of hatred’

‘Shall become’

The winds bellowed stronger around them, spreading frost, snow and ice around the flat mountaintop. The Old King groaned wearily as his form faded away, vanishing like mist.

“Mister Old King!” Platinum cried out.

Pansy gazed between her two friends. “He...he was protecting the tree...i-if he’s not around...then...” She glanced up at the Windigoes above. “W-we can’t worry about anything else...he said the tree was important a-and I trust him...w-w-we can’t let him have died in vain...”

With a shared nod to each other, the trio trudged through the snow and ice growing around them carefully as they took positions around the tiny crystal tree, its glow growing weaker in the face of the cold. The three ponies carefully propped themselves around the tree, using their bodies to protect the tree.

“Are you three so weak you can’t even stand in the cold!?” A familiar voice called out.

Pansy, Puddinghead and Platinum gazed up in disbelief as Commander Hurricane flew above them, holding a spear in his hoof as he hovered above, oblivious to the Windigoes circling above. The Pegasus shook off stray ice off of his shoulders and helmet.

“C-Commander Hurricane!” Platinum called out. “Y-you must join with us! T-together we might be able to stop the Windigoes!”

“What are you blathering about...?” The Commander scoffed and sneered, looking around himself at the blizzard billowing around him in admiration. “This weather magic is simply breathtaking! Now that it’s at its peak, I can use it to destroy you three pathetic excuses for poies along with the rest of the filth in one grand stroke!” The Commander grinned madly as he held out his hooves wide, flapping his wings. “Now it ends! Ponykind shall be purified and order shall be brought to these lands at long last!”

He flapped his wings as he marshalled his Pegasus magic to control the weather around him, eyes filled with mad glee, oblivious to the three windigoes charging towards him from behind him.

And then....


On the stage, Rainbow Dash dived behind some scenery to signify the Commander falling ‘offscreen’.

But in reality....


The Commander’s eyes widened in disbelief, shock and horror as a windigoe flew through his body...and rendered it to pure, frozen ice. Not like the shells encasing the other victims, no. Hs flesh, bone, everything had been rendered to ice, his face literally frozen in its shocked expression....and soon that was destroyed as, upon the other two windigoes charging through him, his body shattered, whatever that wasn’t blown away by the wind fell down the mountain side, only the pegasus’ armour remaining largely intact as they fell to land in the snow a short distance from the three ponies huddled together.

Platinum stared in horror, paling, while Puddinghead looked away and shut his eyes tightly...and Pansy looked on, her expression inscrutable. Her relationship with and feelings towards her father were complicated, to say the least, and even she wasn’t sure how she felt on seeing him meet such a gruesome, violent end.

‘Trying to’
‘Command us’

‘Such weak
‘Empty hatred’
‘Barely a meal’

Platinum gazed up at the monsters, eyes flaring with anger. “He was a PERSON, a living being! What is WRONG with you to talk about him like he didn’t even MATTER!? Who are YOU to decide the worth of a life!? Y-you are MONSTERS, TRUE monsters, not like the things we find in the wild! At least they fight to eat or to protect themselves when they feel threatened! W-why are you DOING this!? What do you GAIN!?”

The Windigoes glared down at the unicorn impassively.


Platinum shook with rage and horror at hearing these words...then gasped as she felt the ice starting to form around her. Quick as a flash, Pansy placed a hoof over the unicorn’s own.

“Don’t fear, Princess.” Pansy said reassuringly, gazing deep into the unicorn’s eyes. “I will stand here with you to the last of my breath. I won’t abandon you, especially not now.”

“P-Pansy...” Platinum breathed softly, eyes widening.

“Hilariously derailing one liner.” Puddinhead said as he laid a hoof on Platinum and Pansy’s backs.

Platinum giggled at that and gave both ponies a smile, the three moving closer to protect the crystal tree beneath them. “thank you...both of you...I’m so glad I’m not alone...and...I truly, truly am glad to have met you and made this journey with you both...”

“Me too.” Pansy remarked, giving a warm smile.

“Cumquats.” Puddinghead remarked with a dry sigh.

‘give in’
‘feed us’
‘your hatred’

But even as the Windigoes spoke, the three friends gazed at each other and felt no hatred, no sadness, no fear. All they felt was their friendship. Pansy felt the loyalty she had towards those she cared for, and even those she didn’t, and the desire to honestly express herself at long last once this was all over. Puddinghead felt the laughter in his heart to make ponies forget their troubles and despair and the generosity to share that joy. And Platinum Felt the kindness she felt to ALL ponies, regardless of whether they were unicorn, earth pony or Pegasus. Yes, she even felt a small kindness towards ponies like Hurricane. And on seeing her newfound friends, she felt something else...something...magical welling up in her heart.

The six stones lying in the snow glowed...and shattered, reforming themselves into immaculate, beautiful crystal accessories that flew above the trio and catching their eyes, the magic of harmony flowing from the free, into the artifacts...and into the crystal tree, which began to grow to a massive, grand height, a wave of warming magic spreading from it and throughout the surrounding lands.

‘what is happening’
‘no no no’

The Windigoes stared in fear and disbelief as the winter they spread and feed through was literally melting away in the heat of harmony...and soon they themselves were enveloped as well, their pained screams echoing and vanishing into the winds as their bodies burned away to nothing. And once the three monsters were gone completely, the clouds parted revealing a bright, shining sun.

The three friends stared in awe and amazement as what had seemed hopeless had been done away with, replaced with a hopeful new future. The crystal tree of Harmony stood proud and majestic over them and glowed softly. The six artifacts that hung in the air drifted down, two of each attaching themselves to Pansy, Platinum and Puddinghead in turn.

The trio looked to each other, smiling widely as they turned their gaze to the Tree of Harmony.

“I...I’m not quite sure what happened, o-or if you can even hear us, but...thank you.” Platinum gave a demure bow.

“No, this victory was your own.” The voice of the Old King, along with many other, far more quiet, voices, spoke out. “It was your harmonious bond of friends that gave a connection between you, the stones, and the Tree of Harmony before you. That gave way to strengthen the magic of harmony and defeat the windigoes. Their power could not stand between a magic derived from the harmonious unity and balance of others. Those stones are now the artifacts bonded to you, they are yours to use whenever something like the Windigoes ever appear to harm your people.”

Platinum placed her hoof against the sparkling tiara on her head in awe as she gazed at the Tree. “you said they are a power of unity...but can we really be united when our peoples are at war now, when we are so blinded by hate?”

“Without the Windigoes fanning the flames, you’ll find most of your people are far more willing to listen, especially to their leaders.” The Tree of Harmony sighed. “Some will not listen, however, but you must deal with it yourself, you are the leaders of your kind, you must teach them to forget the hatred of the past and embrace the harmony of unity. Lest you all face destruction again. I will help you, but only indirectly. My time as a ruler is long past...it is up to the living to take care of their world....I will only keep watch. Take care of yourselves, my little ponies, it’s up to you from here on.”

Pansy saluted. “W-w-we thank you, Old King!”

The Old King chuckled. “And I thank you, my little ponies. Just just relax, its time for this entire debacle to be settled...”


On the battlefield, pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies looked around in confusion, most barely remembering why they were even here to begin with.

“You varmint!” Smart Cookie Shouted as she marched over to Clover the Clever as the unicorn got back on her hooves. “Ah dunno what ya did, but that ain’t changin’ nothin’! Ya’ll destroyed our food and Ah ain’t backin’ down without a fight, Ah don’t care even if ya apologise!”

“Y-you filthy mudponies kidnapped our princess!” Clover cried out. “You will return her at once or face the consequences!”

“Clover, that is enough!”

The ponies blinked and looked over at the trio of ponies walking towards the throng. Princess Platinum stood at the side of Private Pansy, who gave her pegasi troops a salute which was returned unquestioningly.

“Get away from her you filthy featherbrain!” Clover shouted at Pansy upon seeing her. “you and these mudponies have a lot to answer for!”

“No they do not, Clover! They had nothing to do with me, that was all on me, I had left in secret to solve the winter problem for us all since nopony could stop arguing!” Platinum gazed at her student in disapproval. “I am SO disappointed in you! Starting a senseless war where many, including you, could’ve gotten hurt, or worse!”

“But princess..!” Clover began.

“No buts, Clover!” The Princess gestured at her side. “Pansy here is a wonderful mare who I expect you to get along with! After all, they are our allies now!”

“What!?” Clover, along with several other unicorns and even pegasi, exclaimed in shock.

“Not just the pegasis, the earth ponies too.” Pansy added. “Look where hatred got you all. The three of us worked together to stop the winter and save everyone, but you wasted manpower and resources trying to...what, destroy each other? We only survived by working together, and ALL ponies need to stand together. As equals.”

“Equals!?” Smart Cookie exclaimed. “How can we ever stand as equals!? We’re too different!”

Puddinghead stepped forward. “We can all farm, make food, and help each other. Hoarding food only for ourselves is the epitome of greed and foolishness. With the pegasi as allies we could help use the weather make our crops grow faster, and the unicorns can help us harvest quicker and in greater numbers. Tell me, what would you have done AFTER you got a lot ponies killed fighting? Would you have regrown our crops with little manpower?”

“I-I...look that ain’t the point! Those unicorns destroyed our crops!”

“They did not.”PUddinghead said. “It was Commander Hurricane. He tried to get all ponies to fight each other so he could kill off everyone he didn’t like. I should know because he tried to kill me personally. He has already face his punishment for his crimes and thus there’s no one left to be punished or blamed. Rather than sit here stewing in anger, why not give my friends a chance to prove themselves? If we pool our resources together, we could help each other recover. Or do you WANT to wait to restoreour food supplies personally?”

“I..ya see...” Smart Cookie tried to argue, but slumped her head in defeat. “yes sir...”

“That was surprisingly eloquent.” Platinum said with a giggle.

“Humorous retort.” Puddinghead replied, tossing some truffles to a few earth ponies, unicorns and pegasi, the later few blinking in puzzlement and shrugging.

Pansy trotted over to Platinum. “It...may take a while for everypony to get over everything...”

Platinum nodded. “They’ll listen to us, once everything’s sorted...At least, we can but hope.”

“We worked together, so I don’t see why everyone else can’t...” Pansy blushed as she looked away. “I...there’s...there’s something I kinda want to tell you...”

“Yes?” the unicorn tilted her head.

“I...oh gosh this is so embarrassing...”

“Just tell me, Pansy. We’re friends after all.”

“Right. Friends. Um, the thing is...um...I kinda wanna date you and had a crush on you for a long time!” She eeped as she realised she blurted it out loudly in front of everyone, many ponies staring at her.

Platinum merely giggled and took the pegasus’ hoof in her own. “Well, we can certainly give it a try. And if things work out...well...it would definitely help show our people can co-exist, would it not?”

Pansy nodded, eyes wide in disbelief at how smoothly that went.


“The efforts to get the two races were slow, but grew steady. The three races eventually came to decide to leave their old lands in favour of new locales, in case the Windigoes had a lasting effect on the land that could prove dangerous. Smart Cookie, as time passed, decided to go off on her own with a selection of her own earth ponies. Some say Smart Cookie grew guilty over her actions, some say she doubled down and wanted to further distance herself from the Pegasi and Unicorns, none really know the full story. All we know for certain is she and those who decided to go with her left far, far to the north. Puddinghead to continued to lead the other earth ponies fairly well as they followed after the pegasi and unicorns, the three races spreading all throughout what would in time become Equestria. Pansy and Platinum eventually fell deeply in love with each other and got married, marking many firsts in Equestrian history as they ruled over their ponies together for many, many years. As for Clover the Clever...nopony knows, she just faded from history with no one knowing what became of her. She just kinda...vanished.”

Spike bowed beforethe audience as he finished his narration, the other actors in the play stepping forward in their costumes.

Rainbow smiled as she began speaking. “Nopony’s sure HOW much the story is true and how much is fiction. It’s clear to me, though, that the Tree of harmony of that created what would be known as the Element of Harmony is a metaphor how strength comes from harmony, unity and balance. Ponies like Hurricane, “she said the name with visible disdain, “come and go, but they are either forgotten or remembered as the monsters they are. The rhetoric of hatred and discrimination only WEAKENS us. Its only through understanding and accepting each other’s differences and working together can we stand against anything that threatens us. And that’s the meaning of Hearth’s Warming: Standing together, no matter what makes us the same or different, and enjoying being together through even the toughest of times. For its only together that we can stand at all.”

At that, the audience applauded.

After the show, as Rainbow Dash and her friends started taking off their costumes, Princess Cadance trotted over.

“I’m afraid Princess Celestia had couldn’t come by personally to thank you.” The headmistress of Canterlot’s magic school said apologetically. “But, I came here to give you all something as thanks for meeting her request.”

“Oh yeah?” Rainbow smiled. “What is it?”

Cadance grinned, horn glowing as she gave Rainbow Dash six golden tickets. “Here, as thanks, tickets to the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala, courtesy of her majesty Princess Celestia.”

Rainbow frowned in disappointment. “Oh...yeah that’s coming up huh...uh, thanks Priness Cadance.”

The pink Princess smiled widely. “No problem.” As she turned to leave, Rainbow’s friends excitedly trotted over, well aside from Pinkamena who merely sighed and started to quietly head off home by herself, caring little about the tickets at the moment.

“The Grand Galloping Gala!” Rarity cooed. “That’s TOTALLY where all the biggest names in ponydom go, including the Wonderbolts! I’d TOTALLY be able to meet them if I went!”

“My Mom and Dad met at the Gala!” Twilight said. “I’d love to see what it was like myself!”

“ANypony who’s anypony dresses to nines from what Ah hear!” Applejack said. “It’ll be a FABULOUS way to get my name out there in the fashion circles!”

“It’s the biggest party in Equestria and I LOVE parties!” Fluttershy added.

Rainbow frowned and tucked the tickets away under her wings. “Okay, girls, I’d like to talk about this later but really I’m pretty tried from having to do the play today. Besides its Hearth’s Warming Eve, we can wory about these tickets later!”

As the other mares nodded and agreed (some begrudgingly), Rainbow trotted to Cadance, stopping her before she left.

“I was wondering though...why get us to participate in the play? I mean, surely there are ACTUAL ACTORS that could’ve done a better job than us, right?”

Cadance giggled. “Oh there IS a reason...you actually all look like the respective ponies you portrayed.”

Rainbow blinked. “Wait, what?”


Celestia petted her sleeping sister’s mane gently, gazing up at a portrait hanging high on the wall opposite them.

The portrait showed two mares, one a white unicorn with a stylishly curled purple mane, and the other a pink haired, timid looking yellow Pegasus. The pair stood together, the unicorn in a white gown and the Pegasus in shining, though simple armour, both mares smiling happily. At their hooves were two young fillies, one grinning up at the viewer and the other hiding nervously behind the older yellow Pegasus.

“Mother...Father...” Celestia said wistfully, smiling.”I still can’t believe those ponies looked so much like you...and Uncle Puddinghead...and even Miss Clover and Miss Sweet Cookie...I wonder what you would’ve thought of their performance?” She giggled to herself as she looked down at her elder sister lovingly.

“Happy Hearthswarming, Luna.”


At the top of a snowy mountain, a pony in a dark cloak trotted, stepping over the discarded armour a millennia dead madpony. She gazed up into the sky.

“Show yourselves.” Sunset Shimmer order.

Three Windigoes appear, the three once powerful creatures now mere whisps, weak and barely able to freeze a bee let alone a pony.

Sunset’s Shadow rose from behind her, forming into a vague shape. “Join with us, for you shall become whole. Return to your proper vessel and regain your lost form!”

The Windigoes looked from her and then towards the shadow, diving into it and vanishing into the dark depths of the shadow’s form. Its form wavered and grew thinner, a wicked cackle whispering out from it as Sunset smirked.

“Oh yes. You shall become whole, and give me the strength I need.” The unicorn said.

Author's Note:

*Collapses on her desk*

It is finally done! After literal years of leaving it unfinished,I have finally finished the Hearthswarming story.

For those not in the know, this story was started a long time ago, and is set early on in the canon of RiMverse’s first season.

Some things may have changed slightly over time, but my overall plans and dieas for this story have remained largely unchanged. Also, we may not be entirely done with Clover, Smart Cookie and of course the Old King.

I hope you all enjoyed it, and please comment!

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Okay so Celestia's related to Puddinghead Pansy and Platinum.

My reaction to what happened to Commander Hurricane: Windigos win fatality

Hurricane met the same fate as everyone else who tries to abuse the ancient powers of forces he doesn't understand: he gets burned. or, more appropriately, he got FROZEN, TODAY!

and to clarify, Platinum and Pansy are the Princesses' parents, and Puddinghead was more of an honourary uncle.

Also: the Windigoes are pieces of the ultimate villain of this setting. They are his Breath which fans the flames of hatred.

The jester of shadows is he a piece too?

The Shadow Jester is actually the original being, yes, the pieces are the parts of his body torn off of him and scattered during his fight with Discord

So, just to get it straight, Platinum and Pansy are Luna’s and Celestia’s moms, but they call one of them father?

Also, so glad to see this finished! Just what I needed to dive back into this series.

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no worries, hope ya liked this story and any future stories you read!

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Pansy looked at Platinum and Puddinghead

This version of Hearths Warming is brought to you by the letter "P"

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