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It has been thirty years after the founding of Equestria. The three tribes constantly bicker and fight, the wild frontier is filled with dangerous beasts, and the cities are filled with crazed revolutionaries and saboteurs.

Thieves and assassins roam the shadows, and powerful nobles from the old world all have their money on when this "precious little utopia" fails. One in particular, Baron Jet, has decided to destroy this hopeful land of light with his own two hooves.

And all the while, one stallion just wants a shot at a normal life under the clear, blue sky.

**Now rewritten**

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that start........ elder scroll much?

yep elder scrolls much..... with slight differences..

Yes, I have drawn inspiration from the elder scrolls. I'm glad you noticed.

still somewhat interesting.... cant wait for the next chapter!

If the main characters were voiced, what would they sound like?

8076963 That's a good question...one that I don't actually know the answer to...

I really, really like Mouse, haha

Is he going to spend his entire life in the clutches of someone else?

Rather interesting. Can't wait to see her in the later chapters.

I've been thoroughly enjoying this story, but I gotta say some things have been bothering me in this chapter.


gladamned. Not entirely sure what this is.

Also, there were a few points where a character would do double actions. Oracle looked up, said something, and then looked up at Mouse again. Mouse smiled, said something to the colt, and then smiled again.

Eh...wow. I don't know how I messed up that bad.

It should be better now though.


Not to be an ass or anything, I'd hate to be... There's quite a few things going on I don't recall from before. Did you lose an editor or something?

Already hooked, now its just gotta reel me in

HAHA! FISHING JOKE!:trollestia:

.......Ima just keep reading now

Will Luna be appearing in this story?

Glad to see you’re still working on this. A quality chapter as always. :pinkiehappy:

When you do, could you please PM me? Why are you rewriting this, anyway?

I'm not rewriting it, I have rewritten it. The start was pretty bad, and now it's much better.

I still have no clue as to who would voice these characters, and honestly, I don't feel it matters much to me one way or the other.

Mmmm Oldblivion, the land of potato faced monstrosities. :D

God damn sheogorath god damn you anyway it is story of crossover of Elder scroll or not


“I saw the Void. A creature of feathered body, and mismatched limbs, with power unlike any other. He will bring about the end of the world. Equestria must survive, or the world will end.”

A creature of feathered body, and mismatched limbs, with power unlike any other.

Now who could that be?

Oblivion gate Will open am i wrong and more please



I love it when a plan comes together. -jhon Hannibal

That is an amazing way of looking at things and I'm glad I saw it through this story. I looked up the full version of the want for the nail and I absolutely love it.

Is this entire thing requiring rereading then?

Not anymore. It was the first six chapters, which you have most probably already read in their re-written form. The last time I made changes was almost more than a year ago now.

Though, now that he thought about it, that could simply be a cover. “Oh, of course I haven’t read the Tome, and know that you’re listening, this isn’t a trap, I swear!”

This part confused me.

Read the tome first, found out that Mouse would be there, and is now leading him into a trap while saying he doesn't know. It's a I know-you know-I know situation

I really hopse you will subvert our expectations somehow.
Because right now, it look like Mouse is on a path of turning into a dead, martyr mouse

You’ve misspelled storm as Strom here

She better not die! :raritydespair:

This story, was amazing, is amazing. It had drama, sacrifice, happy parts, sad parts, brutal and dark parts, it is beautiful. And now, it has ended, yet it hasn't. It is still here for people to read and admire, and it has made room for a possible sequel. Which, if there ever is one, we shall patiently wait for it. And, withthese final words, good sir, I bow towards you, and I take my leave.

so Both Mouse and Golden are the ancestors of the Apple Family then?

No, they just own a farm.

Please tell us we're getting a story of what he did during those five months!

I've thoroughly enjoyed this story. I'm glad to have been through this from the start

Im pretty sure karma is very quickly catching up to mouse

You know im beginning to think that clover did the wrong thing.

Hmm you know im beginning to hope that mouse will die…

I don’t think Mouse is getting a redemption arc…

Thank god finally those cunts died. Now i just need to see the last one go

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