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Just some hidden brony with a s***load of ideas. Also available for assassinations (Not really, Deadpool does that.)

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I like this.

I REALLY like this.

I don't know why I like this.

5236765 What's not to like, It's Postal 2, you got something resembling an actual plot, and finally, Gary Coleman!

What's not to like? Mad Cow Tourettes Zombies? Nah!

5236771 Aaaand this is where I realise that you are completely right.


Hell Yeah! One of the best freaking games out there. Dude has the best lines in that game, especially when the kill count keeps rising.
Cool beginning. Hope to see more soon.

Cause teaming up with Tirek is such a good idea.

5417921 To be fair, he knew nothing about Tirek at all, and he was an angry black man (RACISM ALERT!!!) in this case.

Also, Postal 2, people do stupid things and those things turn violent quickly.

5418027 Still, Tirek better stab him in the back at the earliest opportunity. (Bonus points for levitating his weapons away and then roasting him).

That's kinda what Tirek does.

5418027 ya the postal dude seams to have that ability also you need a editor or proofreader.

Destroy them. Destroy them all.

exposed brains are gonna be a big problem

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