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A couple months after losing the Battle of the Bands and later graduating from Canterlot High, Trixie Lulamoon moves to Los Manegeles to become a star. Some initial setbacks, plus an offer from a local spirit of chaos, lead her to teach the world a lesson, but she'll soon find that the world is remarkably resilient to being taught and her own lessons are only just beginning.

In homage to the classic Sith Academy corpus. Tags to be added as they come up.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

Discord and Trixie, the duo of the year!

Discord as Emperor Norton, with Trixie as his faithful hound...

Oh, you most definitely have my attention. Looking forward to more.

There is a noticeable lack of Discord and Trixie fics, especially human ones. So I'm going to be keeping an eye on this most definitely.

Discord picks out a disgruntled Trixie.

I am very worried.

But this looks as though it is going to be good. I haven't seen very many good EG Discords so far (though no doubt I am missing some.)

So I take it that every chapter will have "Trixie" in its name?

5189866 ...The icon on your avatar says "science", right?

5193490 I dunno. Maybe. There's a Random tag, I just do whatever I feel like.

Wow. I knew there was magic in this world, but I wasn't expecting... well, that. Though I have to wonder if ConQuest was always like that. Perhaps Discord has been mucking about retroactively...

This is only going to get even more delightfully insane, isn't it? I eagerly look forward to more.

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