• Published 21st Oct 2014
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Terror Tales of the Farm - Yoshi89

Join the Apple family as they wrap up Nightmare Night by telling three scary stories.

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"So, how do y'all like them apples?" Applejack chuckled, giving her Stetson a twist.

"A fiddle possessed by a deranged unicorn?" Apple Bloom sneered at her sister. "Is that the best you can do?"

"Sometimes the scariest things can't live," Applejack told her. "Unicorn magic will sometimes leave you paranoid. You think the objects they're moving are watching your every move before they come out and get ya." Applejack clapped her forehooves, making Apple Bloom flinch.

"Eeyup." Big Mac nodded.

"And Fiddlesticks tells me," Applejack continued, "she's still haunted by the melody the fiddle played before it struck at her victims. She can still hear it play in her ears."

"Hey!" Apple Bloom gasped. "I think I hear it now."

"Hear what?" Applejack put a hoof to her ear.

"Someone's playing 'Apple in the Straw'!" Apple Bloom exclaimed.

"Come on, little sis," Applejack gulped. "Don't play games with me."

"Applejack?" Granny Smith warned her granddaughter. "I don't think she's makin' it up."

The four farm ponies sat motionless in the room, a scratchy fiddle playing the jiving melody. The family shrunk on their haunches, Granny Smith on her rocker, as the music came closer and closer until it sounded like it was being played right above the storm cellar.

"Don't panic," Applejack squeaked. "It'll stop playing soon."

The music stopped.

"RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Applejack shrieked. Granny Smith climbed onto Big Mac's withers and he, Apple Bloom and Applejack galloped out of the storm cellar. They sprinted across their farm, past the hen huts until they reached their farmhouse. Applejack opened the door to let her sister, brother and grandmother inside before she slammed the door shut. The four then split up to their bedrooms to hide under the covers. Outside behind the storm cellar, two mares shrugged.

"Yeah, Tavi," one of them sighed, "you should stick to the cello."

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Overall that was a fun story. The telling was good and the characters came through. Nicely done.

Much appreciated. :raritywink: Thanks!

HAHAHAHAHA, great ending to this story. Never expected Octavia and Vinyl to appear at the end; nicely done.

This was a really good story!! Especially with Halloween just around the corner :pinkiehappy:
Thank you for the good read! :twilightsmile:

Glad you liked. :raritywink: Wanted to end with a scream, er bang. :rainbowlaugh:

That was the grand finale? I haven't been that disappointed since seeing 'The Village.' I mean the bit with Vinyl was nice, but somehow I expected more from 'Fiddlin' Amok' than was there. (You know, maybe if the fiddle was actually possessed or enchanted. It just felt like I was reading an episode of Scooby Doo, minus the clues.)

I was going more for more of a horror theme in "Fiddlin' Amok" than mystery.:twilightblush: I did throw in a few clues, including the woodcarver fixing his hat to hide his unicorn horn. The fiddle as the weapon of choice in the murders served as a magical red herring. Without possessing it, the killer ran out of options but made his demise evident by sneezing. On a positive note, I had fun writing the parts with Vinyl.:raritywink:

Awesome, thanks. :raritywink:

It's a buildup to the next story, that's all that is.

Didn't see that coming? :ajsmug:

thats messed up as hell lol


Haha, thanks. :raritywink:

Holiday Stories ~ ACCEPTED!


I admit the third story was when "Show, don't tell" was still one of my weaker points. As much fun as I had writing the first two stories, I kept writing myself into corners on the third. Like you said, the suspense factor suffered because of it.

On a positive note, I appreciate the favorite.

Anyway. I really enjoyed this story. Both the idea of the Apples telling each other scary stories, and the actual...scary stories. Just the right level of spookiness and campiness. AJ's was the best , Bloom's was the weakest. :ajsmug::applecry:

If you ever do a volume two of this, include story based on the Slendermane video that featured Granny Smith! Heck, the picture you have for the story is FROM that video!

Well, thank you for the positive response! And hey, I really appreciate the spoopy stuff!

Yay another cartoon ending! I love that. It ties into it being MLP at its heart.

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