• Published 21st Oct 2014
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Terror Tales of the Farm - Yoshi89

Join the Apple family as they wrap up Nightmare Night by telling three scary stories.

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Interlude 2

"Apple Bloom!" Applejack gasped and jumped a few feet in the air.

"Betcha didn't see that comin', huh?" Apple Bloom smiled. Big Mac glanced at his two sisters with an expressionless look while Granny Smith held back a chuckle upon seeing Applejack frightened by the surprise twist to the filly's tale.

"All right, all right, I didn't." the Element of Honesty winced.

"All ya had to do was put the pieces together, big sis." Apple Bloom rolled her eyes. "Why do y'all think Potato Roll didn't wanna shake Sweetie Belle's hoof?"

"Woulda gone right through him," Granny Smith said.

"Actually, he was just shy," Apple Bloom corrected her. "But he could still talk to Scoots and Sweets as if he was alive."

"So I reckon they believe in ghosts now," Applejack inferred. "Though they didn't know he was one at the time."

"You didn't, either, Applejack." Granny smugly smiled at her.

"Eeyup." Big Mac shrugged.

"If that's the way y'all are gonna play," Applejack said, "I might as well throw my hat in the ring."

"This story isn't gonna be about Rainbow Dash," Apple Bloom clarified. "Is it?"

"Tarnation, no!" Applejack retorted.

"Or Rarity?" Big Macintosh asked.

"No, Big Mac." Applejack shook her head. "I promise the both of y'all."

"Go ahead." Granny Smith kicked back on her rocker.

"Here goes nothin'..."