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question #1 will the celestial sisters be'involved' with the main guy?

question #2 could you consider this taking place during season 1 or just b4?

4835803 For your first question the answer is: wait and see. :trollestia:
For your second, no the story takes place at the beginning of season three, but it will be non-cannon. It will however have some things that are cannon.

This looks promising, keep it up.

4837849 Thanks! And I sure will

I argree withToa from Siberia this look promising cant wait to see where this goes.:pinkiehappy:

4845753 I'll do my best to keep you guys interested! :pinkiehappy:

I like it. Good plot. Sealed the deal with anthro and sex. Two of my requirements for a good story.

4867300 Well then I hope I can keep it that way!

This story seems interesting.

4968904 Yeah... I'm gonna try to keep it that way!

This seems like a cool story.

Nice story, thou hast caught mine interest. Also the doct'r huzzah!!!!!!!!

4970973 Yup Next chapter will revolve around Mal and The Doctor so stay tuned for that.


Okay this story is just WTF through out the whole chapter. First you reintroduced Luna and celestia again like it never happen before than the time inconsitencies with the whole being alive one thousand, five hundread years ago. That is bullshit since one thousand five hundread years ago the term police was not used at all and there was no guns during that time since you said he was 10 so how does that even work, Then the whole overpowered stuff your character has, speaking of character the main character is so generic and uniteresting I Just cant stand it. Im sorry but your story is not that good. You need to read some classic and good stories like Holes, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Enders game, the lord of the rings series ect. Heck there are some very good fanfictions for this fanbase and others (not including twilight, stay far away from twilight). Then when you got the litierary knowledge for a good story then write again. Cause again im sorry to say it but its boring, stale and it leaves this bad feeling in me when reading it. If I rememeber correctly there was a nostalgia critic episode about avatar the last airbender and he makes some good remarks that can help a understand whats important in a story.

4988074 Thanks for your input, bro. Sorry this story wasn't able to keep (or even gain) your interest.

to me this story strikes me as follows: humerus, entertaining, sad, happy, and grim dark. But me being a person of darkness i like this story. Of coarse i like the others aspects of this story. And it could a small amount of editing, but definitely not the worst I've seen. It's actually one of the best I've seen without the help of an editor. I congratulate you for that. And would love to see this story update if it's not too much trouble:twilightblush:

Looks like a Celestia shipping is underway. You've got my attention. :moustache:

5008949 well. Thank you sir! The next chapter is underway, but it might take me some time due to school being back in...

5021662 i understand, the priorities of school delay my work in projects as well. :twilightsmile:

Nope no can go without meat for over a year nah i'm Done not gonna bother to read oh yeah i'm an omnivore but i dont Need to eat meat.:twilightangry2:

5041149 lolz. He said probably a year. He might only be able to go five or six months...

5044080 yeah but still i like the intro though good job but i cant read stuff like this i mean no offence to you you are a very good writer.

5045016 Well thanks for the input. This is my first story so I'm glad u think I'm good :twilightsmile:

5047468 perhaps your second story you could make the main guy or girl a omnivore that eats meat ja you know what i mean.

5049949 Lol yea I'll do that.

5051456 :pinkiehappy: thanks gonna follow you now or stalk you:rainbowlaugh:

5053841 OMG he's stalking me!!

5053848 yup you should feel honored the first dragonborn is stalking you:trollestia:

5053891 Then honored I shall feel!

Will the relationships go by the herd system? Please say yes!

5057102 Hmmmm... Wait and see! :trollestia: And if it does, most likely it wil be a royal herem. ::twilightblush:

So, now i am back after a few... interesting things have happened...
We were created.
I was getting to that!
But you take too long for that!! :pinkiehappy:
Joy! calm down, and yes, you do take quite some time to introduce us.
Whaterver, so yeah, apparently i have either gone insane or these fictions are getting me, BAD.
And that is bad how?
Because others will think he is insane.
Probably because he really is?
How about you shut up, Rage?
Still don't give a fuck.
RANDOM COMMENT!!! :pinkiehappy:
Don't mind joy, he likes to do that... Kinda like Pinkie...
Anyway, last but not least is Relaxation! Pretty sure you can imagine how he is...
Hello. What?
In a good way.
Oh, okay.

i hope you continue

5127973 I am writing the next chapter but school and work has been getting in my way so I haven't had any time to write. But I am getting there! Just really slowly. Trust me I would write all the time but I can't.
5135235 I have no clue what the fuck just happened... :rainbowhuh::rainbowderp:

5136637 I don't mind that reasoning!! i have school so i know what you're going through.
While kick and watch what happens.
How would you like to take the wheel?
Thought so.
Though, it is funny to see what to others during that day.
YEAH!! Like when that guy got kicked in the nutts!! :pinkiehappy:
I guess his form of comedy can get pretty morbid from time to time...

5136716 Watching a guy get kicked in the nuts is funny... :trollestia:

5136744 Yeah it is, it's just very unexpected from Joy. It's usually Rage who has the morbid sense of comedy.

5136829 Yeah I understand..

I liked the chapter. Especially Mal's teasing of Twilight and the flirting he does with Celestia and Luna.

Mal is a bit like me, if i were more verbal.
You know is going to understand that.
I DID!!! :pinkiehappy:
We share the same mind, remember?
OH!! Right.
Other than that^, i liked this chapter simply for its morbid/ tame hilarity, mainly Mal is really, Really entertaining. makes me laugh every time he jokes with anypony.

Comment posted by Frosty the Batty deleted Oct 17th, 2014

5149935 Well, thank you for that! I honestly was hoping that I could get him to be funny yet tame. It's not the easiest thing to do, but not the hardest. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Kinkreet deleted Oct 17th, 2014

Great job on the story so far! Love it!

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