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There are two types of people in this world: Perverts, and people who won't admit that they're a pervert too. Unless you're an alien. If you are, then GTFO.

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Nice story so far.

Might want to check the formatting. Italics ran wild.

4588439 Wow, I don't know WHAT the hell went wrong, but thank you so much for pointing that out! I think I've fixed it, but feel free to correct if I'm wrong :P

Oh yes! Me likes this idea! More please!:heart::heart::heart:

I like where this is going. :trollestia:

I don't know how I'm enjoying this, but I don't care. :pinkiecrazy:

Well... I think we all know what's coming next.

Oooh I like this :rainbowkiss:

Isn't there a movie with the same name and is like this? Without the horse people.

4591381 Yep.

It's a pretty old movie, and I remembered enjoying it. I was just a little kid when it came out. :twilightsheepish:

You won my favorite and and follow. Now then off to see them have an indirect incest AND to find out in the end that Nightlight was cock-blocked the whole time.

4591715 The movie I watched was the second one :twilightsmile:

4591750 So young.
(I jest. I was just a kid then too.)

4592808 I hope that means you enjoyed it :twilightblush:

i hope they fuck soon:pinkiehappy:

I haven't even read this yet I'm scared on so many levels.


i read it, its kinda funny. just mind switch is all. no body transforming, still kinda weird!

This is turning into a very awesome story, and your descriptions are fantastic. Bonus points if Velvet's husband gets home early and winds up getting busy with Cadance.:trollestia:

4594782 SENPAI NOTICED ME OMG :pinkiegasp:

4598124 wait what? When did i become a senpai?

Well Damn! Velvet,best you take this chance now.
As for Night Light... I think he will enjoy no sex for a few days or so, I mean, we are talking about a tired Cadance here.

4598621 Lol sorry, I'm just a really big fan of your work :pinkiehappy:

4600071 ah, i see. You should update this and Meet the Parents more often.

More, more, more, and oh so much more please:raritystarry:

Though the clop in this one was fairly short, what you did with it was great.

wow cadence :rainbowlaugh: here your mother in law is doing her best to fend of shining and your sleeping with the neighbors hahaha

Bad Cadance! very...very bad...:trollestia:

Somehow, I can see this not ending well for velvet. :twilightblush:

Seriously? Sheesh, you've made Cadence a complete whore, especially when using her own mother-in-law's body to satisfy her needs!! I can only imagine that their relationship is take a massive strain, if not break entirely, after this. Not to mention she'll no doubt stain Velvet's image permanently with these actions.


4601814 Won't you stay and watch this train wreck together? :raritywink:

4601856: Only if Cadence gets her well-earned Karma/Reckoning...

I'm REALLY hoping Cadence gets her comeuppance...and that Velvet is not as bad as cadence.:facehoof:

Suddenly Cadence is a cheating slut

Seems legit.:unsuresweetie:

Grand heavy implications Cadence will cheat when given the chance...
This moves to my 'Read later'

Wow so Cadence makes Velvet's body cheat on her husband and possibly get pregnant? That's just low

Well, it wouldn’t technically be called cheating now, would it?

Yes it would be Cadence, yes it would. :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously though. Random stallions. Her mother-in-law's body. In heat. Let cum inside. Cadence you fucked up, you really fucked up!


i will but only because situations like this are never story book and hopefully it wont be. :pinkiecrazy:

poor shiny just trying to love his wife i hope he doesn't find out it was really his mother.. ok half of me hopes he doesn't..the other half hopes he does just to see the conversation :rainbowlaugh:
can't really...fault Velvet..at least she didnt buck two total strangers I'm looking at you cadence :trollestia:

4605889 You're really quick at commenting, you know that?

Not that I mind, I love hearing feedback from you guys :twilightsmile:

4605898 many years of reading make me a quick reader :rainbowlaugh: loving the story and cant wait for more Cadence certainly has herself in a sticky situation :facehoof:

4605913 Wait, are you more interested to know more about Cadance, or are you more interested in Velvet?

Never mind my last comment, Velvet will have MANY problems to deal with! :pinkiegasp:

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