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Sometimes I dream of who I could be. A powerful figure, strong, unafraid. A valiant Knight who stands to protect the weak.

I never had the courage to make anything of myself, despite my dreams.

Until I found her.

This is the story of stallion with a pure heart who sought to make his dreams a reality, only to learn how harsh reality really is, and that sometimes, there's something far greater waiting than any dream could prepare you for.


Of course, Dusky saw things differently. If you'd like to see her perspective, check out From Dusk to Night, KuroiTsubasaTenshi's contribution to this collaboration.

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Terrabona (TerribleTransit)
Mahogany (BrokenHero)
Starshadow and Merriweather (Thattagen)
Blizzard Breeze (Jqlgirl)

Taking place in the same universe as Evil's Twilight and The Necromancer's Ambition, this story only uses canon up to and not including the season 3 finale.

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Excellent two chapters.:twilightsmile: The pacing is great. Characterization is wonderful.:pinkiesmile: Flurry's inner struggle on what we assume is his first crush is very well written and has me hoping that he'll make a greater move.

Can't wait to see the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

4579273 Thank you! :pinkiehappy: This would indeed be his first crush, and while it's very important to him, I'm hoping to show his character and motivations beyond just his feelings for Dusky.

I worry the feelings of his crush overshadow his other motivations, but I think they'll slowly come to light as the story progresses. :twilightsmile:

You know the way Mahogany acts and his opinion of mares makes me wish he'd just fall madly in love with a mare. :rainbowlaugh:

"Yeah... that's been the problem since I first saw her... w-when I see her, she's all that I <i>can</i> think about."

Messed up with the italics there.:pinkiesmile:

"It's a... well, I don't really know. But it's shiny."

That sounds like me when somebody asks what I'm looking at (I have ADHD and get distracted easily).


Well, I can't say that Merri is truly ADHD, but she can seem so at times. She's the sort who sometimes doesn't pay attention if it doesn't interest her. So in this case, her sister was probably talking about some boring history lesson, and she just tuned it out.

Mahogany doors.
Mahogany doors.
Mahogany doors.

You might want to fix the chapter, half of it is in italics.

Thank you for pointing that out. The chapter bugged out when I imported it from Google Docs. I thought I fixed all of that but clearly missed a big one.

I like where this is going. While Dusky prepares to chase after the Cartel, her friends aren't exactly lying around doing nothing to prepare to back her up.

Dusky puts herself in a lot of danger for what she believes. Night only wants to help her, perhaps initially out of some misguided crush, but one day he may be able to stand and help alongside Dusky's other friends like Blaze.

And thank you! Hope that you continue to enjoy the story as it unfolds!

His voice was low. "Not strong enough. I'm sorry, Night."

That bit there worried me, especially since I read the 14th chapter of 'from dusk to night' first. Is Noble Light a corrupt guard?

Then you know he approached Dusky after their meeting, but before he came to meet with Night. Noble is certainly more than he appears, but I won't say what his motives are yet. Only that his role in the story is far from over for either Night or Dusky.

And I am so glad there are people reading both sides of this :twilightsmile: We're doing our best to make them both independent stories, but they're so interwoven that you come across interesting parallels and experiences between the two. I hope you find it worthwhile. Thank you!

5690239 It's certainly been a delight. Experiencing the story from two contrasting point of views, a mare experienced in the ways of the world and a (no offense) total greenhorn when it comes to actual dangerous situations like the ones they wind up in, is entertaining to the extreme. For your part, Flurry is portrayed very realistically as the socially awkward kid who wants to be a storybook hero/knight in shining armor. However, the things that impress me the most, is how you have him growing as a person (pony), slowly realizing the difference between what he read in books and what he has experienced for himself.

I read the corresponding chapter in From Dusk to Night first, which got me worried about Night giving up the Knight training. It’s good to see that being (honorably?) discharged doesn’t mean his combat training will stop.

Yes, Night's not quitting, he's just re-framing the reasons why he trains. It was never his physical skill that stopped him from joining the Guard, it was the reasons under which he joined conflicting with his own nature. Resigning his Knighthood is the same, but he's now in a place mentally where he can more properly consider what is in his nature, and what he wants for himself, rather than the perceived expectations of others.

"It sounds funny saying it now. W-when I was little, my Mom told me a night light was a little magical light you would keep in your bedroom at night to keep away all the monsters. 'That's silly.' I told her... 'A real hero isn't afraid of monsters'"

Poor Night really missed the point there. Considering it took him this long to see that he could be someone else's nightlight.

That seems to be a recurring problem for him, that he keeps interpreting others' words and actions in whatever way puts the most blame on himself.

That's a really good read on Night. A lot of his problems stem from identity, and he takes so much blame on because he tries to be someone he isn't, thinking that's what others want from him. And when he sees himself failing to meet the bar he set for himself, he continues to add weight to that burden. Night Light in some ways is the self he would be if he wasn't trying to be who he thinks others want him to be.

So yes, he very badly missed the point, much to his detriment for a long time.

Foreshadowing that Night's eventually going to take the open road at Dusky's side?

There's some italics formatting you need to fix:

Find someplace quiet with low lights, get her roses, candle light, and definitely, <i>definitely</i> not the <i>fancy.</i>

Those should be square brackets, not angle brackets.

You'd think that I'd remember to use the proper format, but old html habits are hard to break, thank you!

And perhaps so... he's always dreamed of such travel, but never had the confidence. Now through circumstance and in helping his friends, those dreams are becoming a strange reality.

The classiest!

The mention of stores selling hats makes me want to see Night and Mint with matching sun hats, now.

For all the detail on Night's family, there's one notable omission. I wonder if his mom died foaling him?

It's interesting enough reading about these crazy, wonderful ponies just being with each other that you caught me off guard with how suddenly things escalated. Well done.

Night's adorkability and insecurity honestly wear thin at points, but he bounces back considering how earnest he is about wanting to do something about it. Kind of like Shinji Ikari if he managed to grow a backbone.

Thank you! I'm glad that both the slice of life and adventure are compelling.

I've worried in the writing that Night's issues would be too extreme, his lack of self-confidence, stutter, and slow speaking habits all add up to what I feared was a very difficult read. However, the course of the story has led him to want to be better. I can't make any promises on his adorkability, but hopefully the insecurities are getting less and less prominent as the story has continued.

His father is such a huge influence on Night's early life, and there were reasons his mother feels absent, though I admit it might just be that I overlooked mentioning her in any really substantial capacity just yet. I will happily spoil the fact that she is still alive.

They'd make a pretty interesting pair, posing in matching sunhats! The thought of it makes me smile :twilightsmile:

Night and Mint's reunion was very sweet. Also a little surprising—based on Mint's conversation from the corresponding chapter of From Dusk to Night, I assumed Mint would wait a bit longer before meeting Night again.

I hadn't realized all that stuff with Aster had hit Terra that hard.

Another mistagged italics:

I insisted, I <i>promised</i> her I'd help, and then I just disappear?

Aw, Night's starting to put his family back together, and hopefully himself as well.:pinkiesmile:

Ahh. Italics. My ever-present foe.
Mint was already struggling with wanting to meet with Night for many reasons, but afraid of upsetting him. Dusky's argument in Dusk to Night simply pushed her to make the approach, although she did wait for Night to be with Dusky so she could have some back-up just in case. But I'm glad the reunion came across as it did :twilightsmile:

Night is definitely on an ascent, friends and self-discipline and having a reason to make himself better driving him to make more of himself, and patching things up with his family is definitely something he's going to want to do.

Heh. Just what Night needed to loosen up.


Almost seems a bit anticlimactic, though... Almost....:trollestia:


Hmm perhaps. The trip to Myrtail is certainly over, but there are more trials to come. Sadly, Dusky doesn't ever seem to catch a break, and for better or worse, Night is becoming part of her life... and being confronted with all the trouble which follows her. :twilightsheepish:

And new intrigues come in to take their place....

Hmmmmmmmm I have no idea what you mean :pinkiecrazy:


What is it about ponies named Diamond who are sharp-edged biatches yet sparkle on the inside?:rainbowwild:

That went better than I could have hoped.

Well, I don't know if Diamond sparkles on the inside or not... I don't think this story will go into her too much beyond her impact on Night's past, but she's got other issues as well, which she hinted at here. It's hard to get into what really makes her tick

...and for those other reasons behind the last 5+ years of Diamond's self-guilt (she might be more similar to Night than either would probably comfortably admit), it did seem to go very easy! I can't say that Night and Diamond will ever have a 'good relationship', but for now, a few wins aren't going to hurt as Night has been slowly building self-confidence and working through a lot of stuff about his past.

Star rolled her eyes, looking back down. "Despicable, both of you. Night Flurry is a perfect gentlecolt and you two seek to corrupt him."

"Corrupt? Nah, we're helping!" Merri grinned wide at Terra.

I suppose it all depends on your definition of 'worse' and your definition of 'better'. :rainbowwild:

Well, that got weird all of a sudden.

Oh, hi Blaze!:pinkiehappy:

And now it's a heist story.:trollestia:

"I'll only send somepony I know I can trust." He extended a wing, digging a hoof in to remove a small emblem of a star burst with a phoenix engraved over top of it. "My seal. If they have it, you'll know I sent them."

(from a few chapters back)

I'm pretty sure mint didn't say anything about a seal :pinkiegasp:

normally blue hair

Ponies don't have hair, they have manes, but overall good chapter!

Very weird... and maybe just a little bit crazy. :pinkiecrazy:
And of course Blaze is coming! Gotta have as many dedicated ponies as possible to pull off a heist this crazy. And Noble's had an eye on her for awhile.

And the anticipation builds. Nothing else to say just yet.

White Riot, huh?

Does he want to riot? Does he want a riot of his own?

Maybe he's a riot at parties?

6922028 When a pony shares his name with a song by The Clash, I can't pass up the chance to make a reference.

Well, that took a dark turn.

Dad's got some 'splainin' to do.

This entire conflict is all because of his thirst for vengeance.


I thought the working theory was that sister Leaf was the one with the vendetta against Dusky.

Dark turns, indeed. Noble's explanation may end up being more to Dusky than to Night, however. White Riot was most certainly a piece in his game, but he did not play his part as expected.

And you're not wrong. The living Leaf Sister certainly has it out for Dusky, but Riot was working against her as well. He wants revenge against everyone who hurt Autumn Leaf, and in his brain that is Dusky, the Guard, and the Cartel all. Night certainly doesn't have all the information, and in that moment, he's also caught up in his own emotions, the adrenaline of the fight, and he also has a small voice in his head that might not be completely reliable.

Poor Night. As long as he keeps Dusky and his friends topmost in his mind, he should know he won't go too far into the abyss.

Man, that pub sees more comings and goings....

It's a relief to finally have the matter of Bellerophon out in the open, even though he remains a problem.

The bar is a bit of a Home Base, a safe house, and a familiar sight for everyone, the bar has definitely seen a lot of stories...

And Bellerophon certainly isn't finished, but with his friends help, Night can fight him, even if that kind of fighting is very different then they're used to.

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