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Elusive Phoenix

If a tire was on fire during a blizzard, would you stay close to it and keep warm, or run from the awful smell?


Space will leave you breathless, and so will many other things within it. But there are things being hidden from us. Things that, if found out, could ruin a thousand lives... but they could save a million more.
So the question is: would I want be the one to discover them?

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Very nice start to a story! :twilightsmile:

Great start to a story, as usual. Also,

My name's Legacy.

COINCIDENCE? I think not.

Why does a first-person story have a second-person description?


do you want be the one to discovered them?

This new version needs a lot of work...


P.S. I don't know what that last comment in 2016 was even about.

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