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I'm ina23. I'm a nerd that prefers to watch videos games than play them. I'm basically here to talk to my old friends at this point lmao

A Little Bit More About Me

(7/5/17) I don't really know why I'm updating this, since I haven't watched MLP in about a year (though I probably should). Hi, I'm ina23 online for some reason; I have absolutely no idea why nine year old me called myself that because that's not even my name and I don't know anyone with that name. I haven't written fic in forever, but I'm here if you're bored and wanna talk I guess.

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I hate him so much

618792 Exactly. I don't think he cares that much from his fans, he just cares that he is one of the most popular singers in America/the world, and that he has fans that does stuff for him if he asks.

JB doesn't even matter that much anyway, something happens too him, his whole fan base goes insane and hurts themselves, just to make JB stop doing something. Hurting themselv wont make him stop, your not hurting him, he cant feel it, he doesn't care.

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