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Elusive Phoenix

If a tire was on fire during a blizzard, would you stay close to it and keep warm, or run from the awful smell?


Some questions cannot be answered, and sometimes revenge is the only solution.
The Equestrian Royal Guard is hunting her. They search every nook and cranny for her, and she has no idea why. All she knows is that the order came from high up. Not the princesses, but somepony with power.
Enough power that the princesses don't even know that it's happening.
Rainbow Dash is going to find out whoever gave this order.
And she's going to make them pay.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 5 )

Here's an ibligatory comment stating that I'm fast. Will read in a minute.

Post-Read Edit: Isn't this just the plot of Dishonored, but with ponies?

It's nice to see more people to dishonored crossovers. Only 7 authors (including me), did dishonored stories. I guess we have 8 now.:scootangel:

What is this?

It's not a blog.

What is it doing being labeled 'Elusive Phoenix'?


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