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Steven Kamai is just another ordinary high school senior, waiting to go out into the world, aside from the fact that he was born and raised in Hawaii. That all changes when one day the sky flashes pink and he finds two women floating off to sea near Barber's Point. Influenced by his Hawaiian upbringing, he takes them in, but will they be more than he bargained for?

Formerly Part of the PonyFall Collaboration
Find out more about it here

Credit goes to rainygami for the cover art.

AN: Even though this isn't part of PonyFall anymore, I still feel that my readers should go to their page. The PonyFall guys have had a lot on their plate recently but their idea is just super-extreme-ultra-awesomeazing!
~April 3

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 103 )

I fail to see the pony in this.

But didn't one of the mods say that these need to start in the MLP universe before been posted?

WooHoo, finally up you beautiful bastard

398642Y u so stupid?They are in two episodes!


He's a troll, don't reply to him.

:facehoof: I know who the characters are.
I was refering to what he said in this:
I was pionting something out after reading the ponyfall forums.

What exactly is Ponyfall? Sounds like something that would get R34'd on the spot if an artist found similarities between the protagonist and the cover art :derpytongue2:

Aaaand let the mindfucks begin.

398671 It's basically a writer picks a character of the Show and though a Event which turns the Sky pink and makes the main human character smell fudge, i think another similarity is that there are naked and human on arrival. Sadly some people have turned to R34, mainly concerning one with Applebloom. But basically everypony got sent to Earth and turned human via discords magic :pinkiehappy:

IT WAS A FUCKING JOKE:flutterrage:

A couple of Chris's lines on the beach were italicized for some reason instead of in quotes.

Also, "she has the loveliest blue coat and the most wonderful pink hair" Mane, perhaps?

Other than that, I dig the Hawaiian scenery! Reminds me of places I've been. Watching this.

In the thread, the mod said:
"As we understand it, the idea behind the project is that the main character was taken out of Equestria and transformed into a human through various circumstances. However, many of these fics seem to make little to no mention of this key fact. Instead they either completely forgo the concept entirely, or make only a very brief passing mention of it. This usually results in just a story in which you've used the name of a character from the show, even though it has nothing to do with it."

I know, but this is just.
Falling women.
Ponies are real.
Doesn't really say how or why.
And shouldn't crossovers for MLP start with MLP, then move to where the new things are?
Like, what were the Spa ponies doing before hand/
What did they see?

None of us explained that in our first chapters, we only really carried the to and from where they were

It's just after I saw poultrons post, i thought these had to include those bits now.

Nope, you just have to have some links to the universe, but not too much in the first chapter

Sorry if I seemed nitpicky.:fluttercry:

Excuse me, but unfortunately I have still not looked that it Characktere from Pony MLP - Friendship is Magic sollen.Entschuldging be!:fluttercry:

How many ''ponyfalls'' are there going to be, actually? i saw a princess celestia, a rarity, a applejack in belgium, the ''sunbathing pony from smile smile smile'' and another 2...

It depends.
How many ponies are there?

a lot. maybe. I don't know. I do not help on this project. I find the stories a bit too much of the same: random guy finds (naked) humanized pony and takes care of it. Everything seems to be speaking english, even everyone in the applejack in belgium story. (i'm from the netherlands, yes, we dutchies and belgies all speak english, german and some french, but it would be nice to see actual dutch lines in it with a english translation behind it.)

Also, there seems to be a lack of locations. Most ponies go to the United States. no afrika, asia, south america or australia (yet).

No stories about ponies getting arrested for public nudity, and so far no cases of rapes. (There are enough douchebags out there who will abuse a unconscious girl)

Some people who find a ''pony'' are too easily persuaded that MLP is ''real''.


I believe the quotes you are talking about are actually said by the crazy little bastard in my head


I think 32-33 working on it atm. There are a lot of background ponies.

Also thanks for all the comments guys, I really appreciate it.


I don't blame you, the first time I submitted this I actually had split it up into two chapters and planned to have the first chapter stop at their rescue. However, the banhammer came down and I had to combine them.

398642 If it were against the rules, it wouldn't have been accepted.

Thanks slowpoke, I've think we've been through this.

399230 i didn't bother to read any further. :)

i am intrigued by this concept and spa twins are best background ponies so i will follow this


I'm starting to like them more, but to be honest I didn't really notice them until I was asked to write about them for the PonyFall collaboration.

Slight update, I totally forgot to describe the way Aloe talks.


Aloe and Lotus, there names could actually pass for a normal name, also they proberly make best human ponys

Do you really live in Hawaii? If you do you're one lucky guy.


Anyway, I felt like doing a few experimental things in this chapter.

As you should know, I really do live in Hawaii, and I'm learning how to speak native Hawaiian. Instead of putting lines upon lines of confusing hawaiian down, I decided to chant myself. Please bear with me if my voice sucked, I've had a sore throat this entire week, but I wanted you guys to still get to hear the chant how it is supposed to be heard.

I've decided to keep the fic running, due to the unprecedented amount of people wanting to see it continued. Truth be told, if more than one person wanted to see it continue, I would have done it. It makes me fuzzy inside knowing you guys liked my fic. Alright enough of that.

Anyway, I'm off to start chapter 3.

A hui ho!

Fake and Gay

So... your not giving up on this story?:fluttershyouch:

Thank you. This story is a piece of art like My Little Dashie. Also imagine if Aloe, Lotus and Steven got drunk...


o.O I do drink, (sshhh don't tell) but as of yet I haven't gotten into (too) much trouble. :twilightsheepish:


Aww I hate you too pal :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

(So Do I) One ting dis storeh needs is alcohol

I also want to rip out your guts and feast on your flesh.
Hate you!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I fucking love SPAM. I'm considering moving to Hawaii because I've heard that everyone eats it there.

Way to go! Love the new chapter and thanks for keeping this fic alive.

YAAYYYYY keep writing :pinkiehappy:

Fraudulent and Homosexual :moustache:

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