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To kill for your country is easier said than done. What lives would you be willing to end through this campaign? The father of a loving family? The son of a loyal elder? Even the unknown faces of the young?

When no choice remains, and you stare into the eyes of the unarmed enemy, would you still pull the trigger?

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The answer is yes.

Bravo! :moustache:
This was a very pleasent fic to read, mostly because of how realistic it was.
I can't help but imagine how devastated the family and the friends were when they recived the news, but like I said this fic was great because of the similarity with a real case of this scenario.
I take my hat off to your talent.

My kind of story.

only one error i can see

it should be "corpse" not "corps"

other than that wonderfull one shot.

4297594 Thank you for calling that out! :)

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ooh right in the feels

There's never an easy way out, is there?

4443699 Well there is an Easy way out.. Which is not to shoot the young Stallion/ Or Boy Since its based off of Crossroads in Band of the Brothers

I play war games all the time, but real war? Killing people? I could do it, but reading those letters and think about their family... Congratulations, u manage to make me cry. :fluttercry:

War is a terrible use of life. Brings out the best, the worst and everything inbetween. Too bad the messenger must die as well. Good job making this story.


War is hell. Nothing good comes out of it. Except pain, suffering and sorrow.


Excellent writing. I loved that series. I grew up watching them.

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