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i'm a simple brony who enjoys interesting, funny, and heartwarming fimfiction. i watch the show every day and always have a mlp fim song stuck in my head.


While everypony is enjoying the holiday season, Blueblood sees it as an annoyance. Until he is visited by 3 spirits who show him the error of his ways.

Based on the Charles Dickens novel

Don't hate me for writing a classic knock-off.

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This is gonna be awesome.

Good job I wish my version was like this. I did not cry a bit during this story and this is possibly the best one out there.

I remember reading a story like this one, except revolving around Trixie.

Here it is, if you want to compare

1832311 I remember reading a parody of 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' about Gilda.

Fluttershy I predicted as past, but I thought :pinkiehappy: would be present. This is interesting, and I want to see where this goes.

I agree with Baron here Dis gon be good.:scootangel:

Dis has been good!:pinkiehappy:

While it's just part of the story that this is retelling, I LIKE this interpretation between Cadence and Blueblood. It does away with "Everyone hates Blueblood." And has Cadence genuinely wanting his friendship back. Rather than Cadence hating his guts even when they were foals.

You skipped Ignorance and Want. The most powerful pieces of imagery in the story.
They who terrifying to look at, but were not inhuman.
They who the spirit of Christmas Present unwillingly hides underneath his robes (or wings in this case).
"Beware them both! But in particular the colt! For on his cutie mark is written doom!"

I can't believe you left them out. It feels like NEARLY EVERY ADAPTION leaves them off. Like we're still afraid to face them.

Also, the spirit of present aged as the day went on before vanishing.

That last moment in the graveyard manages to be terrifying regardless of any adaption or incarnation I've read or seen.

Did you leave a role for Jacob Marley out for any particular reason? Or just wanted to keep it short? Or couldn't figure out who to play the part? Or felt it wasn't in the style you were going for?

Since Luna STILL let her hatred and envy devour her, I think SHE didn't take the spirits lessons to heart.

3372125 I couldn't think of anypony who would fit for the part. Mostly because when I thought of blueblood and how he got to be mean, I didn't see a "Marley" anywhere in the scenario. If I had done Trixie, than yes definatly I could see a "Marley". but for me When i looked at Blueblood I just didn't see one. sorry.

I'm guessing the clawed purple bi-pedal spirit is Spike, of course. Green flames and all. I was expecting someone like Discord or (if you had to have a truly good person/pony/thing) Scorpan or maybe even Starswirl. Spike was a nice touch as a spirit though. Especially as the scariest spirit of them all. Bet he had that sexy mustache under that robe thing. :moustache:

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