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i'm a simple brony who enjoys interesting, funny, and heartwarming fimfiction. i watch the show every day and always have a mlp fim song stuck in my head.


After a gig gets canceled, Vinyl has some time on her hooves. so what does she do? Visits her mother of course!

(I just came up with this one this morning)

Part 1 of my Vinyl and Octavia trilogy.

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Comments ( 16 )

Vinyl and her mother? INSTA-LIKE~

Seems a little short but all around an enjoyable read. Thumbs up.

"You don't visit" "You haven't been eating" "Where's my grandkids?" Bea sounds like my mom! Just needs an "Oy vey!"

it might just be me, but I swear that was a reference to Disney's Tarzan

D'awww. That was sweet.

714452 where's the reference? I never put one in.

Short and sweet but an excellent read. I'd love to see a sequel as to what happens with Octavia's family :pinkiehappy:


Octavia would probably be embarrassed.

please add something for Tavi's family! I can see it right now...


I'm going to do Octavia's family as a separate story. It may take a while so be patient:scootangel:

"He's not a griffin is he?!"

Is Vinyl's mom racist?

755611 No. I never intended her to be a racist and if she sounds like one it was completely unintentional.

Too damn cute:rainbowkiss:

My mom in a nut shell.

cute! I like it.
I would have liked more mom being mom stuff where she trys to brush Vynle's mane, or they do things together like scrapbook viewing. XD you know fluff and stuff, but cute non the less.

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