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I'm a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. Hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon.


Something has attacked the city of Manehattan. Nopony knows what it is. Nopony knows where it came from. And nopony knows if it can be stopped. With time running out and danger lurking around every corner, Twilight Sparkle and her friends must try to survive and escape the ravaged city, as well as its terrifying attacker.

They cannot fight. They cannot hide. They can only run.

A ponified reimagining of Cloverfield.

Special thanks to totallynotabrony for the wonderful cover art.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 27 )

It should be a giant evil Discord monster like in the Pony.MOV videos. XD

Nice going here, friend! I've actually watched Cloverfield recently so that was probably what drew me to this story. Good timing!

Are you watching me, you pervert? XD

Shouldn't this have a crossover tag? :derpytongue2:

4008689 While I don't technically consider this an actual crossover, I added it anyway just to avoid confusion.

4008734 It's technically a native crossover, but look on the bright side! You can add it to more groups.

4008768 Yeah. I'm glad to see that people are liking it so far.

Cloverfield was a pretty boring movie in my opinion.

This story is the exact opposite.


4010961 Cloverfield's one of my favorite movies, but I respect your opinion and greatly appreciate that you like my story! :pinkiehappy: I'll be releasing Chapter 2 next week.

I just realized that I forgot to follow this. Color me stupid.

Have you been looking at my wishes in life? I love this movie! I wish there was actually an animated ponified version of it. That would be perfect. I love found footage movies like Cloverfield. This is awesome. I can't wait for the next chapter. :yay:

4029021 I love them too. I'd love to make one, but sadly I don't have the resources or people. :fluttershysad:

Chapter 2 is complete, and I am just in the process of editing. I think I will post it on Wednesday.

Cloverfield is one of my favorite movies. I think you captured it rather well. :twilightsmile:

4033511 Thanks! I'll be releasing Ch. 2 either later today or tomorrow.

4033511 Only other problem is that I feel like this should be part of more groups, but I don't know any other groups that this could go into. Do you?

just search for crossover groups, movie fic groups, or the like.

How scary. I like the tension building that's going on.

Blu Badge looked around nervously, unsure of what to do.

I hate that part. Not that it's written badly, but that it's true. As a soldier, first responder, medic, or what have you, no one wants to hear that the personal tragedy you just experienced is only that, personal. Life keeps rolling on and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop it; ultimately your only recourse is to just keep moving.

Also, fuck Fred Phelps. I'm glad he's dead and I hope it hurt.

Comment posted by Thunderblast deleted May 4th, 2015

4326194 That's not something I do, with all due respect. Sorry. (Also I apologize for the late reply)

Are the ponies humanized:rainbowhuh:

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