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One day, Fluttershy started coughing heavily. Her friends brought her into the hospital, and to their horror, the doctors diagnosed an advanced lung cancer in Fluttershy’s body. Pinkie Pie can’t accept that her friend has to die, and locks herself in her room. Months pass, and now Fluttershy only has a few hours left. She wants to see Pinkie Pie once more.

Prequel to Healing Smiles.
Happens before "Keep Calm and Flutter On".
Revised on 2014.05.25.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 22 )

i like it and please to a longer adventure sequel, centered around Pinkie Pie and her new ability

Very interesting story. It's very hard for me to believe though. Pinkie healing an about to die Fluttershy? When no one else could? Not even Discord? To me, that is highly implausible.

I loved the happy ending!

This was awesome! I like everything in this story.The story,actually,could have been longer tho,but I like it anyway.

+1 from me :>

I have never seen anypony in the show capable of healing other ponies through magic, not even the princesses. Discord is the master of chaos and disorder. Healing is a process practically the opposite of what he is doing.

Even though, I have to admit that Discord is giving me a huge headache in my planned sequel. I'm really thinking about putting an Alternative Universe tag on the story and saying that "Keep Calm and Flutter On" never happened.

EDIT: the only "magical healing" I can remember is that Rarity's mane got restored after firing the Elements of Harmony first. However, I think we can agree on that a mane restoration is nothing compared to healing a final stage lung cancer.

Hrm. Interesting, interesting. Not worth a fav, but you receive an upvote. Then again, reading Stormsinger makes your standards incredibly high.

I don't think Healing Smiles is even remotely in the same genre as Stormsinger. :unsuresweetie:

It's a miracle! :pinkiehappy:

:fluttercry: this story is making me emotional :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry:

make sequel and I fave and upvote

if yu had killed flutters permanently you would have been burnt at the stake

3994981 I know it would have been bad... it just... I don't know, somehow the emotions got me, and I felt this fic could have been a lot stronger if I would have left Fluttershy fall asleep forever.

However, this way I can write a sequel :pinkiehappy: . (I already laid down the basics for it! )

I really enjoyed reading this! Personally, I think a better title could have been 'Laughter is the best medicine.' A bit cliche lol, but it fits since she's also the element of laughter.

3995041 I'm happy that you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

If you don't mind, I will disagree with you on the title. Fluttershy healed Pinkie Pie's soul through her smile, and Pinkie Pie healed Fluttershy after Pinkie Pie could smile again, despite her situation.

Yeah, I can practically see where your motive on the premise started to fall apart, and you were desperately trying to hurry things along before you lost it completely. Still, good enough one shot. Don't strain yourself.

"I will not cry." :applecry:
*trys, sniff* :fluttercry:
FAIL :raritycry:
My non pegasister sister :facehoof:

This is such a good story!

Why do I feel like crying for two hours?:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

This was so touching. In my opinion.

4307098 If I remember, writing it wasn't without tears either. I wish I could heal people like Pinkie. :fluttershyouch:



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