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Bad, Rainbow, bad!

The feels and sadness hit me hard and the only reason I think people down this is because they don't like their favorite ship being torn apart or contested, but this was well written and and and :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:


Ugh, I just noticed the downvotes. Oh dear....:ajsleepy:
Anyways. Thanks for giving a good and nice comment. I'm glad at least some liked it :ajsmug:

First like invisbleNinja said i think people like seeing Dash and AJ not get back together. But after something like that i can see how AJ could forgive. And Glad Pinkie was there to help AJ through it all.


Good story very good moral good overall i like it also you just earned another follower

3855810 Yay! I'm glad you looked at it that way.

3855823 Great! You should check some of my other, older stuff, I have a few other fics.

Try reading this while listening to Coming Back To You by Battleships.

I don't even know what to do right now. It feels like my heart has just been ripped out, I am literally devastated as I sit here writing this.

Damn bro, just... damn.


:flutterrage::fluttercry: dammit AJ.. dammit Dash...

Pinkie do the right thing and break up with her, its never too late

Sweet finally an appledash fanfic that DOESN'T work out in the end. those are pretty cliche glad to see something different done for a change.


Sorry to hear that :applecry: I didn't mean to!


Now, even as a hardcore Appledasher, we both know that wouldn't be right, at all. :applejackunsure:


Yay, thanks for that. I hope you liked the writting as well as the final part!

I liked all of it of course so don't worry.:pinkiehappy:

I absolutely love this story, I really do.It's so emotional, incredibly heart-wrenching


Thank you! It means a lot for me to hear that among the barrage of downvotes this had the first days

Oh...I am NOT crying or anything. This is not a story that will make me tear up. Actually...only two from a few hundred sad stories did...


Well I... am glad you didn't cry, I guess? Though this is a sad story, I didn't want to end it tragically, in order to make people cry, if I would've want that, I would've made Dash kill herself.
I have it a sort of open ending, so everyone could think their own ending, be it Dash killing herself, doing something to the girls, moving out to another city and finding love somewhere else, being friends with the girls again... you choose.

Thanks for the reply. Only the second reply till 2013

3869633 I reply to all my comments! Except for those who you know, don't need to be replied.

is this one shot by the way or is there a update soon? even some tragedy need SOME good moments

It is a one-shot. It's marked as complete, isn't it?
I know, I'm not a fan of sad fics myself, I rarely write them, and I don't feel like myself when doing it, so I never change them, it is why this'll stay like this. But hey, there's always space for good moments pal! After all... aren't Pinkie and Applejack in a beautiful relationship now? Besides, it's not like Rainbow killed herself or something... she can get her life back on track, maybe move to Cloudsdale, get a good job, enter the Wonderbolts, meet somepony else, have a family... the chances are endless! :pinkiehappy:

3872405 true... sorry :facehoof:
i be honest, i'm more TwiDash, Appledash is too common. *chuckles* think also Twixie fan too.. though Dash is compatible with everypony... EVERYone..


I think it depends on who looks at it. I for one can't find the thing in RariDash or TwiDash, same as I can't find it in RariJack and TwiJack, except they're totally different...

Until now tehre's only one Pony I've found to be multi-pairing to me, and that's Pinkie. Even if she's not my fav pony, and not even my fav pairing, but I find ApplePie sweet (And with the best name of all pairings ever), FlutterPie cute as hay, RariPie fun and intriguing. TwiPie crazy and unexpected, and RainbowPie is fun and a bit cute.

3872451 ApplePie may or may not be incest... though it's not surprising considering the Apple family. Hewwo!


Hey, stop that! Don't say anything about the Apple Family!
Besides... it's not incest at all, like... even 2nd cousins aren't cosnidered incest, imagine a 4th cousing twice removed.

3873079 i got nothing against it, just saying.. my bad the apple family are neat. Though its weird that nopony ever mentioned AJ's parents even the flashbacks they aren't there


Well, they already hinted they're dead, and it was confirmed by the writters... I guess they mean taht they died long ago, when AJ was very young. Maybe of childbirth, you know, when Applebloom came out. So... shwoing them in a memory, would probably raise questions they wouldn't know how to answer later on.


I never said it was a bad thing, bud.

I'm actually very impressed, I didn't know you could write like that.



Heh, thanks! It isn't normal, don't worry. I don't like writting sad stories, I hate'em with all my heart, but sometimes, I get in a trance and start writting them, but I don't feel like myself when I do.

Well damn...In a way Dash got her just desserts for being an ass but at the same its depressing.:pinkiesad2:

Well I can no longer live in more *i throw my self off a cliff.....*

Another chapter... PLEASE. This is the second story to ever make me cry.

This story.
Always refreshing when it's not an "all-sunshine" ending, specially if it's left open to one's imagination.

3872451 Nope! She's actually my second favourite. My favourite is AJ and Appledash is my favourite Ship. But Pinkie with TwiPie and ApplePie stands on a solid 2nd.


Sorry, but this chapter wasn't by me either, and I prefer to leave open endings, so things like this happen! There is another fan of the story that is writting a sequel, I'll be sure to send links to it whenever it comes out. :ajsmug:

Wow... it is a rare thing when a story can leave me in tears...
This chapter was one of those. :fluttercry:

Um that sequel isnt going to destroy what you made right like break up applepie? sorry i really dont like those kinds of stories since i believe once you go for a unhappy ending you stick with it.

3895008 As I said. These "sequels" aren't my cannon. I allow them to use my story as a background, but what they do with it, it's not my decision. I have no idea what is he going to do with it, so I can't tell ya :applejackunsure:

Alright well at least people enjoyed it enough to want to add on with their own ideas.:twilightsmile: Even if i prefer yours more i was happy with how you ended it originally since i am in an angsty mood but i may or may not give the sequel a read.:scootangel:


Okaay, I should of skipped the first paragraph..


I can't stop reading this because somehow I relate so much to the emotions Rainbow Dash and Applejack are feeling. :raritystarry:

Regret, not knowing where to go, wanting to just run away from someone, thinking that going away from someone means being free,

:twilightblush: I've seen some shiz on the internet


Sorry, but I did had a warning on those paragraphs :derpytongue2: Still, I hope you liked the writting and the ideas.

........................I was browseing appledash stuff......came upon this when it as one chapter.....I had feeeeels.....now after a few months I think an new one?....I read it.....You made me cry D: Ponystar why you do this!!!......tis nice.....had closure to it.....

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"Not a Wonderbolt, because I got expelled for sleeping with fellow cadets."

Oh, come on. Joining the armed forces doesn't mean taking vows of virginity and whatnot. It's joining the army, not the priesthood.

"“Ah forgive y‘all, Rainbow Dash.” "

Why .... WHYYY??!! Why must forgiveness come so late?

*cues "The Mansion of the Lord", from "We were soldiers" sountrack*

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