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This is a Skyrim crossover, not a Game of Thrones one. Couldn't think of a better name. Ples don't judge.
All previous problems fixed:
Dovahkiin is a Nord, with Google approved Nordic name(courtesy of Bowtastic).
No universal dragon language.

A few chapters proofread by Bowtastic

When Cadance used the Crystal heart to defeat Sombra, an event which would rip the currents of time occured. That caused those who were close around the Princess of the Crystal Empire to be transported to where that event happened. However, the enormous magical outburst provided some...unwanted changes for the Equestiran travelers.

Now they must unite with a being of immense power and share his adventures if they are ever to return home.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 92 )

I've never played Skyrim.
But this was interesting...
Aside, it's been around seven months since I've read anything new from you.
But I'm still waiting for that update, writer's block or no.
Best of luck with it, by the way.

Heh, I wished my Dovahkiin was that badass. However, putting that aside, glad to see something new from you and as for critiques, I guess paragraph separation made it kind of funky to read a teensy bit, Either go full indentation or not, halfway just reminds me of the essays I used to write in school :ajbemused:

Regardless, it's still a fun read.:twilightsmile:

ReBoot? Makes me think of the series with that very name.

Here is a title idea, A journey through fire and ice, but mostly ice

Okay, yeah, I like where this story is going. :moustache:

I love Skyrim and I love MLP, so I'm definitely going to love this.

Can't wait to read more of this! :rainbowwild:

3786737 You got it.

3786991 So sorry. I'm doing my best. Though the next chapter of my other fic will be mainly League focused. Not to spoil everything, but the epic BossToss chapters are overall the last ones.

3788367 I've went over the other ways of writing and this is the one I got least problems with, so there is a big chance that I will keep using it. Soz, ples don't hate me.:fluttershyouch:

3788853 I'll keep it in mind. :raritywink:

3790907 As long as the story's good, I can endure any mistakes, even some grammatical errors and misspellings and believe me, there are some fics with these qualities together and yet they have pretty good plotline regardless, true story:eeyup:

p.s: please add a capital J for in 'A Journey through Ice and Fire', if you don't mind of course

3790907 Don't feel like you need to rush, or anything. (The epitome of hypocrisy right here, folks) And I'm not one to tell you to update, as I have yet to update my own stuff in over two months.
Take as long as you need to get over that writer's block, as I know, it sucks. :rainbowwild:

Sweeeet~! Can't wait!! Gonna be followin' this story like a begging dog following food being held to tease the dog.

Oh and you're gonna follow the rest of the main story plus all DLC? That's quite a bit. And that's not including any interactions between the Dovakiin(whatever you're gonna name him) and the M6, which will surely be a lot concitering they're views on violence. Sure you could just play it off with a simple 'fight or die' but would still be hard for them to ajust from going from almost the most peaceful lifestyle possible to all out war, I guess you could say.

But you've already done the beginning chapter and what I've seen from said chapter you're a good writer, so I'm sure you know what you're doin'.

Good luck!!

Please continue. I would like to see what kind of shenanigans they get themselves into.:rainbowkiss:

Has Rarkath already gone through the events of Dawnguard before encountering the Mane 6?
I assume that's what you meant, but your wording has me a bit confused so I'm just trying to clarify for my own sake.

3818908 Yes, yes he has. If anyone has problems understanding what I wrote, do not be afraid to ask. :pinkiesmile:

Will there be annoying heimskir?

3822878 Well, The Battle of White Run hasn't happened yet, so when they pass through the hold he will be there, but it will only be a brief moment.

Well well well

it's been awhile since I've read your awesome story brah :U

keep up the great work!

Very nice chapter!:pinkiehappy: So, what specializations will girls take?:scootangel:

Your editor might need to double check some stuff, you got Candence's name wrong. That aside, I kind of agree with Dash's suspicions...a little bit. the Dark Brotherhood and all that.:rainbowdetermined2:

Also, Pinkie, you're so random:pinkiehappy:

As for the mods, what do ya have in mind?

3859009 Actualy this chapter was not proofread. All the blame is on me. When I get on a pc I'll edit that.

As for mods, I saw a couple for more dragon species, special weapons, a secret hideout, and a dark brotherhood lair visual upgrade.

3858794 Spoilers. =w= Though I'm sure a couple of roles have already been deducted.

3859513 Pish-posh, at least give a hint of Spike will hit any type of 'grew-up-fast' because like this he's kind of useless.:pinkiesad2:

3859664 Sorry, no sudden growths or anything. He'll be a little dragon. And I disagree on him being useless. I mean haven't you watched the Power Ponies episode? :rainbowlaugh:

3859949 The difference, that here the enemies will be actually dangerous and with the goal to kill them, while in that Episode there was only a phony-villain with unstable psyche armed with henchmen who more cared about their manes, than fighting. :facehoof: See the difference?:rainbowderp:

3859974 The diferance is minor and in the details. But the overall idea is the same. Worry not, when he is needed he will deliver.

3860031 ... Was it really necessary to pun?:pinkiesick:
Also, where are they at least? On the map I mean.

3860075 Pun? Where?

I don't exactly have a map at hand, but they are north east of the orc stronghold that they are now headed to.

3860170 1) The word 'deliver'.
2) I look for it, I just want to know at least their location, for my imagination to work better.:pinkiesmile:

3859249 All of these sounds lore friendly and don't sound game breaking so you got my vote :raritystarry:

Great chapter, can't wait fer the next one to come out.

I guess I wouldn't mind some mods in the story as long as it doesn't mess with it too much.

It's cool how you've made Dash sceptical about trusting Rarkath so easily. Gonna be interestin' when they find out they she is partly right about trusting him so easily. When and if they find out that is.

"Madness is merry and merriment's might, when the Jester come calling with his knife in the night."

3860447 Okay. The camp they were in was at red. Now they are going blue.


"Huh, I see you don't have humans on your world." Was the reply she received.

'Humans? Really? Oh I'm going to have an earful if Lyra hears about this.'

Not just from Lyra :trollestia:.
Humans are called 'Man' (in contrast to the Elves who are called 'Mer') in the Elder Scrolls lore, at least as far as I can tell. Never heard anyone mention the word human in any Elder Scrolls game. Aside from the ingredients 'Human Heart' and 'Human Skin', of course.
Which makes sense, considering that there are different races of humans in the Elder Scrolls. Bretons, Imperials, Nord, Redguard and more that either disappeared or died out, like the Nedes.
I think you should let the Dovahkiin explain what kind of race exactly the Mane 6 are.

Just my two cents. Great story. :)

3925471 That is actually a very nice pointer. Thank you sir~! :pinkiesmile:

Tadaa~! :pinkiecrazy:

Don't you just love brawling with orcs? They're so much more challenging than brawling with men at the taverns.
So, are they going to walk to Winterhold or are they going to take the carriage ride?
When I first played the game, I walked there and met a Flame Atronach in the middle of the blizzard.
Afterwards, I decided it's best to take the carriage. :scootangel:

3979584 I appologise. I had to wrap it up in a hurry. As soon as I get on a pc I'll fix those.
3979749 They are riding there. Rar hooked Shadowmere to a wagon simmilar to a carrige and that's how they'll get there.

by far dest part lol hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahHahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha:pinkiegasp:hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


Flutter was lying, wasn't she? The spell reached her, but she wanted him to cure himself instead of her.

Well this certainly was an interesting chapter. :moustache: And I hope the vampire spell didn't reach Fluttershy, but if it did, she didn't get infected, right? ...right?? :fluttershysad:

Well, hopefully Rainbow would finally accept Rarkath as a friend when he helps her...or she'll be her stubborn self and sulk for a while. Nice surprise there with the vampire, I didn't expect for the Thalmor prisoner to be one.:eeyup::eeyup:

If this was my Dovahkiin (Grognak The Mighty) those elves would've been dead the moment I drew Wutthrad.

4497574 What are you talking about sir? Fluttersy lie for the better sake of someone else? That's preposterous!
4497783 Of course it didn't. She crawled away , remember?
4498157 Well you'll have to wait and see how Dashie turns out. Glad the surprise did its job. :twilightsmile:
4499175 Oh Rarkath could have killed them just as easy, but there are these things called balance and civility that have to be upheld. :pinkiesmile:

4499393 Who needs balance, and civility? I'm a wolf man with a huge freaking axe! I kill Thalmor at a moments notice, and slaughter all who get in my way...well except Whiterun, and Riverwood I like it there.

4499526 Those who don't want their fic to lose viewers because the main character is Marry Sue~ :twilightsmile:

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