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Rainbow Dash had another day of training at the Wonderbolts. Everything turned out to be fine until she received a letter that turned her own world out. Now, in a state of restlessness and depression, Rainbow Dash hid herself away from every other pony as she tried to contain her sorrow. In her lowest point, Soarin' dropped by and offered her something that she could not refuse: A Midnight Flight. SoarinDash one-shot and a hurt/comfort fic in one.

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i loved it it was so meaningfull (i think i spelled that wrong)


I'm glad you enjoyed it the fic (even if you did spell 'meaningful' wrong) :twilightsmile:

3755688 you just earnyou self a new follower


Thank you for the follow.

God its like a cheesy romance novel :facehoof:


Well, different reactions among different people. I do appreciate your opinion though :pinkiesmile:

This is a true work of art! I love it! And by the way, extra chapters would be cool, but I think it's fine just the way it is! :twilightsmile:


I'm glad that you feel that way about the story. Hearing that fills my heart with rainbows.

Looking back at this chapter, I'm not exactly happy with how I wrote Rainbow Dash's confession. It feels forced and is in a need of a rewrite there.

Just read this, and I love it!!! It's a really well written fic, probably one of my favorite soarindash ones :) The one thing I would say is that they're not really into character eg rainbow would never be this polite to anyone even if it was romantically done :3 but I love this story!!! It would be pretty cool as well having more chapters but I like the end how it is :D


I'm glad you enjoyed the fic, and I'm glad you are now watching me. I'll try to write more in character next time.

3843220 You can't really tell if they are 'in character' cuz the show hasn't depicted any romance. Unless you count that love poison incident with Big Mac and Cheerilee but I don't. I actually liked this story and would enjoy the extra chapters!


I'm glad you enjoyed it. While I have other projects on the mind, I'll find time to write 2 more chapters for this.

sooooo sweet :3


Sweet stories are always my thing. They make me feel like a better person for writing them.

Awe! luv this story:heart:

Normally I'm not a fan of Sad FimFictions...... but this one was worth it.
I :heart: this Story ! :raritystarry:


I'm glad you enjoyed it. For me, in order to make one work, you have to balance it out with some happiness.

Loved the story:twilightsmile:

Since I read this story before, I'd say that this story is defiantly making a lot of progress. Take your time with the story, and you'll be just fine after some rest and a long break.

If I could I would like this thousands of times more.



:fluttercry: THE STORY WAS AND IS SO AWESOME!!! :heart: loved it sooo much! You should definatly keep it going! :pinkiehappy: if you want that it... :fluttershyouch:

That was soo cute I loved it :rainbowkiss: Well , she`ll know how I feel , I never knew my father, I hope Dash enjoyed the last few days of her fathers life. But srsly MAKE A SEQUEL OR SOMETHING!!! :flutterrage: I-if you want to that I-is :fluttershyouch:

Absolutely beautiful

THE FEEEEEEELS YOU HAVE MASTERED THE FEEEELS :raritycry: :raritycry: :raritycry: :raritycry: :raritycry:

Im sorry for your grief what ever may have caused it.I hope that it's all beter now:twilightsmile:

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