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Spoilers in the comments
It was a day like any other for Twilight Sparkle. Everything changed, however, when she received a package mailed by Daring Do. With the ring, she unintentionally breaks Equestria, sending her into a new world. Teaming up with the Homs named Shulk, Twilight finds herself in a struggle greater than she can imagine. She must find her friends, find a way back home and defeat the Mechon forces.

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Crosses over with Xenoblade Chronicles. Takes place post Season 4 and during the story of Xenoblade Chronicles. Xenoblade Chronicles is owned by Nintendo and Monolith Soft.

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first and love the fic:pinkiehappy:

You had my interest with the title, and my favourite with the prologue :) Looking forward to more.

Haha! Bought time someone did it! This is going to be interesting.

Ummm, wouldn't she have seen humans on the other side of the mirror?

I must say, ever since Chuggaconroy started his LP. I've become interested in this game. Also, heck yes for someone doing this.


I promise that I shall keep all the chapters interesting.


She would have, yes. I probably should have highlighted that difference there. Thank you for the comment :yay:

4933294 How are you going to highlight the difference? Are you going to edit the chapter or are you going to change the summary?


Well, the clothing isn't exactly something that she would see beyond the EG world, so I'll do a brief editing there.

I really like this! This is pretty well done, and original. At least, I've not seen this crossover before. I'm glad you made this. I eagerly await the next part!

I'm just waiting for the moment Twilight says "It's Twilight Time!" to make fun of Reyn!

you have gained my interest. it also helps that im watching a lets play of zenoblade chronicles. have a like and a fav.:pinkiehappy:

I need more! MORE!!!! :flutterrage:

But seriously, for just 2 chapter.... things.... I hooked!

It is enough to make me wanting to read more. It start different than i had thought, but i think i can like it. Actually maybe it make more sense this way, since a smaller group without the ponys has to have it a bit more difficult. I mean with the company the group strange against the mechons is maybe more...real?!?

I think Shulk and Reyn should be the first who get a Mechon down, i think Twilight and Applejack maybe should not be that familliar with that serious kind of fighting there. They can fight in their way i know, i would just like it if they try to copy Shulks and Reyns Battle strategy.

well it is late and i fear that i start to write nonsense if i right more right now. till next time.:twilightsmile:

PS: Yes i like it^^ i give you a thumb up till now.

Really liking this keep going your doing good


You won't be disappointed. After all, both teams should be able to use Break --> Topple


I'm glad you are enjoying it so far. I shall keep up the momentum like a good Chain Attack.


Thank you very much. I promise that I will keep continuing.


I haven't forgotten about you. Don't think I have!

4939044 Didn't they have to fight off a whole bunch of Changelings and didn't Twilight fight a mountain-busting battle with Tirek, I don't think they are that unfamiliar with serious fighting.

Comment posted by ZeroChill deleted Sep 2nd, 2014


That is actually covered in the next chapter.

4939963 Huh, hurray for me for guessing!


I'd like to see you guess who brings them into the battlefield.

4940033 By them you mean Twilight and Applejack right?

4940033 I think it is one of these 3 Dickson, Raoul, or Kantz.

4939853 well she had that awesome Power at the fight against Tirek, and i mean they could be at least a bit unfamiliar in Close Combat with wild creatures, because they maybe don´t want to kill.
And the Mechon of course, maybe they have to show them first how to beat them.

And the Changelings...i have to be honsest, i still not seen the whole episode. But i saw the fight against Chrysalis. They do most with the Elements and not without them, so that was why i thought, they maybe need a serious fighting lesson.

Somehow i think Applejack has enough knowledge to beat normal enemys.

Can´t wait to see if you maybe show a few Combos. Don´t remember it, but i mean that blue bar, which allows a line of some attacks. It is a nice story so far, maybe you should show a few side quests, like beating the giant Spider (leg of Bionis), or the Lizards in the swamp (temple)

I need to play it a second time to get the higher quests done. I don´t managed to explore the cave at the begining, there is that secret passage if you know what i mean, with the high level monsters.

Oh man, the combat is here, and because combat is here, that means that it's going to be Reyn Time soon....

Can't wait till the next part you are doing really good with this

Oh the embarrassment of keeping a thought to yourself, the thing was the author had asked me if I could guess who would talk to Twilight and Applejack about fighting, my official guesses were either the colonel who at the beginning of the game or Dickson, and I thought "what about Dunban? Nah, he's bedridden for around a quarter of the story he couldn't teach them how to fight at the beginning of the game" so I didn't type down that guess. And what. do. you. know? It was Dunban!


You forget that he still has one good arm, one good arm that he was using throughout the entire game to lay the smackdown on enemies.

this works for me, it is really nice written. I think Twilight has some kind of a long sword (maybe samuraisword) on her Horn right? I somehow see already, how she just used the sword like a propeller, or a buzzsaw. I think it make sense that she don´t used her magic constantly for the wapon.

I don´t understand how Applejack wield her warhammer. Is she using one hoof or does the warhammer somehow fit around her hoof? I thought she maybe even can use it in her mouth, but that would maybe hurt in combat. I just try to image her using the hammer. If you can explain it again it would be nice:twilightsheepish:

I used Reyn mostly, even if i don´t liked him that much, i can´t play that well with Melia, but i started to get used to Ricky. Somehow my best Team was always Shulk, Reyn and Sharla. I think i tried to make a Team like : DD (Damage Dealer), Tank (high Def) and a healer.
I have no use for Sharlas death shot think if the enemy is sleeping.

I have to try a Run with other Characters. well i only do Bosses with that Combo. I have to look at the skills again and then think about it.

just an idea, i can´t help myself :
every third time i start to mention a romance:facehoof::rainbowlaugh: Yeah i wanted to mention a possible romance with Shulk and Twilight, they can start to developt the romance on their journey. Every time they find Fiora could be a reason for an argument between them, and in the end he could be together with Fiora maybe, but still love Twilight because htey think they don´t see each other again.
The next story could be use to make the real romance between them. I just start to like the idea, it don´t have to be but since this is a fanfic i would love to take the chance. Just think about it. Fiora could get Big Mac maybe if Applejack should be together with Dunban, well more friend hmm? he is much older.

I just would like to read different pairings since this is some kind of a different story, it doesn´t have to be a real romance in this story already, but maybe you could show a little affection.

PS: The siren....do they attack already? I remember most of the game, but not every little detail, i more reckonize where some quests are, but then again i think you maybe just write it like this and it isn´t like this in the game.


I've had some help with in-game cutscenes for a reference. It's when Shulk and Fiora interacted at the Outlook Park with the debris siren.

As for Applejack wielding the war hammer, I see it as the weapon making most sense for her. I'm also allowed with a few artistic liberties concerning hooves, right?

And, while I wouldn't want to break-up any sorts of canon pairings (Melia was there as a love interest for Shulk, but Shulk ignored her romantic interests), I would do something with Melia.

4947167 ok so like i thought the warhammer is attached to her hove somehow right? good, that would be alright, i just wanted to be able to image her fighting style if i read about it.

Well Shulk and Fiora are a good pairing that is right and i want them to be together, i just inclined to think about new pairings, since you mentioned your "artistic liberties":twilightsmile:

Well i don´t mind if you make the usual pairings, at least some of them. I love them, it was just the thing that it is a fanfic and i thought that could nice to try ne pairings.

Ok now i just wait to see the next chapter, if they become best friends or sort of it would be nice enough. Maybe the friend pairing could be used if they splitt up on mechonis

I don´t like the herd thing in some fanfics, but maybe that could be used to make it possible.

Ok i don´t mention it further, now i had said all i think about that right now and i know that you like the usual pairings too. Good work, by the way the fanfic has a nice balance for me right now, a little from everything but not to much.

4944696 I didn't think he recovered enough by now that he could actually fight.


He's well enough to fight with the Monado by the time the Mechon invade Colony 9, so...

Hmm... can Twilight sense life force or the ether of living beings in this story?

It is really interessting, i haven´t thought that there is really a manual for Twilight to read, about their Skills i mean, but well the story is really interessting.
Maybe you have to be a fan to like it even more, but for me it is a really nice story. Maybe they could teasing the both Eggheads a bit:scootangel:

With the Music it is wuite nice, actually i prefer the boss music or the mechon fight theme but in this story it is good too. Probably because i don´t have to hear the Bionis fight theme to often. I don´t know if you made Applejack a Tank there, but because of her Warhammer and the AOE Damage, i would think that she is a possible Tank there.

I don´t know but maybe you should add a few Enemys in the story, maybe from MLP. Or just let some of the bosses have some minions, because they are a large group already. I would like it if you make several groups with ponys and Humans, mix the group a bit you know, but i think that was your plan already.

Even if i have my own thoughts which would make the story even more interessting for me, i have to say i really love the story right now. If you have the time for something short and not to big maybe you could just add a few Sidequest to skip the time a bit if you don´t have much time. You know boost the friendship.

PS: I like the one Plain donut, the others well i don´t like the names^^, but i hope you don´t plan to let them be part of the story to much. And even if they found Big Mac, i don´t want the group to be to big. I think you just wanted them to have a few jobs there right?

PSPS: I would say Shulk should rescue Applejack and Reyn together if he has his little accident with his special animal friends in the cave, you probably know what i mean, it happens later or should happen. Maybe Twilight can even help him, i don´t know if i want her to have a similar ability like Shulk, but well i would probably don´t mind.


That's a good idea. Maybe add some Timberwolves in Gaur Plains and Satorl Marsh?

4952478 yes why not but the Alpha wolf´s only in Satorl Marsh i think.
The Manticore´s maybe in makna forest.
Oh and of course maybe some ....don´t find the english word. (i speak about those ghost things, which turn everything into a snow/ice. Windigo? is this the name?)
I know they was in the history episode about Earthponys/Unicorns and Pegasus.

Thats all what i want to mention right now, good luck with the story, it is very promissing and you can to much with it i think.

I maybe read a bit fast, but it helps that i know the game i think, so some thinks i can read a bit faster. I really enjoy it. It is somehow interessting to read some of the skills from Applejack and Twilight.

Do you made Twilight a bit like Melia? or more like an attacker well DD? I think i know the roles in the battle and it is probably not that important to know, but i would like to know it.

It looked like Applejack started the topple, i mean with a swaying skill. Can i think of her as an Tank? I don´t see a clear sign for that, but i could think of it like it because of her Ropeskills. Maybe the Ropeskills could be for gathering fury.

I think Twilight is a supporter and Damage Dealer (she strengthens them right?)

Team? : 1. Shulk , 2. Reyn/Applejack, 3. Twilight/Dunban/Fiora i wanted to make no spoiler so i don´t get more exact:pinkiehappy:

The story don´t deserve his downvotes, but maybe someone who doesn´t know the game has a hard time to understand it, i don´t know.:trollestia:



Maybe it's because of the Humanized/Crossover/Adventure tag stigma.

Applejack is a crowd control Tank, and Twilight Sparkle is a Red Mage.

4962338 ahh ok i know these terms. Red Mage have usually well some of everything, and Crowd Controll, it should be something what force the Enemy to do what Applejack want in some way.

Running past all of the buildings and trees glowing with light from the fire, Fiora, Twilight Sparkle and Twilight Sparkle stopped immediately at the sight of the wall of Mechon in front of them.

you forgot someone. :ajbemused: anyway.. i'm liking the story so far i can't wait for more!


I'm going to fix that up, though I'm glad that you are enjoying it so far.

Why did Twilight see a vision of the past involving Klaus? Also it's nice to see Rainbow Dash not being immediately being antagonistic for once.


I decided that since Twilight has her own Monado in the form of a ring, she would be given the gift of retrocognition rather than precognition. That way, the world before the universal change would be explored upon. That's all what I'm going to say, because this is really spoilerific territory here, both for XC AND the fic.

I don´t know if i had paired them up this way, but i think well yes Rainbow Dash and Sharla is nearly the best possible pairing. A kingdom like Melias would be possible not a goot location for Rainbow Dash, could image Rarity more in there. I think i talked with you about that already, but i forgot a bit, well then i can be suprised again if i read about the friend pairings.

At first i was sceptic, but then i like the idea, that Twilight has the possibility to understand the past and Shulk he future. I mean Twillight would probably freak out with Shulks future sight, because her, well usual "freak out" moments. And Shulk could maybe not understand the past in a way Twilight can, one reason is because she comes from (more or less) different world. what i mean is, Shulk probably could not image that his own world is maybe just a accident, later he understood this, but not right now.

I just mean it is fitting well enough i think.

I think Twilight and Shulk could use a friendly conversation about something different, maybe her Books or her life, let them talk a bit nonsense to ease their mind a bit. Maybe in front of a campfire, pair them in friends or something like this:twilightsmile:
I think it would not hurt to have one or two calm chapters, it should be even better if you have not much time. Just an idea, i hope i make it understandable tonight. (That late i usally have not he best grammar, worse then normally.)

I forgot, good work, i had waited for this, i don´t know why, probably because the story just started if they left the colonie.


Glad you enjoy it so far :twilightsmile:

If you want, you can share this story with any of your friends and tell them to read it.

4997159 well i try, most of them don´t read that much, but i am start to get a follower each month at least, don´t knwo why but i don´t mind, this way they probably search for new storys.

PS: Yes i really enjoy it:pinkiehappy: Even if i am not in a mood for a story, i can be sure that this one won´t disappointed me. Well there is no chapter i don´t like so far:heart:
The story is the reason why i suddenly have a Shulk Pony as my Avatar^^

4996922 Okay I got the message, do you think we should delete our comments so as to not spoil the story?

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