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Mx Story Anomalax

Marshal Pendragon Story Anomalax. :^) I do all kinds of writing and always appreciate feedback.


Strange meteors have started falling into Equestria. Except these aren't meteors, they're gods.

Join our favorite ponies and alternate counterparts as they are unwittingly drawn into a fight that spans multiple universes, all for the sake of saving the original alpha timeline.

Crossover with alternate universe Homestuck and original characters created by others. Prior knowledge of source material recommended. Starts out as small as Appletini and expands like the universe.

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Why has no one commented on this piece of art! :pinkiehappy: One thing mind to explain to me how THEY got the sburb copy?
'Dismay , Mage of Space'

7355753 Thanks. They each had their own backstories that was eventually leading up to all of this. Some of them were friends during the session and some were split up afterward. This was also made before the end of Homestuck, so we didn't quite know how exactly a proper reward would have gone.

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