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Scootaloo is having a rough day. Not only did she and her friends not get their cutie marks again today, they also get cornered by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. While Scootaloo has never taken what Diamond says to heart, today is different. Today she said something that Scootaloo has been trying to ignore for some time now. It's how she ended up currently all alone. Its also how she came across a certain princess with a lot of things on her mind.

Maybe all you need to make the day little better, is to have someone to talk to.

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This was good. I really enjoyed reading it.

One word.
(There were also some mistakes in there, but I'm gonna ignore those for now.)

A season four story before season four comes out.

This is some true hipster shit right here.

That was great! An enjoyable heartwarming story. Short and sweet:twilightsmile:

Hello my friend. I enjoyed this story. It wasn't the most well written story and there were plenty of errors, but it did inspire me. It's actually given me and idea and thought for a very similar story. I hope you don't mind if I also write a story about a flightless Scoots, but focusing more on the relationship between her and her friends. I probably wouldn't use Twilight either, but I just thought I should ask if that'd be okay so that you don't think I'm stealing your idea.

3292127 Go ahead, just be sure to mention what inspired it.:rainbowdetermined2:

Needs some work, like clearing up there/their errors, it's/its errors, and less common stuff like "pitty" instead of "pity" and "common" instead of "come on". Spellcheck is a handy tool, but it isn't the ultimate answer. I also noticed at least one case of Rainbow Dash not having her name capitalized, but I'm only a few paragraphs in.

3292729 Yeah, I have a Proof reader but he is busy. I had to edit it myself . My grammar is not the greatest.:twilightsheepish:

Twilight stared at the filly in surprise. She had heard about there being a disabled filly living in Ponyville, but she didn’t care to learn who it was.

That there is so OC it hurts. Twilight is VERY familiar with all CMC's, like all Mane6 are. Including Scootaloo's percieved flight issues. And CMCs are very familiar with her, one does not jump from "Could you tell us how you got your cutie mark" to bowing to the ground and hoping the 'Princess' won't get mad. Unless ponies blindly worship 'Princesses' just for their rank, and I certainly hope they aren't so shallow.

Plus, I seriously don't believe Celestia would instantly lock up Twilight in the castle. It's Twilight, after all. Highly volatile, near-godtier-powered and easily cracking under pressure. Of course, Celestia would get through anything Twilight might do. The castle and the city around it, however, would not.

Aside from that however, yeah, decently written and all.

3295499 I haven't watched the earlier seasons in a long time but I just don't remember Twilight interacting with Scootaloo much. I do remember the CMC being around but I don't think that Scootaloo's name was ever mentioned around her. Also we are just learning about Scootaloo's disability as well. It would be interesting to see how many actually knew about it. Sorry if I got a bit away from cannon.:twilightsheepish:

3295706 Wrong. Her name did come up on multiple occasions. And their impact in the life of Poniville's inhabitants (including Twilight, seing as a lot of the show is from her perspective) is immense, if mixed by result. Plus... Considering what Scootaloo can do with her scooter, 'disabled' isn't even pushing it. It's completely wrong.

3296416 Well I guess I need to go watch season 1 and 2 again. :twilightblush:

This one was GOOD :)

Dang man, you really know how to set the mood with the music.:pinkiesad2: I like it! :pinkiehappy:

3295499 Maybe it was before.

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