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While walking out in the middle of a field on a small path, a stallion comes across a badly injured filly. Though they may have met by chance, the encounter could very well change their lives forever.

A one-shot story about Scootaloo who is going through some hard times but meets somepony who may just be the pony she needed to talk to and perhaps change her life for the better.

A stand alone to The Road To Dawn. (Not canon of the Road to Dawn series)

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This was very nice, though there were a few minor errors. How did Scootaloo end up on the other side of the Everfree Forest? :rainbowhuh: pretty strong cannon... :pinkiehappy:

Yeah in retrospect my original idea was to have her end up in the Ever Free Forest but I didn't want her running into any creatures so I went beyond it. I am not sure if they ever mention in the show how big it is but I assume its only a few miles long. As for the cannon we have a catapult that propels RD across Ponyille in the show, so a cannon launching a pony across the forest may not be as unbelievable as you think.:twilightsmile:


You also have a Party cannon that can somehow perfectly decorate a party in a clap of a hoof.

I liked this story, I rather like Lock, there is a lot of mystery in him.

3287594 Thanks. Didn't even think about Pinkie's Party Cannon. Glad you like him. I would love for him to return in some of my later stories. Real happy you enjoyed this old short story as well.:rainbowdetermined2:

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