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Luna usually doesn't get scared much. Okay that's a lie. But one night when Luna went onto a certain "website" she finds a threatening comment saying a bunch of random things will happen in the week. Copy and Paste. Will it all actually happen?

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Do the chains. I even send them to people who yell at me for the chains.

And I figured out what's gonna happen. But I'm not sure an if I'm right I don't wanna be a spoiler.

hello? Is this thing on? Yep it is. Pretty good story so far. well at least so far. It might get a little worse but probably not much if it does.so please continue and make it a good story! :pinkiehappy:


I find your use of yellow text...disturbing.

3201531 send me a private message of what you think will happen in the end. I'll decide if you're right or not.

Well this is a good story. So far. You never know when something could go wrong though. But so far it's still good.

WOAH!!!! This story has gotten alot of views for just a couple of days! This makes me so happy! You ponies must have been dying for a story about chain mail! That is what I call respect! Either that or you must have been wanting to see a screamer reaction. [Which I give HUGE respect to as well]

3215641 Hey after I finish why don't you try to make a story? I made my first story and the hate didn't really go far. Only 6 dislikes. But the likes were double that and the views at least got 1,000+ total. Same thing can happen to you if you can figure out a subject that people seem to like most.


3201531 Made the ending. Go to my blog. Go have fun with dat short, short ending.

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